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Q’uote of the Day
February 20th, 2000

"We are with you in the silence. We sit with you in the darkness of the mind. There is love in that darkness. Know that it is there. Have the faith that your search is a good one, and allow. That is the word that opens the door once the silence is achieved. That word, allow. Allow the intuition to arise. Allow the still, small voice to speak. You will not hear, for it is silent. You can only act upon faith with that feeling of rightness. "


Q’uote of the Day
December 20th, 1987

" It is our desire not [just] to make more vocal channels, but to make each aware of the channeling he or she is already doing. …Realize what kind of channel that you are, and be that wonderful, loving, compassionate self that this particular type channeling may bring. A weaver channels the beauty of the cloth. One who works with people channels a love and acceptance, a true listening ear for the entities around it. There are so many examples of the channeling which all may do—the cooking, the washing, the smiling at the sun, the enjoyment of water, all the excitement of daily life, all the little things which are like flowers in a bowl in unexpected corners of your daily life. You channel your daily life. We ask you to do it lovingly and honorably, honoring yourself and honoring that which this instrument would call the Christ consciousness in each and every face that you see. "

Brings a new meaning to the word channeling. Wherever one can channel love not just in deeper mediation which may be be everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but in whatever shape or form.

“Perhaps you can see by now that we are attempting to say that those who do not wish to take upon themselves the responsibility of attempting to live as they have learned are far better off attempting to be of service to the infinite Creator, which is within all beings, by any one of a number of ways of channeling cheerfulness and helpfulness to those who are needy. Many there are who need food, blankets, clothing and shelter, for upon your weary world there is the winter of the body, and the body becomes cold, and the most beautiful words shall not warm the bones of such a body, but rather the simpler channeling of hospitality and faith, warm places for saddened, wearied bodies.”

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Q’uote of the Day
May 1st, 1983

“Therefore, in the process of communication, you must give all that you have away. Is your difficulty that of a relationship? Then you must give that relationship completely away. You must lose everything so that you have no stakes in the outcome of the relationship. There are no impressions to be made. There is no grasping for meaning. You are simply there to listen and to give, with no possible loss. You may apply this to any of the areas of your illusion. Any reputation that you have, any pride, any thoughts that you wish to be of more service but the structure of your environment first must change, need to be left behind. For you who have anything at stake have too much to lose to communicate love.”

This transcript ties in the concept of communication with ones level of spiritual seeking…

Talked about right here
“there is a point at which the seeking with the conscious self as ambitious seeker ceases to make metaphysical sense, and indeed becomes counterproductive to the serious student.”
(there is more discussion if interested in the transcript, the remaining paragraphs below do cover this too). One little bit to throw in “the first rule of communication is that there is no taking but only giving”. A powerful sentence right there.

Now this continues from the daily quote, the next paragraphs…
"Is there any thing, any possession of mind or body that you fear to lose? In your mind let it go. Release it and bid it farewell. You will be bidding farewell constantly, for this process of amalgamating to the self those things which seem useful is continuous to the student, and in the process of communication, each thing must be given up, for only in the full light of compassion which has no stake and nothing to lose can you truly hear the voice of another being who speaks.

You may do many things, my friends, in your attempt to experience the oneness of all creation, and each thing that you do is fine and wonderful and worthy. But the glory is not within the attempts, but within the realization which comes to those who have given up all things. That all is the Creator. You may give away everything, and for the first time experience true plenty. In fact, until you give away all things, you will not experience plenty. You will not communicate love without significant distortion. Each entity has a unique way of expressing itself. For you to communicate with one other entity, you must come into a vibratory agreement with that entity’s deeper self. Not with that entity’s words, but with the entity’s self. If you have anything at all at stake, you will not be free to communicate with even one entity."

