Can someone leap forward through densities in a single human (3D) life?

I was thinking about the Buddha and the many who followed in his footsteps. Might be have traversed across multiple densities in one human life?

I have been pondering for some time how direct a path a soul might take to Source. Ra teaches that third density tends to take so long and forth much longer, sixth much longer than that… But what if a soul chooses in every thought and action to step towards the light? How direct a path could they take?

I have thought about souls fast tracking third density if they leverage the innocence of a soul who has just recently been second density, and they reach out to higher density angelic entities from the beginning. Could they pass from second-density to fourth-density with very little third density in between?

Likewise, could someone like the Buddha move forward so directly, that he plows through the higher vibrations and reaches seventh density very quickly?

I feel like the Buddha had some very intense, very high level wisdom, such that any catalyst could come to him, and he would remain joyful due to the higher perspective he had reached. It would allow him to spend time with any low vibration soul, who might be attracting all sorts of unpleasant catalyst, and not have his vibration lowered even one iota. He would truly be “above it all” and walk through the worst dystopia like it was heaven itself, and still be fully aware of all the conditions and actions being taken around him, understanding why those souls are where they are, and what he could do or say that would give them the best chance of raising their vibration? The Buddha could be endlessly compassionate, because he could spend the day, the week, the year, with the most tedious or unpleasant person, fully understand them, and not lower their vibration at all. The soul work that could be done in such a circumstance!!

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Buddha might have been a real wanderer… and come from an already higher density… :wink:

What you offer might be possible, except that … the soul may regulate her own efforts about her own evolution and see the beauty of the journey however long and arduous it may be :kite:


Siddhartha was born in extreme riches, son of a king.
Thus by birth, all of the catalysts makes him joyful, to the extent that he does not recognize what is joy since his initial catalyst does not contain the opposite (not joyful a.k.a suffering).

His most important catalyst is actually when he encountered not joyful a.k.a suffering.
Which lead him to his spiritual journey, which also contain a lot of suffering, as to understand suffering one need to experience it. Up to the extent his journey makes him abandon his extreme riches, his family expectation (father, mother, wife, son), his father wants him to become a king and expand his kingdom instead he chose to become an ascetic and abandon it all.

We don’t know what kind of past lives this entity named Siddhartha had before that makes him easily abandoned all of potential attachments. Yet somehow he did, as if he knew that power, riches, family and even Siddhartha as identity is a hindrance to his spiritual journey.

A person who associates himself with certain views, considering them as best and making them supreme in the world, he says, because of that, that all other views are inferior; therefore he is not free from contention (with others).
– Siddhartha


Anything Buddha can do, I can do better;
I can do anything better than “Bu.”

~Annie Get Your Gun

Sorry, I could not resist this.


I think 4th density is Nirvana. You don’t have to reincarnate in 3D if you make 4th density.

such a great reminder of someone I once knew before

Your question seems to be asking if you can move quickly though multiple densities during this lifetime. I believe this answer to be, “anything’s possible, but likely not.” This belief stems from a few points of reasoning.

Ra mentions that an individual may instantly graduate should they sufficiently discover the One Infinite Creator within themselves. That graduation is presumably from third density to fourth density. At that instant, third density will therefore cease, and you will move to fourth density. According to Ra, an individual will then need to learn the intensive lessons of love, wisdom, and their balance in the respective fourth, fifth, and sixth densities.

However, your question is about passing right through fourth and fifth and going all the way up to, say, sixth density, or even higher. As always, since All is One, anything is possible. However, the willpower and specific mindset required to attain what you’re describing is, to my knowledge, exceedingly uncommon.

And even then, isn’t such a desire a bit self-serving? Some video games contain glitches which let players clip through walls, allowing one to acquire weapons and progress through the game faster. However, this approach sometimes caused issues; for example, maybe you didn’t get an item you needed, so you had to follow the normal progression anyways. While one can argue that using such “shortcuts” is valid because, after all, it’s part of the overall game, others may argue that it’s “cheating” because you’re exploiting imperfections (this is why video game speed runs are separated between regular and “glitch” runs, but I digress.)

