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93.20 All that you perceive seems to be consciously perceived. This is not the correct supposition. All that you perceive is perceived as catalyst unconsciously.

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Q’uote of the Day
March 24th, 1996

To those in third density the intellect seems the higher faculty within the human consciousness and the stirrings and feelings that arise making little logical sense or offering little structure seem to be less useful. Yet the balance which each seeks is a balance within the open heart, not an intellectually precise balance between two intellectual concepts, for wisdom is not an aspect of your density. There is little use seeking wisdom. There is a great deal of wisdom seeking that center of feeling which is absolute.

“There is little use seeking wisdom. There is a great deal of wisdom seeking that center of feeling which is absolute.”
Underline, highlight, bright colours whatever can emphasise this. The irony, such a mysterious, powerful feeling reading those words :laughing:

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Q’uote of the Day
December 12th, 1993

" Shall you wish for a pure heart? Then, inevitably, shall you notice each and every impurity which you perceive in the self. Do you wish to be always the one who offers love? Just as strong as this desire is, so is the strength of your ability to notice unloving acts. And if your desire is to balance being and doing, then you shall surely notice, again and again, that you wish to be given more tools and resources to aid you in combating and working with the self as it is perceived by the self to be acting out of balance. So those things which concern or worry, like this repetition, are not in our opinion negative, but rather merely indicative of where the energy is within each of you…"


Q’uote of the Day
January 12th, 2008

“It is ironic, is it not, that in the search for truth the answers lie not in discovering that which can be known, but in discovering that the secrets to the mystery of transformation lie in unknowing and faith. Faith is the most powerful force in the universe, it being another name for realized or positively realized love. You live in a universe made of love. The original Thought was a Thought of unconditional love.”

There you have it… each sentence of its own much can be talked upon, so on that note ill let the mystery do the talking.


Q’uote of the Day
April 25th, 2009

" …Those to whom you speak shall hear not only the words but also the energy with which those words are offered. Those words, therefore, shall be greatly enhanced in their efficacy as resources for those to whom you are offering your service if the breath which carries them contains that clarity that comes from true humility and the knowledge that the service is coming through one and never from one. "


Q’uote of the Day
December 26th, 2009

“…In the roots of consciousness, [in] the archetypal mind, the emotions can be mapped, much as the waterways of your continent can be mapped. There are rivers of emotions of various kinds, both those emotions you would call positive, such as joy, bliss and happiness, and emotions you would call negative, such as greed, gluttony and lust. Yet each emotion flows from its most distorted or extreme manifestation, through a succession of removals of distortion, until at last they all empty into the ocean that you would call the Logos or unconditional love or bliss.”

"when you are attempting to think about emotions, you are attempting to think about that which has its reality in time/space, for [emotions] come from your consciousness rather than your intellect or mentality. Each person has a different and unique mentality and personality. However, as members of the tribe of humankind on your planet in third density, you share one consciousness. "

Now different ways one can look at emotions are talked about…

One way is a straight line… how much love or fear but then trying to compress into a 2 dimensional model is limiting that…

Or in colours but as long as sigificant isnt attached to the colours themselves instead more as a mapp…

Or to see where love is in the emotions… eg jelously being a fear of loss of love… This also leads to this next part…

“Another way to evaluate emotions is to look at the faculty of will, desire or expectation. The clearest way to approach emotion, living day-to-day, would be to remain transparent and unattached to the outcome of one’s objects of desire or will or one’s expectations. However, it is precisely the inability of the individual within incarnation to remain unattached to outcomes which creates the bulk of distorted emotional reactions. Thusly, if one loved another purely and without attachment of any kind, and that object of love chose to move into relationship with another self beside the self, in the unattached entity this would be only a source of joy, knowing that the other self that is so beloved was doing something that he or she enjoyed. However, it is seldom that entities are unattached in this way.”

If one looks at the meat of the spiritual life, it is clear that it is a blessing that the entity within incarnation is attached to outcomes and has distortions and expectations and desires, because these elements create the potential for feeling emotions and engaging consciousness in new and different ways.

