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Q’uote of the Day
February 18th, 1996

"The truth is that each has all of the available distortions within a vast memory that lies deep within the mind complex, and within this deep memory lie recollections of being many, many things, many plants, many animals, many minerals, elements and states, for this protean, plastic, endlessly reforming material that houses the energy that is consciousness is that which, like the various parts of the sea, may seem to split into this wave and that, this bubble and that froth, and yet it is all one. It is all the one water, and there is in truth no differentiation, and yet you have come out of that sea of consciousness. You have dressed yourself in a body of flesh and you have deliberately come into the land of the shadows, there to face the choices that a person of energy can make, for this energy comes to each as a gift of the one infinite Creator. "

Q’uote of the Day
December 30th, 1990

"How then should an entity which has found a personal truth, a personal path from the mundane to eternity, express itself in regard to other people? …One may give…presence, simply practicing the presence of the Creator within the self, and allowing the practice of that presence to shine forth so that those of any kind may sense that peace which is not the world’s, that joy which the world only knows as happiness, the palest shadow of joy, of love, indescribable, but quite clearly observable among those who would gaze at the face of one who truly loves. This is your greatest witness, it is your greatest help to your beloved people and to your planet as a whole, for the planet itself responds to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love. These are metaphysical vibrations as strong in mending the Earth as the pressure of tectonic plates is strong in mending the adjustment of the Earth in catastrophic style. "

This is showing how importance just your presence is with being of service… that radiation of love an joy , which maybe in the moment may reach out to you or inspire them in their own time to seek out more, That inner service is where the true value lies… now more on the outer here are some quotes from RA, especially this first one…

"89.30 Questioner: Would Ra’s attitude toward the same unharvestable entities be different at this nexus than at the time of harvest of third density?

Ra: I am Ra. Not substantially. To those who wish to sleep we could only offer those comforts designed for the sleeping. Service is only possible to the extent it is requested. We were ready to serve in whatever way we could. This still seems satisfactory as a means of dealing with other-selves in third density. It is our feeling that to be each entity which one attempts to serve is to simplify the grasp of what service is necessary or possible."

"102.11 Questioner: Now, is there— the two areas then that the instrument can look to for curing this problem… I understand that the yellow-ray blockage problem has completely repaired, shall I say. If this is not correct, could you make suggestions on that, please?

Ra: I am Ra. Each entity must, in order to completely unblock yellow ray, love all which are in relationship to it, with hope only of the other-selves’ joy, peace, and comfort."

For the unpolarized entity the considerations are random and most likely in the direction of the distortion towards comfort.

89.29 Questioner: What was the attitude just prior to harvest of those harvestable entities of Ra with respect to those who were obviously unharvestable?

Ra: I am Ra. Those of us which had the gift of polarity felt deep compassion for those who seemed to dwell in darkness. This description is most apt as ours was a harshly bright planet in the physical sense. There was every attempt made to reach out with whatever seemed to be needed. However, those upon the positive path have the comfort of companions and we of Ra spent a great deal of our attention upon the possibilities of achieving spiritual or metaphysical adepthood, or work in indigo ray, through the means of relationships with other-selves. Consequently, the compassion for those in darkness was balanced by the appreciation of the light."

Whenever reading this quote that part on RA an adept-hood can feel something so profound … for long time now but heart wont give signal to mediate on it further yet Logical analysis instead given their harvest and large amount of seekers it must have been such a special time to behold and be apart of.


