Do you have chrismas feelings?

Questioning on this day it’s not needed to comment this for the own case. :wink:

It is more like an ultimate commercial event to distract from the original traditions like midwinter.

I don’t really celebrate Christmas, but then I don’t have a family nearby to celebrate with.

Yes! I don’t care about gifts, but I do not miss any reasons to be merry and have fun with my other-selves. :tada: :partying_face:

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I think it is important to celebrate with those that feel the need to give.

Personally I feel no day is better than any other, every day should be celebrated with the same reverence as say a Birthday, even though I ignore my own.

But it is joyous to see people get together… perhaps we should do this every day?

Merry Christmas AnthroHeart!

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Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too.

My mom got me some groceries for Christmas.

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Yes - we have to play our role within the social construct.

The christmas festivities in which attendance has been unavoidable have been something like this:

It is only a little more complex in human communication.