Defending oneself through some form of force

I have often contemplated when it is ok to use force to protect oneself. From something as simple as “killing ants” who are invading your home to using a weapon to suppress a burglar in your home. Does Ra address this issue?

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One way to respond to your question is to say that, when catalyst causes you to consider your actions, look internally to perceive what is disturbing the calm waters of your being. What lessons are here for you to explore? For instance, are feelings of pain being elicited or feelings of power? How then might these be explored within you? You may find that one things leads to another. Perhaps you’ll find compassion and then aggression? These are ways of exploring the many, many elements of what yourself is.


As far as I can tell, the following response is the only explicit instance of Ra discussing killing or murder:

69.6 Questioner: Do I understand, then, that death, whether it is by natural means, or accidental death, or suicide—all deaths of this type would create the same after-death condition which would avail an entity to its protection from friends? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We presume you mean to inquire whether in the death experience, no matter what the cause, the negative friends are not able to remove an entity. This is correct largely because the entity without the attachment to the space/time physical complex is far more aware and without the gullibility which is somewhat the hallmark of those who love wholeheartedly. However, the death, if natural, would undoubtedly be the more harmonious; the death by murder being confused and the entity needing some time/space in which to get its bearings, so to speak; the death by suicide causing the necessity for much healing work and, shall we say, the making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning the lessons set by the higher self.

Other Confederation sources address murder and killing, and you are welcome to refer to them as well. Since the thread category is Strictly Law of One, I won’t include their perspective here.

As for my own perspective on this topic, one must consider the uniqueness of each self-defense situation. In the extreme case, consider a situation where you realize that, unless you take immediate action, you will die. In that situation, will you feel that choosing to die through inaction will be done as a selfless act of love in service to others? If so, that is martyrdom, and Ra discusses martyrdom in some detail. According to Ra, martyrdom, which requires placing value in a fatal act, is a valid through potentially dangerous incarnational path.

More generally, living is better than dying (you’re just going to come back anyways), so being reckless in a situation requiring self-defense should be avoided. That said, consider the fact that Ra provided assistance to the channelers in protecting against the negative entity incursions across their workings. Self-defense seems fair to the extent that it allows you to continue expressing your free will, given that positive entities dislike using their free will to restrict another’s free will. However, even in that case, the channeling group’s self-defense consisted of fortifying their spiritual defenses by improving their methods and techniques as well as sending love to the negative entity. Such an approach lacks aggression.

In a self-defense situation, if you have the option to kill or temporarily incapacitate, which should you choose? Every action you take against another will generate karma, so you might consider the implications of that action. According to Ra, committing murder will cause confusion with the deceased entity, so is murder the best approach? If an individual is using their free will to prevent you from expressing yours, how can you act to restore your free will while limiting how much you restrict their free will? It’s an exceedingly difficult question to rationalize, and fear often plays an outsized role in determining an appropriate response, especially when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Since you mentioned a relatively benign situation of bugs in the home, I would recommend the two general approaches suggested by Ra: (1) fortifying your own defenses, and (2) showing love to the entities. To be specific, (1) find where the bugs are coming in, then plug the hole, and (2) capture the bugs, then release them outside so they may live on.

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