How do we change the undesirable things in our life?

I express heartfelt gratitude for the blessed privilege of choice that has been bestowed upon me. With love and appreciation, I accept this offering of energy that I have attracted, yet no longer wish to sustain. As I release this choice to the loving embrace of the Creator, I am filled with deep appreciation for its presence in my life. I honor the knowledge that all beings serve the Creator, and every action I undertake reverberates throughout the collective consciousness. Let the will of the Infinite Creator be done.

As I journey forward, may my energy be qualified with greater wisdom and discernment, that it may not be squandered or misdirected. O Creator, I implore You to amplify Your gentle whisperings within my heart and mind, that I may heed them with swiftness and conviction. Let my thoughts, emotions, and actions align harmoniously with my soul’s deepest yearnings. I now surrender my will to Yours, knowing that my highest good shall be fulfilled through this divine union.



Think onto what desire is, what it’s meant to do.

Desire is movement or growth, orange ray, sacral.

It is not judgemental, desire seeks to move towards that which would enlighten the soul.

So then the conscious mind can evaluate its expectations; leveling them to allow for our desires to manifest.

All is well


Totally, and yet we can only love what we went through, even what we might think mistakes, no regrets, and just happily continue…


Meditation is the Key!


What does meditation do?

Ra mentioned that the spirit part of our mind/body/spirit complex is a shuttle. This shuttle can transport back and forth a great deal of information/emotions/concepts/statuses etc… in between us and the source.

This actualizes our experience most fully. We transmit a great deal and we receive a great deal. Even if we are unaware of what is transpiring behind the scene. This can only be taken on faith at first. But with practice and experience, we can observe the effect on our lives.

This communion/communication can only happen when the mind is quieted enough and meditation is perhaps the best way of accomplishing this.


Maybe I’m wrong, but Confederation suggestions aren’t much about changing things, but more about accepting and loving them. That is, our purpose in being here is less about changing the world and more about changing ourselves to accept and give more and more 4D love and light by loving what we find here.

Of course, this is a very different perspective, from, “I’m here, meet my needs,” to, “I’m here, how can I help?”

good lord Mirror , I thought Ra was just there to meet my needs ! :flushed:

Disappointment, disappointment !!

Cheer up, little froggie, things are not nearly that bad. Your life is a grand illusion and you may choose to embrace ANY distortion which suits your purposes. The world is your oyster, as they say. Pay no attention to that mirror behind the curtain. Live your dream, baby!

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To change the world, we must first change our relationship with it. This requires a fundamental shift in our thinking, feeling, and perspective.

The key to transforming our thinking lies in transforming our feelings about the world. We must gain a wider perspective that allows us to see the beauty and interconnectedness of all things. When we cultivate a sense of wonder and reverence for the world, our thoughts and actions naturally align with the highest good.

As we transform our relationship with the world, we become the change we wish to see. This inner transformation naturally ripples out into the world around us, inspiring others to join us in our quest to create a more harmonious and loving world.

The key to effecting change lies in the expansion of impartial love that we are able to channel into the world. In order to widen this love, we must remove the blockages that we have created within ourselves. These blockages are the impediments to the flow of love and light through us, and are what I refer to as “the undesirable things”.

By removing these blockages, we create the space necessary for love and light to flow freely through us, empowering us to be the change we wish to see in the world. As we widen the scope of our love and light, we positively influence the world around us, inspiring others to do the same.

Of course it is!

My response:

This is akin to a math teacher asking their student to show their work, so that others may understand the thought process that led to the solution.

While the answer may be correct, without showing the work, it may be of little value to others who seek to learn and understand. By sharing the process that led to the answer, we can offer valuable insights and knowledge that can be shared and built upon.

To cultivate oneself on the path of spiritual growth, it is necessary to confront the waves of energy that one has sown through many lifetimes. This requires courage, dedication, and a willingness to face one’s innermost fears and desires.

When one realizes that they no longer wish to continue cultivating negative energy, it cannot simply be discarded. Rather, it must be transmuted through the process of spiritual alchemy. This involves transforming one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions into positive and uplifting energy that is aligned with the LoO.

My question was meant to be directed at the processes we all take to change “the undesirable things in our life” and less of a self-help post. (Not that I am not grateful for all the kindness). My response is a prayer, affirmation, decree, or tool that I use which is my answer to the posted question.

What are your answers?

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Hehe, there as many answers as… :yum:

In all seriousness though, now that I recognize myself as a Body/Mind/Spirit Complex, I see that my journey first required me to heal what was wrong with my body, the vehicle that holds me here. I then began work on my mind. Once I had progressed enough with those two that I was ready, the Ra Material came into my life (begin healing spirit).

So, for me, the answer to change the undesirable things in life is get my body working, follow it up with my mind, and continue with the spirit. And it is now a Neverending Story (pun intended) of B/M/S work.


I so go along those lines too, PJNunya…. Agreed

The world is your oyster, as they say. Pay no attention to that mirror behind the curtain. Live your dream, baby!

I don’t know Mirror, I don’t know. We frogs don’t swim in those salty waters. :flushed:. So access to oysters is perilous.