This statement right here… “For you to communicate with one other entity, you must come into a vibratory agreement with that entity’s deeper self” communication really is an artform, what a fascinating couple of sentences to meditate and contemplate on…

Now well I just have to throw in these two paragraphs that cover one may ask if they consider that concept of not taking but only giving in communication…

"Therefore, you seem to be upon the horns of a dilemma. You must seek in order to be a seeker. You must have ambition, you must grasp and reach ever further than you [inaudible]. And yet in order to fully be a seeker there is that point at which such grasping and seeking is a negative or unhelpful method of being, and of transmitting your being through communication to others. The cause of this is the very nature of taking. Examine the nature of those who take. It may all be done in the most noble spirit. But do you wish for yourself that you may become somehow glorious as the Creator is glorious? Do you seek in your relationship to be someone to whom that other person may look with respect? Do you seek somehow the glory of that great wisdom which is love?

In all that you do in your occupations, in your preoccupations and your hobbies, do you seek somehow to make an impression, to take and build, to grasp a reputation or an opinion from yourself or from others? Do you even have a fantasy that you might one day experience the glory that is your birthright? We would be surprised, my friends, if there were any who could answer, “Nay.” For it is the nature of those who labor diligently to attach importance to the tasks and to wish for results. But the first rule of communication is that there is no taking but only giving."

It is a very good read, have reread it multiple times… much to take out of it this channeling.

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Q’uote of the Day
October 21st, 1990

" …You do not learn wisdom and love, you only encounter the catalyst to remember it. It is all within yourself. "

And a pattern to this is talked about here…

"This entity, however, being somewhat young in the spiritual childhood, as it may be called, is tested by the passage of days and the catalyst that is contained within each day that will, as the fire tempers the metal to strengthen it, will also temper the spirit of this entity as it is manifest in the personality. And as the entity continues on in the hope that there is a purpose behind all of its actions and all of its desires, the entity grows in this inner knowing that it has first called hope.

As it continues in growth and grows in strength, the entity begins to enter that concept or area of the metaphysical or spiritual self which is called faith. The quality here which differentiates the faith from the hope is that when the faith becomes developed within the entity it has a sureness that comes not only from the experience that the entity has gained in its own growth, but in a feeling deep within the self that is like unto the iron filing as it approaches the strength of the magnet. The entity begins to feel that it is drawing close to a power that is far greater than any power it has found within itself or its own experience before.

Thus, the entity begins to feel and experience this quality of faith and finds that its feet are placed upon a firmer ground with each step that it takes, each testing that it passes, shall we say, for all of the experience within this illusion serves as a kind of catalyst that will allow the entity to become a crystallized being so that there is a strength and clarity to the purpose for such an entity’s life pattern.

Thus, we would say it is the experience of the entity that moves it closer and closer to a realization of its oneness with all of creation that eventually changes the entity’s philosophy, shall we say, of the life, from that which is guided by hope to that which is stayed by faith."


Q’uote of the Day
July 19, 1991

“In any relationship with an other self there is even more room for variance in truth than in dealing with just the perceived self proceeding from moment to moment, for not only are one’s own ever shifting balances to be contended with, but there are also the equally shifting and much less known balances of the other self. ”


Q’uote of the Day
June 6th, 1993

“To the open-hearted there comes that spirit which enlivens hope and faith; and in its turn, this faith organizes the intellectual mind so that it is more worry-resistant when next the situation causing worry arises.”


Q’uote of the Day
November 13th, 2010

" Think of yourself as one who appreciates beauty, and appreciate it in yourself. Your desire to serve is a beautiful thing, to be nurtured and encouraged, respected and supported by you whether or not another soul appreciates or supports you and your hopes and your dreams of service.

And just have to include this classic quote from the transcript too, which also having just realised after placing it here… is the paragraph leading to the daily quote too.

“There is a reason to know and claim that all is well. It is a simple reason. The Creator is love. You are part of the Creator. And you are part of that love. Every humble task that you accomplish is also a spiritually vivid and living task. There is nothing so humble that it does not sing of the beauty of the Creator. The ways of spirit are not the ways of humans. There is no measure for service. All services are equal. If you clean the bathroom with love in your heart, it is as much a service as if you heal or channel or teach with love in your heart and indeed if one who teaches or heals does not have love in her heart, you who clean the bathroom are serving more efficiently, more efficaciously and to a higher degree of beauty.”

Place on a massive billboard, flashing neon lights “The ways of spirit are not the ways of humans. There is no measure for service. All services are equal.”