Another element which is important to consider when looking at emotions is that faculty which you call judgment. The seeker who feels surface emotions tends to be non-judgmental if the emotions seem positive but quite judgmental if one’s own emotions seem to be from the shadow side of the self and express the darkness within. Now, if one were looking at a color wheel one would not judge the dark colors as inferior to the lighter colors but would see that all the range of colors would be needed to create all pleasing harmony within one’s color scheme. One would not shun the use of the notes of brown and gray and black and navy blue, for instance, as opposed to the pastels and the lighter colors in their earth tones such as the light tan, the light gray, and so forth. All of these colors equally are valued in building an environment which is pleasing to you personally."

Finally …“As the spiritual seeker becomes more mature, each experience is another opportunity to work with a surface emotion and to refine or purify that emotion by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling, without judgment, without asking the self to be one who feels only the positive emotions. Each emotion starts out, in the immature entity, as that which is confused and chaotic and has a high degree of static or noise as opposed to signal. Consequently, as a spiritual seeker, each time an emotion arises you are working to feel it without shrinking from it or reaching towards it, the goal being not to do anything with the emotion except to allow it to sink into the consciousness of the present moment.”

Then of course a look at emotions … through Tree of Life, Astrology or the twenty two images of the tarot.

Most importantly back to this again

“One may attempt to tamper with an emotion to make it different than it is, yet it is not in tampering [with emotions], or attempting to adjust emotions that you do not prefer, that create a skillful approach to emotion. Rather, it is to the one who trusts each and every emotion enough to give it space and time in which to articulate itself within your awareness that emotions shall begin to offer you the reward of that feeling of oneself that goes beyond the linear.”

So to bring all this together, here is an example of working with anger and how when purified is so necessary on the spiritual journey…

"We would suggest that the value of even the darkest seeming emotion is equal to the value of the most seemingly positive emotion in that it is a valid and honored part of all that there is. You are everything, every emotion. And each emotion has its place in creating of you within incarnation a less and less unbalanced and distorted expression, if you will, of the one Creator, for each of you is an expression of the one Creator.

As we have said through this instrument many times, it is the darker emotions, such as anger, that when allowed to become refined and purified create the grit, the muscle, the determination, the energy of enduring and persevering and winning through to the goals of your incarnation. If you do not have that driving energy that is expressed in anger within you in a more purified and refined state, you do not have the energy to be patient with the self as it is refined in the athanor or the furnace of experience."

It not about having no emotions though,

“Your goal, then, is not to balance emotions until here is no emotion, but to experience each emotion in ways which allow those emotions to go from being muddy and confused to a place where each emotion is a jewel-tone. Gems come in all colors from black to white and everything in between. And the beauty of each is unique to that particular gem. Your emotions are gemlike. And when you have been able to allow the murk and the mud and the impulsivity gradually to evaporate from the heart and essence of each emotion, you are as one who has dug in the ore to mine those gems of self which you have in common with all those of your fellow humans. And as those energies within you are purified, there is less and less distortion [and] more and more balance, and less and less of that component of fear which we began by discussing. For it is indeed a valid observation that the one great original Thought is the emotion that is at the heart of every emotion, positive or negative. This is a trustworthy statement as far as we know. Every shade of emotion has its root in love, love unconditional, love un-judging, utter and absolute love. The oftener that you are able, at the end of working with emotions, to come back to love and to allow that love to overflow all other considerations, the stronger you shall be in being able to do this work of allowing the self to bloom.”

Q’uote of the Day
March 19th, 2006

"…Your thoughts are powerful things, and as you gain in power as a being you are ever more capable of creating metaphysical hurt or healing by the thoughts that you think. Therefore, we ask you to be aware of your thoughts, to patrol them with love and compassion, and when you find yourself being cynical, petty, judgmental or foolish—and we will allow that word to be what it means to each of you—we ask you to remember that one of the things you came here to do was vigorously and relentlessly to go after consciousness itself and find ever more fully that joy that comes from knowing who you are and why you are here. "

Yes its all about the honour/responsibility
“…Your thoughts are powerful things, and as you gain in power as a being you are ever more capable of creating metaphysical hurt or healing by the thoughts that you think.”
Law of One
16.42 Questioner: Can you tell me a little more about this honor/responsibility concept?