Q’uote of the Day
April 14, 1996

“No one is “worthy” if worthy means that one has accomplished a certain number of understandings so that one is able to pass the final test. None, by learning, no matter how abstruse, shall be able to accept fullness of light through knowledge. None is worthy to enter into fuller experience and larger life by what striving that entity has done. It is also very important that each realize that beyond and throughout all illusions that each entity is perfect. Each entity is loved by the Creator. Every iota of flesh, every thought, every emotion is loved, accepted and forgiven by Love Itself. So there the human experience balances between complete unworth and complete worth. Between is that pathless path which each seeker treads.“


Q’uote of the Day
July 23, 1989
" …There is destiny, let us say, but there is not predestination, that is, in no way is an entity’s life fixed. It is malleable as a soft piece of new clay. The entity begins the incarnation forgetful entirely of all its good reasons for choosing this parent, that sibling, this situation, that relationship. Rather than wasting the time of pondering these things, we might suggest that it is an act of faith to trust that whatever is happening at the moment is what should be happening at the moment, and the only important thing is that you approach the moment with the resonance of eternity within your consciousness so that the mundane and grimy world cannot touch the light being that you are, nor can it touch your ability to act as a channel for love and light to those who suffer in one way or another.

Hmm did not post here is yesterdays…


Q’uote of the Day
January 3rd, 1999

" Know this, just as love casts out fear, love casts out guilt. To remove guilt from oneself it is not enough to do all that one can. It helps to do all that one can, for that surely is enough, but, emotionally speaking, enough is never enough. There is always more that one might be able to do: one more cheek that can be turned; one more mile that can be walked in another’s shoes; one more activity that can be helpful, or the refraining from one more activity that might be helpful. There is no logical end to guilt. It is not subject to logic. It is, instead, a tone in the music of the emotional body. However, this tone can be worked with musically…by prayer, silence, singing and praise. So the seeker can tune the purity of that emotion called guilt, combing from it the less beautiful pithiness of fear and self-condemnation and bringing more and more into focus by an increasing array of verniers that tune ever more finely until that feeling of guilt is as a beautiful tone, a beautiful and true emotion. "

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Q’uote of the Day
July 21st, 1991

" …Within your heavy, chemical, third-density illusion, what you see as your physical vehicle is seen by us basically as large quantities of water with some few chemicals in them, an ingenious design, indeed, but a second-density one. Yet, this second-density entity knows in every cell of its vehicle, “I AM,” for it blooms just as a flower does. You, in your second-density body, are so beautiful! The Creator has made all things well and this includes you.Thus, your relationship with this physical vehicle need not be one of scorn but one of thankfulness and praise, for this second-density entity could have had a perfectly good instinctual life of its own…Treasure this entity that carries you about. Nurture it; love it; pamper it. Be a good boss to it, and know that there is a wisdom in every cell of that second-density body that your consciousness, infinite though it may be, is blocked from seeing because of the veil of forgetting between the conscious and the subconscious mind. "


Q’uote of the Day
March 6th, 2005

" …We would say that you must follow the path of greatest resonance. If there is a master who resonates to you so much that you wish to follow in the footsteps of that master, then you will take a certain path towards guidance. If you find that you are more comfortable following the chain of coincidences, of those things that speak to you from day-to-day, then life itself becomes the messenger of guidance. And, in many cases, by the simple discipline of beginning to record one’s dreams or one’s thoughts after meditation, one is able to gain access to that web of love and support that is all around you and waiting with the greatest of eagerness and joy for the opportunity to be heard. "

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Q’uote of the Day
December 26th, 2009

" The nature of all that is not the one original Thought is to be distorted. Distortion is not a bad word. Distortion is not an insulting word. There is distortion in all manifestation, even the highest and best you can imagine. If there were no distortion, there would be no creation, for the creation itself, in its manifested aspect, is a series of nested distortions. Thusly, one is not attempting to remove distortion completely, but rather to allow it to become more coherent; to change stuttering and muddy colors to laser lights and jewels. "

This will be shown in the next quote but first this sums up the path…

"As the spiritual seeker becomes more mature, each experience is another opportunity to work with a surface emotion and to refine or purify that emotion by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling, without judgment, without asking the self to be one who feels only the positive emotions. Each emotion starts out, in the immature entity, as that which is confused and chaotic and has a high degree of static or noise as opposed to signal.