My general point is, you might first examine, perhaps in meditation, exactly why you want to immediately return to Source without following the path of progression designed by the Logos. Basically, what’s the rush? :slight_smile:

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You misunderstand, I do not desire this. I want to know if it is possible.

I do not think it would be self-serving to do it. If a soul did take that direct path, it would be because that is the authentic path of that soul.

I like knowing it is possible, because it opens the vistas to me of what is possible. My intention at this time is to be a vibrational match for fourth density. I am not there yet. Every day I do whatever I can to let go of what is not a match and to take action on the which brings me closer.

I believe that ascending to fourth density is a group activity. It would be rare for it to happen alone. Part of the ascension is the love relationship with others and the offering of service that helps them ascend also.


Using the metaphor of ‘video game’, the video game is designed to have no end state within the game. The only way to ‘end’ is to exit the video game. The player can do that once it let go / release all form of attachment on the video game. Not even a curiosity to what will happened if I did this or that in the game.
And once the player exit the game, it will realize that it is actually the programmer of the game and also all the players and aspects inside the game. Even the game’s time and space is inside the player /programmer.

The players, whatever action that it took, is serving the programmer and the programmer is serving the players. Yet the programmer and the players is actually the same person.

As such; the state of “Nirvana” (meaning: Blowing Out) is correlated with Ra/Quo’s 8th density. The ultimate letting go, letting go from all form of attachment that keep the desire to play in the game / incarnating within the game.

4th density realm is like ‘level / dimension’ within the game, a ‘loka’ in Siddharta’s terminology. There are many lokas each offering it’s own unique experiences. For those who love to shoot each other’s head, there are Battlefield / Call Of Duty like Lokas where they can enjoy such experience.

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48.10 Questioner: Could you tell me how the various bodies, red through violet, are linked to the energy center, centers, red through violet? Are they linked in some way?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working.

As we have noted, each of the true-color densities has the seven energy centers and each entity contains all this in potentiation. The activation, while in yellow ray, of violet-ray intelligent infinity is a passport to the next octave of experience. There are adepts who have penetrated many, many of the energy centers and several of the true colors. This must be done with utmost care while in the physical body for as we noted when speaking of the dangers of linking red/orange/yellow circuitry with true-color blue circuitry the potential for disarrangement of the mind/body/spirit complex is great. However, the entity who penetrates intelligent infinity is basically capable of walking the universe with unfettered tread.

Definition of 8th density according to Quo, matches well with the definition of Nirvana (Blowing Out / Un-Binding)

When the lessons of unity have been completed, then it is that entities move into the seventh density, that gateway density of foreverness which allows the movement towards the complete reunification with the one Creator which is completed within the eighth density, as you would call it, thus completing the great cycle of experience, with all experiences gained by each entity offered to the Creator as means by which the Creator has been able to know Itself offered as that which shall become the seeds for the next great octave of experience.

The eighth density is the complete reunification with the one Creator, and is seen by your physicists and astronomers as that which is called the black hole, for within this level of being, all experience, all light, all matter, all of creation is indrawn into the one Creator, so that the fruits of the great journey may be gathered and become the foundation for the further experience and expression of the one Creator.

Vaguely I recalled a writing in one of Buddhist temple in Indonesia that I’ve visited, reciting the life story of Siddhartha, where upon his end of life incarnation (physical death), Siddhartha goes on to 3 “lokas” before reaching the state of Nirvana. But I can’t find such references online to quote… One of the loka that I can still recall is called “Deva-Loka”.

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Deva Loka would be the sixth celestial world, or sphere of the sky, between the Earth Loka and the Brahma Loka.

A place of endless light… Gods and Devas reside there, rigtheousness, andblissful existence that you can reach once you have attuned yourself enough to good and light. in hinduism… :wink:

The Lokas would be. Bhuvar, Mahar, Jana, Indra, Rudra and Marut

Those would be the 7 higher worlds and there are 7 lower as well, or ‘underwolds’.

