How do YOU process Catalyst?


The below I copied from one of Carla’s books:

  1. First, the Player remembers each experience in its original, distorted form. He even emphasizes or revs up the reaction or emotion which he has experienced, so he can experience the feeling again very clearly and consciously.
  2. Then he asks himself what the opposite of this feeling is. He allows himself to become as overwhelmed with the experience of this opposite feeling as he was with the original feeling. For instance, if he has felt dislike, he first accentuates the feeling of dislike by recalling the episode which caused him to feel that emotion. Then he invokes the feeling of love, which is the opposite of dislike, and lets it sweep over him.

Thanks PJNuya!

That was a good except.

This always gets me to thinking about the law of attraction, the way that is taught in the mainstream.

I still struggle to go to the overwhelm/extreme because even though the discomfort isn’t too bothersome to me, the thought of , “Oh no! Am I going to create this negative experience if I go into it this far?”

You’re welcome. In answer to the topic question, I like to process Catalyst(s) with a pinch of cheese and a dash of sugar. :wink:

In all seriousness, I have recently been asking myself when I experience what I think is a Catalyst, “what is the lesson?” I had an accident a couple days ago so I am now considering the possibility of one Catalyst being utilized for multiple people.