Here is where its at… “Consequently, as a spiritual seeker, each time an emotion arises you are working to feel it without shrinking from it or reaching towards it, the goal being not to do anything with the emotion except to allow it to sink into the consciousness of the present moment.”


Q’uote of the Day
November 12th, 1995

" As you learn to work with your own moods without judgment, without reproach, but with love and patience, so you shall begin to learn peace, for peace is not the removal of all that is not peaceful. Peace within is a fruit of regular, repeated, consistent and thoroughgoing willingness to experience the self as the self and to regard it with love, for all things in their time shall certainly occur within you. The best and the hardest of experiences alike shall come to you and flow through you and recede at last. And so the surface shall always be confused to some extent, but it is in the grounds of your being that the work you wish to do shall be done. Be patient in that work. Be quiet when you try to judge. Remember, and refrain. And as you find charity for yourself, so shall you be able to be part of the good in other people’s experience. The peace begins within. "


Q’uote of the Day
May 16th, 2002

"…The purpose of…dreams is to speak to the self concerning the self. Consequently, each figure, each detail, each process within the dream is the self. There is no need to seek far for who these characters are, for they are all the self. It is as though each entered a world, within dreaming, where everything was a symbol that is used because it is the closest construction to create a precise shade of feeling that can be found by the ever-creative subconscious mind in its great desire to communicate its essence to the conscious self.

90.14 it (archetypical mind) may be seen as one of the roots of mind, not the deepest but certainly the most informative in some ways

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Q’uote of the Day
March 18th, 2001

"…[An] aspect of being a wanderer, which is common to those from elsewhere and to those who are native to the Earth sphere, is the enormous yearning to serve. And we say to each that the main service of each of you is the service of being yourself. For when you are most truly and deeply yourself, when your heart is open and vibrating in its fullness, you become a crystal capable of receiving energy, transmuting energy and releasing energy into the Earth’s sphere. Many of you from other planets have come here specifically to do this. It is a simple process. You breathe in. You breathe out. You allow the truth to flow through you. You allow the infinite supply of energy that is the love of the Creator to flow through your energetic system and out into the Earth planes, and as you bless this process, encourage it, you intensify and enhance those vibrations that move into the Earth plane. "

An that my friends is that art of service…


91.20 Without potentiation the conscious mind has no inwardness.

Q’uote of the Day
September 28th, 1986

" …Many entities, having made contact with a consciousness of love, are then capable of keeping that relationship with direct perception of the Creator as a part of the point of view which is used to evaluate all those things within the illusion. May we suggest that this is indeed a worthwhile process. It will intensify experience from the point of view of generating more catalyst for your heart to digest than meditation in a cave would. "

An here is number #111 tip of spiritual seeking…
Do break it up tho… the first element needed before that tip is being centered in love, energy is flowing in sufficient amount to the heart/green ya energy center.
Having the resting in the indigo or beyond yes has its merits in deep meditation in the cave and mountain top world… Or a house :wink: Having that same mentality of creator then going about in the world… So go dig up the precious catalyst, mine that ore… alchemy to gold ahh an feel refreshed and anew

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Q’uote of the Day
January 11, 1987

“We might suggest that the aura, as you have called it, is a reflection, shall we say, not only of an entity’s current ability to blend mind, body and spirit in its present incarnation, but is also a reflection of an entity’s seeking throughout its entire series of incarnational experiences so that that quality which you call the soul brings into incarnation certain abilities and propensities that then become the foundation, shall we say, of the current incarnation’s study. Therefore, when one looks upon the manifestation known as the aura, one may see a register of a seeker’s current and previous attempts to blend the evolution of mind, body and spirit.”

Well while on the topic of auras, here is some more detailed information for those interested

" N

Well, now I’ve got some questions to follow J’s. Thank you very much, Latwii. About the aura. The chakras, then, help determine the auric range, and does the aura extend as we have been told, twenty-five feet around a person so that others may see it that have that capability, and did I understand you to say that if certain chakras aren’t balanced, then one chakra may add a significant red or yellow or orange glow, when otherwise it… Well, I don’t really understand how I’m asking the question. But the chakras do influence the aura?


