Hatton: A lesson to Grow Spiritually - Repetition is the mother of learning

People are put on a planet such as this one for a period of time and given an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually.
After a certain length of time it is necessary that those who have learned these lessons, those who are ready for a higher way of life, be given an opportunity to graduate into a higher class, so to speak.
This is what soon is to happen on the planet Earth.
This does not mean that those who have not qualified through their own efforts will suffer or have great hardships as some of your teachings have said.
It simply means that they will have to wait.
They will have to wait through another period of learning similar to the one which has taken place in the history of your planet.
I should add that this period of learning of which I speak—or cycle—I would prefer to call it a cycle, commenced quite a while before your recorded history.
At any rate, this cycle is soon to terminate.
This is what the many references to a new world, a new kingdom of heaven and similar references such as your holy works have referred to—not the end of the world, my friends, but the end of an age, and the beginning of a wonderful new age.
An age of such beauty and grandeur that you could not begin to comprehend it with your present understanding.

The religions of your world have, for the most part, eliminated the responsibility for individual seeking.
This, however, is an extremely erroneous point of view.
It is very necessary for the individual to seek truth, knowledge and the ultimate and supreme level of the Creator if he is to grow in strength and spirit and understanding and take at some future time his rightful position in the Father’s creation.
This, my friends, is why seeking is so important.
It is the only way for your people to get from where they are to where they should be.
All of the people of this planet should not be where they are at this time.
Unfortunately, they are in a state of trance.
I have spoken of this before and at this time will reiterate that they are truly in a state of trance.
They have been hypnotized by suggestions of social systems which have been built up by erroneous thinking through many centuries.
The only way to break the chain of foolishness that reigns upon your planet is to awaken your people with proper information.

Ra 1.7: Extraterrestrial Communication

You are everything, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation.
You are unity.
You are infinity.
You are love/light, light/love.
You are.
This is the Law of One.

Excerpts : Saturday meditation

There is much about this creation that the people of your planet are not aware.
I have stated that the principles are extremely simple.
Everything is provided for the individual.
All knowledge is yours.
It is only necessary that you seek it out within you.
Everything that we do is within the abilities of everyone else.
All of the people of your planet are also able to do all of these things.
It is only necessary that they return to an awareness of these abilities.
This awareness is an awareness of the love and understanding that they were originally created with.
This is the only thing that blocks them from their abilities and their knowledge.
It is recommended, therefore, that through meditation it is possible to regain this knowledge and these abilities.
For this reason, we continually impress upon you the need for meditation, and the need for understanding your fellow men.
For only through this process can you return to your rightful position.
The people of your planet are not aware of the simplicity of this process.
If they could learn how very simple it is, and not forget this, then they would not any longer have the difficulties that they experience.
I must be very emphatic about this, that the entire process is of an extremely simple nature.
It is only necessary that the individual realize that he is a part of the creation, and that the creation is one single thing, and that in so being, he and all of his brothers and sisters throughout all space are one being.
This realization will result in an ability to demonstrate only one reaction to anything: that reaction will be love.
It is extremely simple.
First it is necessary to realize your relationship with everything that exists.
It is then impossible to realize anything but love.
This is the realization of the Creator.
This is the principle upon which everything was created.
It is that orientation of mind that is necessary to know all knowledge and to demonstrate all of the things that were intended for you to demonstrate through the expression of the Creator’s love.
Do these simple things.
Do not sway from this understanding and this love.
Do this, and only this, and you will reach a state of ecstasy that is enjoyed by all of those of the Creator’s children that are living in His light.