Ra: I am Ra. Each responsibility is an honor; each honor, a responsibility."

An of course there may be moments when you slip, one way to counteract it is something I do… I just imagine myself back in time to that moment seeing myself and the other self and send love to them, and will often send love to them(love coming from the source) until I feel satisfied. And not just them just random people or people I know so that one even will cause extra motivation to be more open hearted! Also back to creator or gaia, sun, or galaxy logos or primal logos or divine feminine an love itself.

This all in way is secondary… as most harm thoughts are done is to oneself as that is who you are in contact with the most! So sending love to oneself… body residing in is equally important! As without this physical vehicle we cannot live here. Furthermore taking care of that body, having love for it…

" Ra: I am Ra. The concepts are somewhat difficult to penetrate in your language. However, we shall attempt to speak to the subject. If an entity is not in harmony with its circumstances it feels a burning within. The temperature of the physical vehicle does not yet rise, only the heat of the temper or the tears, as we may describe this disharmony. However, if an entity persists for a long period of your space/time in feeling this emotive heat and disharmony, the entire body complex will begin to resonate to this disharmony, and the disharmony will then show up as the cancer or other degenerative distortion from what you call health."

As mind becomes more single pointed and you get more comfortable with your body… those hidden thoughts of oneself become much more pronounced(and their effects on the body), whether its just a sore throat and judgment their to even simply the body not feeling as blissful as some earlier meditative state… To love the body not matter what it feels, the physical body is doing its best it can at all times not matter how it is treated.

SO let those thoughts heal, for its beyond anything one can imagine how powerful the mind can be!

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Q’uote of the Day
March 29th, 2008

"We would suggest that affirmations…are indeed powerful to work with in the subconscious mind. The will of the seeker is carefully focused. The mantra or affirmation or statement itself has been very carefully prepared. The seeker therefore feels that he may trust this affirmation with the whole of his will. He may place the entire burden of his desire upon the realization of the truth of this statement.We would note that the use of the voice in saying the statements out loud is helpful in terms of creating the maximum impression of the self upon the self using this technique. If a thought remains within the mind, it has its natural limits of power and is of a certain kind. It is a thought form. If the same thought is spoken out loud, and breath has been expended in the saying, it has become sacred. It is not simply a thought form. In the expenditure of breath it is a living thing and the entire effect is greatly enhanced, in that the seeker hears himself. "

Wow the power of the breath… Well I cant help but remember the wizard and magicians doing their spells in the fairytale stories even when they arent real. also they always say the spell outloud too :wink:
This is secondary tho to those last few words… "in that the seeker hears himself. "( something to meditate on there) Which leads to the next paragraph

“Indeed, tangentially, we would note that there are many times when it is helpful for seekers to speak out loud to themselves, talking to themselves out loud about their considerations. For in developing the sentences that are spoken aloud, the seeker is able to break the cycles of repetition that occur within the mind when it is thinking to itself. And then the seeker “hears” what he is thinking in a different way.”

An interesting exercise to experiment with, if one is having those re-occuring thoughts, one I an very interested to test myself in a much more conscious manner!

Now back to the affirmations

" We would suggest that affirmations such as the questioner offered are indeed powerful to work with in the subconscious mind. The will of the seeker is carefully focused. The mantra or affirmation or statement itself has been very carefully prepared. The seeker therefore feels that he may trust this affirmation with the whole of his will. He may place the entire burden of his desire upon the realization of the truth of this statement.

There are two particularly good times in which to do this work which occur naturally twice at least during each diurnal period. Those are the moments after one awakens and the moments before one goes to sleep. In this hypnogogic state, your mind is fully collected. It is about to move across that limen of which we spoke earlier, that threshold of consciousness, and enter into the precincts of sleep. Or, it is just arising from sleep, with its mind ready to focus upon the new day but not yet full of content."

Just remember with affirmations there is discussion about the importance of ritual/invoking the magical personality or along those lines… basically having the required polarity to do so, so it is coming from love and service to others!