Yes and Quo/Ra and friends gave more clarity that “higher” and “lower” here are in terms of vibrational frequency, light / electro magnetical frequency.

Brahmaloka might correlate with 6th / 7th density realm in Ra/Quo depiction.
Where time / space no longer exist in linear manner, where all timelines are available for consciousness unit to experience.

As such that each of you is already there, as time is also an illusion. That ‘unit of you’ in 6th density is mentioned as ‘magical personality’ / ‘higher self’ in Ra/Quo depiction. The closest concept in Buddhism/Hinduism that correlate with higher self is Atman.

Thus back to the main question, is it possible for an entity to leap through densities after the conclusion of 3rd density experience? Then the answer is definitely possible. It relates to how close the entity realized that it’s actually a virtual / illusionary concept or in other words less or no attachment even to the identity.

Another easier way to explain this is by using the metaphor of Consciousness is like air and Entity / Identity is like an air bubble. The air is infinite has no border and by blowing the air into the bubble, a unit of air is now become finite / contained in the bubble and has border. The bubble can split and become smaller bubbles or merging together to become bigger bubble. Yet in the end each bubble will pop and releasing the contained air to rejoin the all infinite / un-bordered air.
Now is it possible for a smaller bubble to pop sooner in relative to bigger bubbles?
Yes it’s possible, it depends more on the ‘thickness’ of the bubble’s wall, and not the size of it, the thinner the wall the easier it will be to pop. This wall is a metaphor for ‘strength of attachment’.


love your view, Quid


In theory I think It could be possible but it’s not recommended, in practicality not probable. It would require letting go of any interest and desire in experiencing universe through form. And we have usually unconscious and subconscious desires to experience the world that usually are dropped after having the life you wanted to experience. You can’t just tell yourself “Ok, I’m dropiing all desires”, because all of your being knows it’s not true. The more incarnations, the more spiritual mass we gather making it more relevant for 7th density self-realization to occur just like stars after gathering enough mass become black holes. But there are also very small black holes in universe. To create a black hole it’s more about compressing enough mass in space, so I think analogically 3rd density entity even though it doesn’t have a lot of spiritual mass, with enough determination it could focus so much on the “self” by dropping all desire for future incarnations that 7 density realization would occur. But why do it if you will experience next creation in next octave anyway, so it could happen only if you truly didn’t like the way universe is organised in this octave to skip everything.

By becoming no-thing one will become every-thing.
Once it become every-thing then no-thing is actually being ‘skipped’.

Using the soap bubble metaphor, at the essence of any bubble is air, regardless of the size.
It’s the bubble that (virtually and temporarily) makes the infinite / border-less air to be finite, bordered and separated by the bubble’s wall.
By bursting the bubble the contained / finite air will then become infinite air again, as the ‘wall’ that separate the finite / contained air inside the bubble with the infinite air has been broken / destroyed.

Yes it’s easier to burst the bigger bubble in comparison to smaller bubble, but not because it’s ‘bigger’, but because the wall of the bubble has become thin, thus easier to burst.

“There are two elements at work when you are working upon polarity. One is faith, one is desire. Look to your desire that it may be of the highest and the best that you know. Look to the true and the good and the beautiful and hew as best you can to the high road, keeping in mind always that it is intention, not manifestation, that is important in the metaphysical universe of time/space. Keep in mind that it is faith that you are attempting to express in your life and in your being. Faith does not make sense. Faith gives one no avenue to pride. Faith seems to be the slenderest of all reeds to cling to, and yet the soul who lives by faith, the spirit who clings to faith, the one who refuses to let it go, is that spirit which shall achieve advances in polarity, and this is an achievement that redounds not to the incarnational self alone but to the eternal and infinite self.” – Q’uo


This is one of my very favorite Q’uo quotes.! I first ran into it in Gary Bean’s “Concept Guide” at the final part of his chapter on Faith.)

Those of us who feel we are both blessed (and so etimes it feels like being cursed) with a driving mission so insistent we can’t ignore it will find that living by Faith is the only way to peace in the midst of inevitable stumbles.

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