Epilepsy and seizures in metaphysical sense

Hello, do you know any information upon the topic? I’ve found only this:


Q’uo, what are the spiritual principles involved in N’s brain seizures?


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. We find that the spiritual principle involved in this is the preincarnatively chosen distortion which aids the one known as N in becoming more inwardly oriented and finding it necessary to spend time resting and contemplating. Throughout her lifetime there will undoubtedly be ways in which her physical vehicle reminds her that it is well for this particular entity to spend time in inner work, inner seeking and the silence that is so full of information that moves into the intuitional and insightful portion of consciousness.

We would not precisely call that the brain, but would call it the “brain of the heart.”

The supposition of the one known as D that this entity may be being tuned for some particular service by this illness is not something that we are able to see at this time. However, our ability to see this, as you well know, is limited. The vibrations surrounding this entity indicate that preincarnative choice was the motivating factor for this early illness.

There is a mechanical or physical portion of this illness. It was not intended to be so severe but was rather intended to be a milder difficulty. However, there is that very mechanical situation in the womb where one entity was able to derive more nourishment from the mother than the other. Consequently, there was a slight amount of difficulty which was involved with the brain tissues not receiving adequate oxygen for a certain amount of time, not very long but long enough to accentuate this distortion.

We would encourage those who wish to nurture the entity known as N to surround her with gentleness and affection, for this entity is most sensitive to those vibrations of true affection which cannot be mistaken for a pose or a mask of proper behavior. We are aware that the one known as D has every intention of creating this very atmosphere and we encourage him to do just that.

We would note at this time that there is a certain amount of information which we do not feel is helpful to share because we would not wish to infringe upon the free will of the one known as D or the one known as N.

We are apologetic about needing to refrain from conversation when it is clearly desired by the one known as D. However, it is more appropriate for us and for the instrument to retain a precise tuning than it is for us to be able to offer specific information. Therefore we apologize for the limitations upon this contact, but feel that it is necessary in order to maintain that careful appreciation of free will. It is always better for an entity to seek spiritually rather than to ask those things which we cannot offer because they would interfere with the learning process.

and just a good quote from the channeling:

there is no better way to become able to stand on your own two feet metaphysically than to find yourself able to love without expectation of return

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