Now back to the discussion…

"We offer a very simple philosophy in saying all things are one. Yes, that statement has implications, and those implications echo and resonate through level after level of awareness. That which you seek, that which all seekers seek is a truer, deeper awareness of the self, of the Creator, of the creation about one. So that use of affirmation or statement in a repetitive, persistent manner is extremely positive in use and well done.

Care and deep love need to go into the creation of the statement or affirmation, the creation of the ritual that surrounds the use of that affirmation, and the choice of how to place this beautiful magical ritual within the coils of the day."

Lastly a reminder just to keep those times of affirmations separate from times of silent meditation…

"Our first focus would be upon the query concerning the use of affirmations while in a meditative and concentrated state. We would simply suggest that it is well to untangle the use of affirmations in a concentrated state from the practice of meditation.

The practice of meditation is a practice of silence. The times of visualization, affirmation and other work in consciousness, while equally valuable and worthy of doing, are not the same in terms of that which is required and that which is a good resource for that activity as meditation. So let us simply, briefly state that it is well to retain times within each day when one practices the presence of the one infinite Creator, not by thought, by affirmation, or by any other aspect of the conscious human mind, but by listening to that silence which is pregnant with the one infinite Creator’s presence and truth.

It is a temptation to add more into a meditation in order to create desired changes within the self by purposefully and consciously making adjustments. However, while this method of working is certainly useful, we would suggest that it is best done after a meditation or separately from a meditation. This will allow you as a seeker to keep firm those channels of unknowing which aid greatly in maintaining the focus of the mind upon that silence which is so full of information to the subconscious mind."

There is also more talk here on mantra’s as well… given the length of this post today if interested please visit the transcript link!

Q’uote of the Day
January 10th, 1987

" Where is there room for fear in a life lived in faith? And if there is no fear, then there is freedom. You see and deplore fear in others. Take it not upon yourselves. Limit not yourselves, but in true humility take upon yourself the yoke of one who serves, and serve in the name of the infinite Creator—no finite creator shall you serve, my children, for why would you? You seek infinity, power, truth and eternal peace, the peace of unity, and all those things are yours only as you manifest them, only as you believe them, thus manifesting to yourself, only as you open your eyes in faith and thus shine not your light, but your greater Self’s light to others. Why should you accept human limitation and lack? You are channels for the infinite Creator and infinite things are your birthright and ours. "

“no finite creator shall you serve, my children, for why would you?”
Yes … why?
And the rest of the quote why wouldnt you? Poke that head out of the thick fog of this illusion… peel back that veil, see the truth, well not see its more like be the truth to know the truth isnt it?

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Q’uote of the Day
March 4th, 2005

" …Everything you feel has its truth. You are always worthy to feel what you feel. There is never such a thing as an unworthy emotion. Everything, from seemingly black to seemingly blatant white in polarity, is acceptable to the one infinite Creator. Your job is to see and know the truth of yourself."

And here…

So the one known as Jesus as a teacher was saying to you, “Love is the way; love is the truth and love is the life.” Thusly we say to you, as you focus yourself into work in consciousness, “Know who you are.”

And in a way you are your pain. If you may see that you need to carry that cross into the sacred space of your own heart, you do not need to get rid of that pain. You need to honor that pain. And as you collect it into yourself, you are collecting all the darkness within you so that no shadow remains of which you would say, “That is not part of me.” You wish to collect all of yourself into the sacred space and then you wish to follow the ways of unconditional love in that sacred space.

And how do you follow love but to trust it and to know that it is the truth of you? It is your larger consciousness and if you cannot yet feel every iota of that unconditional love then you should be patient and you should ask and you should await, in utter faith, the realization that is to come."


Q’uote of the Day
October 5th, 1986

" Allow yourself to be swayed by anyone who can help you frame your questions better, but reserve your own right to perceive the information which comes when questions are asked. Reserve for yourself the right to choose that which feels inspiring to you, for the search for truth is not a cold building up of facts, but a journey to the heart. "


Q’uote of the Day
October 5th, 1986

“When you consider the blockages of the lower chakras, what comes to your minds are the heavy emotions, the desires for power or control, anger or greed or jealousy. You wonder how you may clarify those energies in yourselves. The common distortion among earnest seekers is that you must get rid of all of those desires and fears in order for the heart to open and in order for the lower chakras to be clear. But that very desire to be rid of this or that in your experience backfires. This is what closes the chakras.”