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Q’uote of the Day
February 4th, 2002

"Although yours is the density of choice, yet also is there a level wherein all is one. And each choice that is made is far better served by preparatory time spent in the unitary and unified silence of your own heart, practicing the presence of the infinite Creator and allowing the questions in your heart simply to be so that you and the Creator and the questions with which you come rest all together, loved and loving, Creator known to created, created known to Creator. Each time that you come into this space, move into it with empty hands, for you know not what gifts the silence will bring you. You do not know what beasts, birds, winds and weathers may respond and come to bring you messages, giving eloquence to the silence and hints to the wise. "


Q’uote of the Day
November 28th, 2004

" …If you take [the] image of the self in the present moment as [a] coin and look to see what the heads and tails of that coin are, archetypically speaking it is very clear and shining in its simplicity. On one side is love, on the other side is fear. On the one side is expansion into an infinite present with infinite possibilities; on the other side is contraction into a knot and the determination that stems from that contraction to control, to be aggressive, and to make things safe. And this involves one in endless projections into the future and endless projections into the past in order to justify the projections into the future. "

This is because…
“Note that the energies of expansion are locked into the present moment. They do not drift into projections of the future or memories of the past. In the world of love, one begins with the knowledge that all is well. And this pulls one into focus in the center of the present moment. In truth, as we said earlier, it almost seems negligent or criminal within the society in which you find yourself to approach issues from a standpoint of love. It does not seem to be prudent or sensible to stay in the present moment and yet anything but the present moment is an illusion of mind. All that is truly yours to do with, to exert control over, or to make choices within is this present moment.”

You can however still project into the future. but be mindful of this example and discussion…

“We are not encouraging you to lose all fear in dangerous situations. We are not encouraging you to stop steering your car away from an oncoming vehicle simply because you are not afraid. We would encourage you to avoid the oncoming vehicle, certainly. It is at the level of being concerned the next time you get in your vehicle that this will happen again, that we encourage you to choose to trust the moment and not to project into an uncertain future. At this moment all is well and if you must look into the future then look with hope. Think to yourself, I might be surprised at how well this will go. Visualize positively, if you must go into the future and whenever possible we encourage you to remain at peace and at rest and very alert and watchful for the universe is speaking to you”


Q’uote of the Day
October 11th, 2008

“There will be times when it will seem that your energy body is ill. Let it be ill. Enter into the exhaustion, the depression, or whatever condition which is afflicting your energy body at a particular moment. It is not necessary to behave or to feel in a certain way. So often, spiritual students attempt to maintain a positive point of view on the level of behavior. They simply scoop the inconvenient emotions out of the way so that they will be able to perceive themselves as wise, metaphysically correct seekers.”

Well I would talk but will let the words do the talking instead…

"While we encourage you to tweak the thoughts as they come through you and to help yourself to find better versions of your own truth, we do encourage you, above all, to witness to your own truth, whatever that may be. If you are in a bad way it is not the end of the spiritual world.

And it is far better to allow yourself to heal, to move through that huge amount of catalyst that has somehow gotten stuck in your system, than to try to hurry it, even if you are feeling perfectly miserable. It is far better to allow the natural flow of your own energy body to move that through your system as it really feels to do without your asking your energy body to put a rush on it and to get rid of the feelings that you did not want."

There is medicine available too …

“Sometimes when you eat the wrong foods, you might take medicine to help yourself rebalance. Just so, when you have a case of spiritual indigestion it is very helpful to call upon your guidance and to ask for the help that is all around you. Your guidance is as near to you as your own heartbeat”

Most importance message tho is this “If you do not hang onto those emotions that are dark, they shall indeed wash through you” … basically love will always remain other emotions will always pass an are temporary even moreso if you do not hang onto them!

This is just a few facets…there are more tips about this in the transcript, about distilling experience from catalyst…

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Q’uote of the Day
February 10th, 2008

" This and every octave begins and ends in the Godhead principle of intelligent infinity resting, utterly asleep in the oneness of all. The vibration of love is all that there is, and yet it is not known to itself, for it is resting. Just as your heart, for one instant between each heartbeat, is at rest, so is the Creator’s heart at rest between creations, or between octaves.At the beginning of the octave, of which you are a part, the creation was resting in timelessness and spacelessness. By the agency of the first distortion of the Law of One, free will, the Creator decided once again to know Itself. And so it became potentiated into a Thought. And that Thought was full of the characteristic of the Creator, which is unconditional love.