I am Latwii, and am aware of your queries, my brother. To begin, the thickness, shall we say, of the auric energy field about any entity is variant and unique to each entity. There are various portions of the aura which are discernible to those with the finer sight that extend for even greater distances than the twenty-five feet which you have mentioned. The activity within any chakra or energy center lends a hue or coloration to a certain portion of the auric field. There is a portion of each entity’s aura which records and illustrates the entity’s unique balance between mind, body and spirit. This portion of an entity’s aura, therefore, is that portion which those known as healers may read in order to ascertain the relative health, as you would call it, of any particular entity."


An another piece of information on an auric envelope…

" Fox

I have one that is sort of related to that. When we come fully into fourth density, I wonder will our auras become one aura on the planet? The people—the mind/body/spirit auras?


I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. A portion of the experience for each seeker that is able to make the graduation into the fourth density of love and understanding, is to have the aura, as you call it, expand in a fashion which joins with others of the same vibratory level, to form an auric envelope, shall we say, of what you may call the social memory complex. Thus, each entity within the social memory complex adding to the overall vibratory nature of this complex, its own experience of each lifetime, including this lifetime, so that there is a vibratory representation of all efforts at seeking the One Infinite Creator that blend in an harmonic fashion, that allows the social memory complex to have a, what you would call a “data bank” of information upon which it may call at any time within your social memory complex’s experience, where there is the desire to serve in a certain fashion, other selves who call for the services that are possible to offer according to the makeup of the social memory complex."


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Q’uote of the Day
April 14th, 2006

“Before you arise from your bed, call for help. Your guidance system cannot begin to act actively in your life unless you call it, not just once but every day and every moment.”

A short quote today… why not add a bonus section in? Feel free to read!

Now given the subject of this transcript… just have to include this story which is probably among one of my favourites of that particular entity whom you may have heard of :laughing:

" We would offer one figure before taking further queries. This instrument attended one of its Holy Week services yesterday evening. This particular service was devoted to focusing upon an evening meal held in an upper room tended by thirteen men, including Jesus the Christ.

During this meal the one known as Jesus offered two mandates as suggestions for loving each other. His first suggestion is memorialized in what this instrument calls the Holy Eucharist. The teacher known as Jesus took bread, the common, ordinary bread that was the substance of the night’s meal. He blessed it. He broke it. And he shared it with all who were at the table.

And he said, “When you break bread, do it in remembrance of me.”

And he took the wine, which was their common drink, blessed it and poured it out, sharing it completely with those present.

Again, the one known as Jesus said, “When you drink, do this in remembrance of me.”

A second mandate, as a teacher that evening, as recorded in your holy work known as the Bible, was to ask those present to remove their sandals so that he could wash their feet. The one known as Peter at first refused, for he felt that it was far too humble a task for a teacher to offer to his students.

But the one known as Jesus said, “Unless I wash you, you shall not be clean.” And so Peter immediately said, “Then, Lord, wash all of me.” The one known as Jesus said, “You are clean and yet it does not hurt to wash the dust of the day off your feet.”

Having washed the disciples’ feet, he said to them, “If I am your teacher and I wash your feet, then perhaps you may see your way clear to washing each others’ feet.”

The one known as Jesus seldom spoke directly. However, you may see his intention was to indicate not only the value of service to others but also the value of absolute humility.

We ask all of those who find themselves wise and who know themselves clever, has it helped you to love? Has it opened your heart? We have often spoke through this instrument of the most difficult journey an entity such as those you have described will ever make. That journey is the fourteen or so inches from your head to your heart."

Its the classic foot washing example that stands out for myself… a truly inspiring act of love beyond words :purple_heart:

Further to the topic of the transcripts…

"The chief stumbling block to one overbalanced in wisdom is a basic attitude with which this instrument is familiar that she calls pride. When she sees this element of character within herself, she confesses her pride.

