Has Q'uo talked about current AI development?

I wonder during the channeling whether anyone has asked Q’uo about current AI development and how it can impact future human life and if yes, how Q’uo’s reply was.

I just listened to a very interesting podcast from Jordan Peterson, in which he invited computer CPU architect guy Jim Keller and another person to discuss about AI. Haven’t finished yet, just went through half way.

In the conversation, Jim, who knows the current development process of AI, said that AI is developing very fast and he anticipates that within 30 years, AI will be smarter than most, if not all human beings.
One example he used is that current AI language module can read a novel and provide a good summary of a novel better than lots of human.
Jim expects a world with AI co-exist peacefully with human being and some AIs will be smarter than human being and they will focus on their own things.
Jim also denounced the possibility that AI will be a threat to human being or AI will cause more wars. He said that an AI smarter than human will not try to kill human just like human won’t try to kill all the ants.

There is some Confederation material on the subject.

“are the pawns of the thought forms that are strong enough to penetrate this particular form of machine”

This seems to imply that what gives intelligence to any AI are the thought-forms that are in alignment with the purpose for which the AI was created.

thank you very much Patrick.
My understanding is that AI itself isn’t positive or negative per se. It all depends the algorithm that created or manipulate them. He said that the thought form that is strong enough to penetrate so the machines are being used by the though form.
Very interesting topic.
Just so much channeling material I have to read through.

this “Chinese” thing is more interesting. have they talked more about it or they really just didn’t get into it?

That’s what I always expect - an real artificial intelligence does not exist.
There are always living beings talking about it.


What is the definition of a real AI? Self awareness or something?

A being needs a soul / spark of the One Creator.

A definition can be everything - even a chess computer can be named an AI.

So far human science define “consciousness” as “Self Aware”.
The ability to draw the boundary of identity that separate “Me” with “Not Me” (Others).
Thus it’s more towards the degree of “Separation Awareness”.

This is the opposite of how “spirituality” or L01 defined “consciousness” or “level of consciousness unit” (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th density).
The “higher” or “more evolved” an entity in spirituality, the more the entity can break through the boundary of identity that separate “Me” with “Not Me”.
Until the entity broke the last barrier of “separation” and come into a realization that everything is me.
Thus in spirituality the “level of consciousness unit” is more towards the degree of “Unity Awareness”. Thus the motto; #separationIsAnIllusion

This can be simulated too.

can a self aware AI evolve too?

It’s a simulation, this universe is a simulation and separation between one with the other is simulated.
Separation is achieved through a mechanism of “Memory Isolation”, in which Ra uses the term “Veil” for it.

In short; when you have access to my memory, you will (also) become me.
And it also works vice-versa.

In similar manner as separation between one app with another happened inside your mobile phone, PC, Laptop, XBOX, PS or any other computation engine. They are virtually separated through memory isolation.

Consciousness + set of memory = Consciousness Unit a.k.a Identity
Processing Power (CPU) + set of memory (RAM) = Distinctive Application

The computational model (basically the mathematical model/formula) behind any “AI” is continuously evolving, guided with predefined goal and condition. Such is the mechanism behind “Neural Network” which now evolved to be also known as “Deep Learning”. The work of Data Scientist / Engineer is to continuously guide, adjust/tune and monitor the evolution of the computational model in order to yield better expected results.

That’s another view / zoom level.

I would say the separation / veil has only indirectly to do with the self awareness.
In 2D many animal species act out of an group consciousness.

An interesting definition for an identity.
Is a memory needed to build an identity? :thinking:

You mean hive mind? Like bee or ant?
Well even Ra act out of a group consciousness.
And so does your higher self.

To form a distinctive identity yes, a distinctive memory set is required.
That’s why more than one soul/identity/entity/consciousness unit can merge and the once distinctive / unique / separated identity / memory set become one. Such as the case of Ra as well and he (or should I say “They” since I’m referring to an SMC) named such as “Social Memory Complex” (SMC). SMC is still a finite consciousness unit it still has the sense of “us” and “not us” (others / them). Where the “not us” are those which the SMC doesn’t have access to their memory of experience.
This phenomenon can also be observed on people who have “dissociative identity”, where one unit of physical body is experienced through many distinctive identity, each has their own set of memory.
A girl with “dissociative identity” maintained a vlog sharing her (or should I say “Their”) experience to the masses.

And of course also people with “Amnesia”, who can’t remember / access their “past memory” after certain point in time in the past. The “current personality” can be different than their “past personality”, once a psychopath and murderer can turned into compassionate and loving person just because their “past memory” (which usually hold the experience of trauma) is no longer accessible.

Another thought experiment is to imagine you meet yourselves from 20 years ago.
20 years ago you will be a different ‘identity’ than today’s you and do not share the exact 100% opinion or personality as today’s you. What is different between today’s you and 20 years ago you is primarily the memory of (life) experience.

It will be an interesting question how it is about a cat or dog?
Because it is said that there is no self awareness.