And thus the greatest story is told…

Q’uote of the Day
September 17th, 2003

" The idea of forgiving the self is not to find a strand here and a strand there and a strand in the third place of perceived unforgiven self and pluck those out. It is to embrace such perceived moments with the hope of opening the self to the unity of that imperfection with the perfection it balances, so that you may see that you are not a “good” being and attempting to destroy the “bad” being that may exist beneath the floor of the “good” being. Rather, you are attempting to become a full, circular and robust self that knows its shadow side, knows its virtues and knows that neither is the true tale of the self but only the process that is occurring to allow the self to move ever deeper into that self, that interior road to the centre of self that lightens as it goes until, in the very center of self, in the heart of self, in the tabernacle of the Creator within the self, there is a stunning, flooding white light that melts every consideration and allows one to rest in adoration and faith. "

A powerful read, especially what it evokes when reading and leading up to this part
“n the tabernacle of the Creator within the self, there is a stunning, flooding white light that melts every consideration…”

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Q’uote of the Day
November 28th, 2004

“There is a true hope among your peoples that is growing daily for the energies of love and trust and peace to come swelling up like buds opening into flowers in spring. When each of you chooses love over fear, you start something happening in the unseen worlds. You create an energy that is compatible with fourth density. Each time you choose to trust, to love, to have forbearance and compassion, to see the other person’s point of view and truly walk in his shoes instead of your own, you are expanding the kingdom of fourth density right where you are. And the more people that begin consciously to do this, the faster this kingdom will expand.”


Q’uote of the Day
May 18th, 2003

“…Each of you is a very special and eccentric kind of “energy ball” that draws to it, because of its beauty, entities from the inner planes which [are] angelic, which wish to help. They wish to help with gifts of spiritual presence, inspiration, laughter, healing, and any number of invisible yet very real sub-rays of that sun of love, that Logos of unconditional and infinite love. They will not aid in doing more chores more quickly, but rather the help, when remembered, is as that blessing which pours like rain upon the thirsty soul, smoothing and washing away the corrosive acid of catalyst and offering the healing balm, the inner touch of that company which touches the heart, enters the heart, and settles there, spreading like the balm of Gilead the feeling that all is well; in the midst of this chaos, all is well.”

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Q’uote of the Day
March 29th, 2008

"Realization, on the other hand, is that moment out of time, or more accurately, in time/space, when an entity is able to realize and therefore move all of himself through the gateway to intelligent infinity so that he, in the most holistic sense, may be inspirited by or be filled with the truth. There are those who have moments of such realization and yet those moments pass. And there are those who enter that gateway of intelligent infinity never to return, in the sense that the impact of perfection is so powerful that a choice is made to live the life in this awareness even though, shall we say, the wiring of an entity living at this level of energy will burn out the physical body. It is not the goal of the higher self or the self outside incarnation to achieve realization. That is an object of desire which is chosen by those within incarnation and within that veil [of forgetting] which prevents them from knowing that all is truly one. "

Here is the next paragraph to reveal more…

“In terms of your soul-self, shall we say, or the self outside of incarnation, you see the incarnative period as a period of work; work on your balance and work to the service of the one infinite Creator. Outside of the veil, things look different enough that realization seems like the steady state and the incarnation is that wonderful time of unknowing when the entity sets about on the journey of faith.”

Take home message… well make most of this confusion and unknowing and what it offers in terms of learning.


Q’uote of the Day
April 25th, 2009

" …It is not the object or the purpose of spiritual seeking to ascertain understanding or to become an entity who knows the answers. Rather, spiritual seeking is a process which deepens one’s appreciation of the continuing and overwhelming mystery of the one infinite Creator. It is a process which deepens one’s ability to enjoy, not merely tolerate, the many paradoxes one finds within spiritual seeking. "


Q’uote of the Day
November 17th, 2018

“And thus, if you give your greatest effort to every situation in which you find yourself, you may find yourself rewarded with a blessing that is beyond your wildest dreams, shall we say. For all that you experience is experienced within an ambience of unity, seeing in your reality as separation, yet experienced at the heart of your being as unity. If you will give the greatest effort of your mind, your body, your spirit, and your emotions to process all of the catalyst that you receive in your daily round of activities, you will find a blessing that is the fruit of this effort.”