My friends, the Father is infinite and in everything you do and in everything you see and in everything you touch there is nothing but the Father.
For He is and you are.
He and you are one and I and you are one and we are all one, beloved ones.
There is nothing else but the Father and I.
When you go through your daily lives, know this truth, and demonstrate it in everything that you do. For this, my friends, is that which is truth.
This is the truth that you seek.
This the truth that we all seek.
For when we know this, my friends, there is nothing else to know.
Throughout your planet, my friends, there are many, many peoples of many, many races and each of them think many, many things.
But you must see them and you must know them as one.
For each of them is a part of the Father as a part of you.
And all that is necessary for you to realize this is to open your eyes and see.
For man on Earth has these eyes, but what he sees is, for the most part, something that he designed for himself to see.
The Father, my friends, made the creation.
We are the creation.
We are the Father.
We are all one.
It is impossible to be anything else.
No matter where you are, what you think or what you do, this fact remains: that you and all of your brothers and sisters throughout all of this infinite creation are one single, great, living being.
Not only brothers and sisters, but all of life; and all of the trees and flowers and rocks and all of the foliage and all of the planets and stars are part of that one great being.
And yet, man on Earth attempts to separate and divide and subdivide.
And this is not truth.
And yet he does not realize for he is yet in a state of ignorance brought on by his own misdirected thinking.
And yet truth is simplicity itself and yet he has complicated this truth to such an extent as to kill his fellow creatures in great profusion.
And he has generated such hatred for his fellow creatures and in doing so has generated this hatred for himself.
For to hate your fellow men, my friends, is to hate yourself.
And in doing so, he has brought upon himself terrible, terrible grief.
For what could be worse than inflicting pain and destruction upon oneself?
And this is what he does.

There are millions and millions and millions of planets throughout the creation.
And these are inhabited by millions and millions of people.
People like yourself.
And yet, they do not hate.
They do not fear.
They do not envy.
They do not show greed.
They do not judge.
For how is it possible to do any of these things if there is only one being?
For in doing any of these things it is nothing but a self-inflicted wound.
I and my Father are one.
These are true, these spoken words.
I and my Father are one.
And each of you, as all people throughout all of the creation, one.
Know this and this alone and you will know enough.
But know it, my friends.
Do not think it. Do not speak it. Do not accept it. Know it.
For when you know it, you will then know love.

We will now Meditate.
Concentrate, my friends, on that which is all.
Let your thoughts become one.
For all is one.
Become aware of the One Great All.
Become aware that you are one and that one is all.
Do not separate yourselves from anything.
My friends, you are not separate from anything.
There is only one thing.
That one thing is truth.
Truth is.
It is all about you.
It speaks to you.
Listen to it and you will know it.
Truth is in your sky.
It is in your trees, in your fields and in everything that is the Creator’s.
Do not be concerned with anything but this truth.
We have told you of the power of light and love.
Use these powers, they are yours, gifts of your Creator.
Do not be afraid to discuss something with one another.
You are friends, do this more often.
Meditate, as we have said this is so important.
Meditate, love, reflect love to all; call upon the great light force of the Creator to help you.
This force is there for your benefit if you will but use it.
Try it.
I cannot impress upon you too much the benefit derived from your thoughts.
Everything, all things, are thought.
All conditions, all Creation, was brought forth through thought.
You have that same power.
What you bring forth in your thinking is up to you.
Your Creator endowed you with free will.
He has given you this free will to use.
How you use it is up to you.
I am only suggesting the higher you keep your thoughts the higher will be your development.
My friends, you are thinking that there must be some other way, or some simpler way, than that which we have pointed out to you.
Nothing is simpler than just to love one another.
It is not difficult to do this once you come to the realization that you can do this.
All that is required is, as I have said before, a slight change in your thinking.
Try to keep the idea uppermost in your minds, at all times, that love is all that is important.
If you can learn to respond with love, to any and all situations, no matter how trying they may be, you will have mastered life in this level.
The Creator is all love, the Creator is all things.
If you can love all things then all things will respond by loving you, and you will be living in a heaven on Earth, so to speak.
Nothing is more important than loving and being loved.
However do not confuse the universal spiritual love that I am speaking of with what is sometimes thought of as love on your planet.
As I have said before, true spiritual love is not a possessing love.
It is rather, shall I say, an impersonal love. And this love should be felt equally toward all parts of the Creation, all persons about you, everything and everyone.
This is a type of love that asks nothing in return.
It is a giving love not a asking or taking love.
This is not as difficult as you think it is, my friends.
If you can get really started going on this as you should, it will come easier for you very rapidly.
The thing that is most difficult for people living in condition you are in is getting started.
You have a feeling that you are lowering yourself by loving as I have spoken of.
But this is not a receiving love; however if you give this love you will receive a return which is even more than you have given out.
This is according to the Father’s Law, but this should not be the motive behind your giving this love, even though it is true.
Think about this, my friends, really think about it and really attempt to put it into practice.
This is the key to the type of spiritual growth that all should be seeking.
If there is such a thing as a short cut to spiritual development, love is the greatest short cut.
The shortest way to the Father is through love which is the most important thing in the Father’s creation.