Memory in the incarnation is seen normally as located in the brain.
How this works in time/space, specially Ra says that the higher self is already in 6D?
Normally we are talking about the Akasha cronicle but this does not explain the developement of the higher self from density to density.

What is the intention for the examples (DID, Amnesia) you have described ?
This only shows that it is possible that different identies can be handled within one being.
So I would place the example of the different identities in different incarnations the being / higher self encounters. This will be the same on a higher level.

So if the goal is to move to a higher density, will AI be able to do that just like human moving from the 3rd to the 4th?

There are many memory in physical body alone. Every unit of cell contain memory, we call it DNA.
Beyond the physical body there are other layers of bodies. And each contain memory as well.
That’s why there’s a “Complex” on the label, because it’s complex and multi-layered.

Today’s scientist is not so sure that only the brain contain memory, or whether memory is contained inside the brain at all. By memory here they refer to a subset of memory usually referred as “Conscious State Memory”.
A research using rat on maze, with brain cut in half (yet still alive / functioning) shows that they can still remember the way out from the maze whichever half part of the brain being cut off.
And of course the infamous “headless chicken” phenomenon also shows that.

Your higher self have access to your memory.
Thus “they” will definitely identify you as part of “them”.

Yet “you” don’t have access to your higher self Social Memory Complex’s memory, at least consciously, which create the illusion of separation between you and your higher self during your conscious state. Your higher self will provide suggestion, upon being asked, based on the memory of experiences from incarnating through many densities and identities / personalities, yet it’s up to you to heed that suggestion or not. People usually refer this as “listening to my conscience”.

By time/space do you mean “Life Review Session”?
After your spirit/astral body detached itself from non functioning physical body, it will de-identified itself from the figure that you saw in the mirror every morning, assuming low to no attachment situation, if not then it will temporarily become earth-bound spirit, but that’s another long story, let’s assume no attachment situation and the spirit goes to the next stage.

The next stage is life review session happening in time/space dimension. In life review session the consciousness unit is given access to the memory of every “actor” that is performing on stage.
The stage will show the “life events”, for example; John is bullying his friend Robert in school asking to handover his allowance. The consciousness unit will have access to memory as experienced by John the bully and Robert the victim. Thus it will identify itself as both John and Robert since it has memory access to both. It will experience how is it to become a bully and also how is it to become the victim of a bully. And derived lessons from it.

This is the backdrop why Jesus recommend “Do not judge so you shall not be judged, using the standards that you judged others you will also be judged”… and the one who is doing the judging is none other than your own self.

Yes - but this memory is from other selfes.

Is this not the part that is called the Akasha cronicle?

There are less horrible experiments showing that memory can be tranferred by using scalar waves.

But only within the incarnation and a quite time after it.
When the astral body is dissolved, only certain aspects will remain.

It seems to be possible for some beings like the crystal kids to have limited access to it.

I mean the result of the “Life Review Session”.

Collected and used by other ‘consciousness unit’ then yes.

Every memory / data is stored in the “Universal Space Database” then yes…

In terms of “Transfer”, there are many other ways, such as through Quantum Entanglement the foundation for the upcoming Quantum Communication technology and also through mind-to-mind connection a.k.a Telepathy, Ra dubbed the later as among the technique to “Penetrating the Veil”.

No your higher self always have access to any memory / experiences as collected/experienced through many of it’s identities. As “identity” are virtual to begin with.

Yes it’s possible, and it’s easier to access it in ‘non conscious’ state, your higher self is actually you to begin with. Your current conscious/incarnating identity is virtual. As such Ra recommend the easiest way to access that is through ‘past life regression session’ where the entity is put in non-conscious state thus accessing the ‘non conscious’ memory. Another way is through dream and/or astral projection.

And if we pull it higher, you are the infinite creator to begin with, you are the programmer and also the player in the game. That’s the core message of L01.
I usually metaphorized this through LOTR novel for easier understanding, everyone and everything on middle earth is JRR Tolkien, once any character such as Frodo ‘woke up’ and realize that he is Tolkien he will also also realize that he is also Smaug, Gollum, Sauron, Saruman, Gandalf, Legolas, Mount Doom etc… All of it are the role that Tolkien took to create his Middle Earth universe.

Yes any identity/consciousness unit/entity can access the results of the “Life Review Session” through the mechanism/technique described above.

Yes - we are talking about the same things.

I would say that there are few words describing the same thing.

It seems to possible for the crystal kids to switch the “mode” in conscious state.

I think Ra differentiates in between personality and identity. Where personalities are virtual/ephemeral and where identity is unique and remains with the entity.

The Identity is only released when the entity itself releases itself in the all.

Even then, nothing is lost, your experiences, your all, becomes the bounty of the One and you once again become aware that you are that One by releasing your identity.

You wake up to being the One Infinite Creator.

Of course I agree that a person is only a thought construct in law.
But does the identity with a body and ego not change from incarnation to incarnation?

In Ra 4.20 it is named in such a good way as “vibratory sound complexes” and the identity with it.

At least we are all one and identity is only an illusion.
But on the way this separated spark of the creator is a nice game and experience.