And just have to include the next part…
“The Law of Responsibility asks that each entity give the fullest respect and effort to each daily experience, to each entity that one meets and to the entity that you see in the mirror before you each day. You are all the One Creator in disguise. Your incarnation has, as its purpose, the removing of the disguise that you may see the One in all in every instance of your experience.”

Especially this " You are all the One Creator in disguise"… how heavy is your disguise :laughing:

Now just to lift this up higher… one more from RA
" Ra#95.24

The seeker which has purely chosen the service-to-others path shall certainly not have a variant apparent incarnational experience. There is no outward shelter in your illusion from the gusts, flurries, and blizzards of quick and cruel catalyst.

However, to the pure, all that is encountered speaks of the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. The cruelest blow is seen with an ambiance of challenges offered and opportunities to come. Thusly, the great pitch of light is held high above such an one so that all interpretation may be seen to be protected by light."

Now to wrap it up in a more functional perspective… aka gateway to intelligent infinity

"The one-pointed focus that allows the seeker of truth to attempt and eventually attain the activation of the indigo ray is a great and primary portion of this ability to activate the indigo ray, for its eventual activation itself [is] of the spirit, and uses this spirit as a shuttle for contact with the One Infinite Creator. However, we would also suggest that the indigo ray is the seat of that self which is the One Creator manifested as the creative power of Love. This, when realized fully within any seeker of truth, gives such seeker a sense of worth, of self-worth as you might say, that it is able to see itself as the One Creator, whole and perfect, worthy in every respect, in order to continue processing catalyst so that there is the gaining of the knowledge of the self at each lower energy center in a way in which these various aspects of the self are then put together in the indigo-ray energy center, so that there is, then, a wholeness of being experienced by the seeker of truth.

This, then, is the ultimate utilizations of the disciplines of the personality, for the personality is that which is adopted within each incarnational pattern as a means by which those preincarnative lessons have been programmed to color, in a certain fashion, according to the lessons deemed necessary for the incarnation by the self before the incarnation.

Thus, the disciplines of the personality are those practices that are utilized on a daily basis by each seeker of truth, first utilizing the analysis of the mind to begin the process of examining and processing all catalyst in order to eventually be able to store it as the experience that is utilized by the seeker of truth in the opening of the gateway to Intelligent Infinity"

Q’uote of the Day
August 25th, 2006

" …Within you lie rivers and oceans of purified emotion that constitute an archetypical world. You can touch into emotion that has moved through all of its more shallow expressions and into that which is beautiful and pure of its kind, leached of pity and impurity, sorrow and anger, until the emotion you experience is the essence of sorrow, the essence of pain, the essence of impatience.When you move into those archetypal rivers of purified emotion, you become more and more aware of what kind of being you are. What an exotic, complicated and unimaginably complex, multilayered being you are! It is stunning! And when you can see how stunning you are, you see that all of your imperfections add power. You begin to see how beautiful everyone else is because you have forgiven yourself for that imperfection. And now you are ready to see the beauty of everyone else too. "


Q’uote of the Day
November 28th, 2004

" …It is difficult to see how love and fear are two sides of the same coin…The coin itself, with love on one side and fear on the other, is you yourself and what you think is important. You are the treasure here. You are the coin of the realm, shall we say. You are a thing of infinite value and when you have a concern, if you reach, with hope and trust and faith, you are reaching into the qualities of love. If instead you approach your issue by contracting into worry and projection, then your choice is fear. Shall you expand around an issue or shall you contract around an issue? That is your choice. Note that the energies of expansion are locked into the present moment. They do not drift into projections of the future or memories of the past. In the world of love, one begins with the knowledge that all is well. And this pulls one into focus in the center of the present moment. "

Contracting or expanding, the telltale signs of when ones catalyst is making its appearance !