Here lies the key… an example of this would be those who have experienced something traumatic such as in war, the very desire to not accept those memories and to try to hide from it or repress it will instead lead to more mental dis-ease… its best summed up by this next quote

“This is the foundation for the work of all beings in third density. It is through the constant judgment of what you experience that self solidifies and enhances the illusion of separation. You are here to reconfirm that there is no separate self, that the self solidifies through dwelling in delusion. The more you fight with the presence of an emotion, the more self solidifies, the more sense there is, “I must get rid of this or that to purify myself.” What you have to do, then, is to change your relationship to that which arises in you.”

“We said earlier that communication was a great key. There are many ways to communicate with one’s distortions while within the distortion as an entity. They all partake in various ways of the use of those ways of communicating which go beyond words and intellectual considerations so that the spirit within the self may speak healing to the manifested self. If one attempts to bring into the heart chakra each felt distortion, one is violating the self, attempting to drag energy where it is not rising naturally. However, if one can see the heart as always open and allow the heart to be moved into communication with the lower chakra in the lower, then the combined vibrations, instead of the green muddied by forced portions of red, orange and yellow, remain crystalline—the green color shimmering upon the type of communication mentally or physically voiced. This, then, looks like a living stream of the most lovely light green, which shimmers and surrounds and gradually alleviates the blockage of red, orange or yellow so that the two colors gradually become equal in their radiance and power.”

It takes a lot of courage, to simply sit with whatever emotion arises… it may seem easier in the moment to distract yourself or keep mind busy to not think of it… However catalyst will come back again and again, in another shape or form. Each acceptance will smooth the way for more work and a greater wholeness of self to come forth. Patience is essential, and the ease one feels increasingly to … Mind is blank now so will leave it at that!

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Q’uote of the Day
November 13th, 2010

"Beauty is all around you in people, in architecture, music, dance and the world of nature. Let yourself be moved and touched. And when you feel that beauty within you, celebrate it, enjoy it, and let yourself feel the joy of loveliness. Indeed, to do this it is necessary often to empty oneself of…pride or dignity. It is all right to be undignified. It is wonderful to be spontaneous. It is not always appreciated by others but there is a tremendous balance in being able to laugh, to love, to appreciate "

Where is your distortion towards appreciating beauty, is there a predominance in one of those mentioned? Regardless, its a wonderful way to amplify that feeling of love especially moreso if you also thank One Infinite Creator or love, Gaia/Earth etc. The next part mentions being spontaneous, its one secret that can really unearth the joy within, and break into the dance of life. Its especially humerous when with others if you catch them off guard, and one lesson you can take and learn from children the most :laughing:
Most importantly the heart speaks in the moment, so having that flexibility no matter what plans or one is doing, to listen and respond spontaneously can open much in synchronicity and seemingly magical occurrences…


Q’uote of the Day
October 25th, 2008

"It would be preferable…to hope for, and aim for, taking the life itself lightly, so that there is not that feeling of struggle with the spiritual path but rather a feeling of playing and dancing and even romping with the spiritual path. There is something in the work ethic that suggests that it is important to work hard, even on the spiritual path. Yet, we would suggest that there are other ways to frame this effort so that it is effortless and simply becomes a game that is fun to play and fun to think about. Then, where before you were worrying or striving, you now are relaxed and moving in a dance, graceful and light-stepping, ready to laugh, ready to let it go and simply be. "

Yes learn to feel that rhythm of spiritual seeking, sometimes that dance is carefree and relaxed other times the music beckons more discipline an focus … by being more in tune those movements become more natural, knowing what is required an when. In time although there’s effort it paradoxically becomes effortless…

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Q’uote of the Day
November 12th, 1989

"As one is able to experience the self more and more intelligently, consciously and fully, one is able to feel self-forgiven, worthy, hopeful, cheerful, peaceful and oriented toward a lively work on behalf of the one infinite Creator. "

“Forgiveness is an emotion, not a mental process, and it is the key to the advancement of the self in polarization of service to the one infinite Creator. May you respect and encourage intense, loving emotion. May you find it acceptable to release numbness and surface emotion as meditation matures and strengthens the deeper self within.”

