Game of TAG with the LOGOS

Have you ever been touched by a tree?
I have!! The tree touched me in the back of the neck and I heard TAG you’re it, in return, I grabbed a branch, kissed it and said I love you and I started crying. so a couple of weeks later, I tried tagging a tree and I was talking to a work cohort about playing this game of tag on a cloudy day and the sun literally spread the clouds apart and hit me in the chest with a beam of sunlight and I heard TAG you’re it. I’ve played this game several times just to test it even tagging the moon and the sun tags me back saying that the sun or Locos was lonely.
I believe I could an earth Angel, To bring Peace to Fire & Water.


Communing with the Sun yesterday,
I intuited the Sun might likely be several
magnitudes more spiritually receptive,
or psychic, or aware than any human
being experiences. This hyper sensitivity
might explain why carefully treating it like
a divine baby offers spiritual advantage
over not. I also consider that such astral
connections likely factor into astrological
insight, and may explain why Ra might
consider very few people can access
clear astrological insight. Sirius, has
some connection to tree beings, and the
game of Tag may relate to games that
stars play.

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