However, we would perhaps use the term arrogance rather than pride. In pride, there is a conscious element: one is proud of something. There is a quantitative aspect to this concept of emotive structure. We do not wish to indicate that there is any conscious aspect to the structure involved in those who are wise at the expense of love. Therefore, we suggest the term arrogance, for arrogance is an unconscious attribute carried by those who are aware of the efficacy of their thinking processes."

Now take that last sentence an sprinkle and mix this into it…
“We would say to those whose profile matches this distortion that it is time to become willing to be grounded in humility.”

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Q’uote of the Day
February 27th, 2010

“There is a kind of indignation one might feel, and as we have gone through our own development, we certainly have felt it. Why must there be such a deep illusion? Why can we not simply know that we are love and all other selves are love? Yet, were we to know our true identity, what would there be to learn that was new? Consequently, you may see yourself as an explorer moving through the very winding and sometimes adventurous paths of your incarnation, gathering information with your mind and with your heart and seeking for the essence of yourself through paying attention to your desires and following them.”

Now here is a discussion on the thoughts of the intellect(eg analyses and uses logic and compares and or thoughts of the heart(which come to you in intuitions, emotions, feelings and insights.)- the next part after will then connect this back to desire talked about in the daily quote.

On quality of thoughts of the heart and thoughts of intellect
"The intellect needs to be in harness with the mind of your heart, that energy within you that is stayed on love.

You may think to yourself, “But my heart is not always stayed on love. There are many feelings that come from my heart that do not seem to be full of love. They seem to be full of grief, sorrow, anger and fear.” We can only encourage you to persist in paying attention to your feelings. And as you honor them and allow them their sway within your process, you will find that you are able to let those feelings go down into parts of you that are as the refining fire that purifies even the most dark feelings, gradually, over a period of time in your incarnation, until you are as supple and understanding with your feelings as you are with your intellectual processes."

That last sentence especially… its take time have patience in the process particularly if you had a much more rational way of thinking of living before starting the seeking…
Feelings run much deeper and subtler that what the intellect may think :wink:

How to …
"Anything benefits from honest, sincere attention. And in order to create the most supple, flexible, useful quality of thought on an ongoing basis, you yoke your feelings and your intellect together while you, having the reins, encourage them to work together.

One way to get them to work together is to become silent, so that neither your intellect nor your feelings are being stimulated but you are simply being. This state, whether it is [sought] in a nature walk or in silent meditation in the more formal forms of meditation, or in however you wish to enter the silence, tends to reset and refresh both the intellect and the intuition, so that you may have a better and better experience with your own internal process of thought and feeling.

We do not encourage you to pull hard on the reins, so that you are controlling these processes too much. A light but firm hand on the reins is that which we would recommend, so that not only do your thoughts not carry you away, but also your feelings do not carry you away. Rather, you are in the driver’s seat and able to moderate and pay attention to all that is occurring inwardly as you go."

Now after quality, to attachment of thoughts…

" You are not your thoughts, nor are you your feelings. You are the entity, part of the Godhead principle, who is witnessing these thoughts and feelings and who, from these thoughts and these feelings, develops desires. And when you have identified a desire, you have the capacity to follow that desire, to set an intention concerning that desire, so that you may experience that which you desire. As you experience that which you desire, the Creator learns about Itself. Thus, all that you think and all that you feel is good in that it is grist for the mill of your witness. It is grist for the mill of your choices. It is grist for the mill of that which you learn as you follow your desires. However, to be attached either to a thought or a feeling is to allow that thought or that feeling to ride you. And since both thoughts and feelings have an energy which is not part of the most basic quality of your being, such attachment will not serve you while you are being driven by a thought or feeling, in terms of your being a witness to and a generator of the process of discovering that which you truly desire and then following the path of resonance which your attention and witnessing have created."