“experience the self more and more intelligently”
That intelligent is not the intellect of the brain which is limited… but this transcript is first, the second one follows both talking on emotion. Here is a quote from the next transcript…

“Previously, we had established that in truth, although the intellect is highly regarded within your culture, it is, nonetheless, not as intelligent a portion of the mind as the deeper intuitions, what some might call gut instinct, and others call the prompting of the still small voice within, the higher self, guidance, or by whatever name an entity chooses to relate itself to a wider, wiser intelligence. This intelligence is emotion.”

And here…

“Each of you is unique, and the emotions that are your deeper intelligence are unique to you, their balance is unique to you, and the fruit of that balance in service is unique to you. Thus, we have established a great respect for the intuition and emotion that is the essence of intelligence.”

Well its something one discovers for themselves that deeper intelligence… which as the spiritual seeking progress countless examples will present themselves, eventually it just seems a normal part of living when perhaps previously may have been considered absurd :wink: Ahh the law of confusion in full effect!



Q’uote of the Day
May 13th, 1990

" …The difference between love and free will is based upon the fact that, though absolute in its variation, love will, in a time immeasurable to yourselves, lose energy, and gradually, as the end of a creation approaches, begin to leave-not in the sense of departure, but in the sense of strength of field energy-that which is you, so that eventually, at the end of a creation-and you know we speak of millions and billions of years-eventually [Love] calls to love in such a way that your uniqueness becomes a latent portion of love, and you are drawn wondrously, effortlessly, magnetically, and in a way which this instrument cannot describe, but which has to do with field theory, back into the great gravitation of Love. Love has taken a breath, has expelled from the Self love, and has breathed back into Itself love, but that which is free will has given to this absolute Love more and more experience of itself… "


Q’uote of the Day
March 19th, 1995

“…It is not what the seeker knows but what the seeker desires that creates the character of the distortions that the seeker is likely to settle upon as that which is the least distorted version of truth. Once it has been accepted that all truths are to some extent distortions of a truth that is ineffable and unknowable then there is perhaps an easier and more relaxed attitude towards this process of knowing the truth. If all things are shadows, if all things are to some extent not what they seem, then the heart is free to open in pure desire to whatever truth it may pick up with its various antennae which it does not know it has but which the being which lies within knows well how to use.”

For your what you know will just keep getting peeled away, powered by the desire of the seeker… unraveling a whole new or rehashed set of distortions, rinse and repeat…
Not a knowing from reading or understanding books and words … no below that surface that deep, profound sense of knowing.
Its why in the Tarot… what potentiates the Spirit, is the picture of a lightning…or later versions lightning striking a tower. Is that meaning you are the lightning bolt/and or the feeling of being struck by lightning.

Now these two fitting quotes, shall hope to portray the above words and illumate further where I am attempting to take this discussion

“Thusly one may see the Matrix as the deepest darkness and the Potentiator of Spirit as the most sudden awakening, illuminating, and generative influence.”

…because of the illuminations of the Potentiator of the Spirit, will begin to cause these changes in the adept’s viewpoint."

Both quotes from Law of One)
Back to the rest of the quote… the gist of it is keep your mind open focus on the desire and the mystery beyond not on stepping on concrete ground now… fly and be free. Beckoning those illuminations to keep occurring, for they are much more pleasant when you are receptive otherwise and being the lightning itself in a way, rather than being unexpectedly struck and toppling out of that tower. Evolving with the concept of the tarot card in itself…

I do not have the original version as RA talks about of just the lightning… but here is the newer one of the lightning and the tower


Just a disclaimer… the Tarot please do not take my interpretations to seriously, although there are underlying truths these are dependent on ones own perceptions and biases. What I said above will probably be different in the future after further seeking!

