Does alcohol affect our harvestability?

If we drink about once a month, does that affect our harvestability?

Or our ability for ascension?

Maybe I am worrying too much. But I hear that getting buzzed, if you have any sort of addiction, you cannot ascend.

Also wondering if we eat meat if that affects our harvestability?

Maybe I’m being too nervous.


I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The effect on the spiritual seeker of these various intoxicants is quite various to be honest. There is not one particular rule of thumb, shall we say, or practice, that would pertain to each entity. For some, in wine it is truly said in vino veritas, there is truth there. For some entities, the ability to release the cares of the day and to become, shall we say, high or drunken, is a way to find the inner self for a moment or two and to allow this inner child to play. For others, who have different personalities, it is difficult to undertake such experiences without suffering the more deleterious effects of the addictive nature of such substances to certain personalities. In this case, the learning and potential lies within the obverse experience, that is, to discover a reason to not use such substances. Thus, we cannot give you a general rule that is applicable for all entities.

from : Saturday meditation

Sadhguru told an interesting story about intoxicant.
A person was visited by the devil and told that it’s time for him to die.
But if you agree to commit only one of this act then I will give you a new lease of life.

  1. Kill your devoted servant.
  2. Beat your wife
  3. Drink wine

The person said; I cannot kill my servant or beat my own wife, I will drink wine then if you give me a new lease of life.
So he drink wine and after so much of regular intoxication he start to lose control over himself, his wife told him that it’s better for him to become sober so he beat her. Then the servant came try to stop him and he killed the servant.

It increases the probability of harvesting medical services. :rofl:

In the times where the anesthesia is present - for sure.

This question is not so easy or humorous to answer.
Is it not a question why we are doing such things?

What about a hunter who enjoys hunting?

I would say so.

Ra is very clear,
“knowing is not a pre-requisite” when it comes to harvestability, if I recall correctly it is early on in the first book.

live your life, be authentic, let the love flow…
Worrying about harvestability, or trying to be harvestable in my opinion not as important as being free to live ones life to its fullest potential, it is what it is…

Another thing about alcohol, there’s heaps of video’s about exactly what alcohol does to the body, that may interest you more than its influence on harvestability, I used to drink, but once I learned, I don’t anymore, each to their own, self love, the body is a temple. Having said that, sometimes, pertaining to acts of love and friendship, a drink could be a good thing too, in the act of sharing, connecting… Ra enjoyed an image of the group sharing a beverage with Ra.

Regarding eating meat, are you resistant to being the hunter, or resistant to being the prey… Both are valid, do you eat meat with respect and gratefulness? are you aware of the aspect of sacrifice so you may survive, and the balance of nature? Or are your actions based on prejudices or thoughts of others… is love present or fear?

The authentic you being you, that’s important.


“The horse knows the way home.”

Any sort of addiction?

I’ve never met a human without some sort of addiction. Around 80% of working age adults are dependent on caffeine. But besides drugs…

There’s the obvious ones like gambling. Then there’s smart phones, the internet in general, giving advice, oxygen, companionship, pornography, sex, working, crypto speculating, power, racking up accomplishments, video games, tv, and certain monks spend enough time meditating for even that to qualify. Attention is an addiction that destroys the youth currently as surely as any drug epidemic. All social media, no reality, led by the pied pipers of shadowy algorithms designed by the architects of various psychopathic global cabals. TAnything your thoughts return to and you have trouble stopping… psychological addiction. Some people with ocd get addicted to religious or spiritual ritual.

Now so far this comment might seem stupid to you, like I’m just stretching things. Let’s rectify that, my dear therianthrope.

Ask yourself, besides the unavoidable addictions like oxygen and food, would I kill to satiate this habit, be it substance, activity, or state or status? If not, would I break any ideal I hold high? Would I abandon a loved one in need to satiate it? Would I steal attention away from something or someone I felt compassion for? Would I put in jeopardy something I knew was more urgent or important?

If not, you’re fine.

As they say in Dune, fear is the mind killer. Balance is important and I find, no matter the philosophy or mythology, that often those excessively concerned with spiritual matters waste way too much time thinking if they’re going to “hell” or going to fail at whatever.

This is not the density of understanding, as they say, even if we take Ra at his word what we have are words that besides some general cosmology, are but shadows of true understanding even if you obsess over this your entire life. Often of things I’m sure we’re quite incapable of truly grasping while our consciousness is filtered through a physical, ultimately illusionary or not, ape brain.

It’s hard in this world, but just try to find peace and love where and when you can. Keep your heart and mind open and play neither the tyrant nor the slave. Deal with the stones life throws at you as best you can.

As long as you’re not actively propagating, intentionally, suffering or enslavement or serving those that do and can still feel love, just let the river go where it may and satiate your curiosities with wisdom and whatever gems of knowledge you can gather.

You’ll find out something more when you die, just do your best until then.

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That’s true.
Alcohol is only the most common drug to daze from the suffering of life.

That’s why there are always to parts in this dualistic density that have to be balanced.

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