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… (its funny how just by putting something in caps lock the difference it makes… an feels when doing it )

“And this is the meaning of your incarnation, the reason you are here: to give love, to receive love, to share being the one infinite Creator with each other, and to rest as a being of love in the arms of love.”

Well this next one goes hand in hand…

“Follow the path of resonance in your mind and in your heart. Those paths will lead you to choice after choice where you may be either forgiving or judgmental, where you may either love or fear. And each time that you choose compassion, forgiveness and love, you move closer to the heart of who you are, closer to that ground of being which is the Creator.”

A transcript that has a plethora of great quotes…

Its interesting in the question and answer session…

“I have a question, Q’uo. If a seeker has a desire to seek beyond the veil, to pierce the illusion of third density, by an out-of-body experience for example, can you comment on how such an experience would affect the growth opportunity that we’re given in third density? By having such an experience it seems as though it could give fuel to the seeking or help energize and validate the seeking. But it seems as though it’s counterintuitive to the whole concept of the veil and the opportunity that we have as a result of being veiled.”

“Indeed, the purest path is that of faith and does not require validating by other phenomena in order to create the impetus for the movement of spirit.”
Translation… Are you doing this or other spiritual techniques for validation or for intention.

There also within that Q & A a discussion on the practice of counting your blessing with children … an using names of power

Lastly on the use of phenomenon… you still can do and there are benefits just be mindful of the following:
“Thusly, you may see that the trick of using phenomena is in retaining the polarity that you wish to retain, while experiencing that phenomena of which you may be curious.”

I am very thankful for this discussion, most importantly on the thoughts of heart and intellect, synchronistic indeed!

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Q’uote of the Day
December 23rd, 2001

“No one within your sphere is truly fearless in all ways, but it is well gently but determinedly to work on that fear, work on those separating emotions and realize that all actions expressed lovingly are metaphysically correct. It is not possible often within the Earth planes to make a pure choice because the physical vehicle won’t stand it or the budget won’t stand it, or the family won’t stand it, or something will fall apart that you wish to keep together if you pursue a totally pure path of light. As we said, there are times when one must make decisions that do not seem particularly loving. But if they are made carefully, thoughtfully, and because of love then we say that is excellent work. It might not be right, but it is not important to be right. It is important to be loving. So attempt to be right. Attempt to run that ship that you have. But attempt more to open the heart to love.”

A reality check quote today :wink:


Q’uote of the Day
September 18th, 1994

" …Before an incarnation the self remembers that incarnations are more difficult than they seem beforehand, but just as the student remembers the joy of learning and forgets some of the agony of change involved in learning and adopting amended ideas, so each has an element of surprise and even betrayal. Each argues to some extent with the judgment of that higher self that chose these lessons."

All is well…

" I am Ra. We leave you in appreciation of the circumstances of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm. We are also players upon a stage. The stage changes. The acts ring down. The lights come up once again. And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the One Infinite Creator. All is well. Nothing is lost. Go forth rejoicing in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the One Infinite Creator. I am Ra. Adonai."

Well lets hammer it home with the big Law of One quote… one of the centerpieces even? Yes probably.

" The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name, as you call vibratory sound complexes, may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. "

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Q’uote of the Day
May 13th, 1990

"We ask you to consider with us an impossible-seeming concept. This is not your first creation, nor will it be your last. You are the first children of the one infinite Creator, created before time and space. You are timeless, you are spaceless, and you are each unique. We are aware that this is not an easy concept to grasp. Where is the memory of all this creation? Where is the buried treasure of this infinite beingness? Where is any awareness whatsoever of this situation? You are not aware of this situation in the same way that you are not aware of the energy fields of your body, of each atom and its paths of energy that hold it together in a field, of each combination of atoms into molecules, of all the fields that interact with each other to form the complex of your physical vehicle, of all the time/space fields of energy that create your mind in such and such a way. Have you any awareness of all this activity? No, my friends, you have not. It is not your business. It is not your purpose. "

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