Hmm I wont no…just end it here! Nay temptation and desire is too strong. I will include the full quote from Law of One, as it does reference in a recent daily quote … that disassociation that occurs as an adept discussion, from the surface and more association to the heart of other selves) an may help those who may remember paint a more vivid colour, in the light of the above illumination. Okay yes poor segue there but couldnt resist

" 80.11 Questioner: Could I say, then, that implicit in the process of becoming adept is the possible partial polarization towards service to self because simply the adept becomes disassociated with many of his kind or like in the particular density which he inhabits?

Ra: I am Ra. This is likely to occur. The apparent happening is disassociation whether the truth is service to self and thus true disassociation from other-selves or service to others and thus true association with the heart of all other-selves and disassociation only from the illusory husks which prevent the adept from correctly perceiving the self and other-self as one.

80.12 Questioner: Then you say that this effect of disassociation on the service-to-others adept is a stumbling block or slowing process in reaching that goal which he aspires to? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. This disassociation from the miasma of illusion and misrepresentation of each and every distortion is a quite necessary portion of an adept’s path. It may be seen by others to be unfortunate.

80.13 Questioner: Then is this, from the point of view or with respect to the fifteenth archetype, somewhat of an excursion into the Matrix of the Spirit in this process? Does that make any sense?

Ra: I am Ra. The excursion of which you speak and the process of disassociation is most usually linked with that archetype you call Hope which we would prefer to call Faith. This archetype is the Catalyst of the Spirit and, because of the illuminations of the Potentiator of the Spirit, will begin to cause these changes in the adept’s viewpoint.

80.14 Questioner: [I] didn’t intend to get too far ahead of my questioning process here. The either positively or negatively polarized adept, then, is building a potential to draw directly on the spirit for power. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. It would be more proper to say that the adept is calling directly through the spirit to the universe for its power, for the spirit is a shuttle."

A very synchronistic discussion, as its something ive been going through lately, repeatedly! The lightening. I feel a sense of overwhelming yet delightful relief after this post.

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Q’uote of the Day
January 19th, 1997

" Each time that you put yourself down, each time that you are harsh, each time that you feel so isolated and alienated that you deny your brotherhood with all that is, you close down a little bit of that channel which is bringing in infinite creative energy to your body, and each time that occurs there is less energy into the heart. So, basically, those who have not worked through the issues that confront them at these three levels—self, self with another, and self with its groups—each time that you allow these issues to come and to be feared you have shut off some of the power that you need in your heart in order to live the life that you wish to live. "

Yes so each time may feel down or dwelling on catalyst to long, maybe you can use this quote as motivation to pick yourself up :wink:
If not well read this for more encouragement…

“You see, it is the love with which you do things that radiates; it is not the things that you do. Among your peoples this has been much misunderstood, for people look to see if there is some service that can be their spiritual gift to the world. They are looking for a dramatic role to play, to teach or to heal or to prophesy. And yet these things are forever secondary to the primary mission of each of you upon this particular planet in this particular density at this time. The mission before each of you is simply to address all of that which comes to you with an open heart, just that. And yet just that is the work of lifetime upon lifetime, for how can a person in a heavy illusion such as you now enjoy be fearless? It is not within the physical body to be fearless. It is not within the earthly brain, that choice-maker, to be fearless. Indeed, only the foolish are fearless, and yet the teacher known to you as Jesus the Christ has said that it is only to the foolish that the wisdom comes. It is only to those who live as little children that the kingdom is inherited.”

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Q’uote of the Day
May 13th, 2008

" We do not suggest that you cease attempting to become a better person. We encourage that journey towards the light. However, upon that journey you walk with feet that move through transformation. One of the transformations is to begin to see yourself as a magical, beautiful and entirely worthy being. We ask you not to see that which is not there. We simply ask you to see that which is not on the surface. We ask you to move deeper and find that portion of yourself that we would call consciousness. You share this consciousness with every third-density entity upon this planet. And, indeed, in the deepest sense you share this consciousness with all there is. For it is the consciousness of the Creator. It is the consciousness of unconditional love. Form a haven then, when you feel yourself moving into self-judgment, of choosing to refrain from going further with that thought, and instead taking up that thought of appreciation of the self just as you are. "

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