Belief In Healing

It is not at all necessary for an entity who is being healed to believe that anything is occurring. However, it is necessary for the entity to accept the new configuration of energy. Some entities are completely able to do this without believing at all in the entire exercise. They are able to say, “Given that such a thing occurred, then I accept the healing.” It is not belief that is necessary, but the willingness to accept a new environment that is required.

The above is taken from a Sunday meditation, May 28, 2006

My understanding of “believe” makes this quote confusing.

If someone does not believe at all in healing how can they be healed? Isnt that a form of rejection, in which case they would not be accepting.

Or is Quo meaning that they dont have to believe that a specific healing is taking place for them, that they just choose as an act of faith to receive the healing?

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AAR, I wonder if it is not more about the different planes existing in each entity. As, the mind plane, where belief is not accepted versus the spiritual plane of the entire complex of the soul who has already accepted the healing in the process if its own growth and creation. ?


Its about free will.

The role of the healer is to offer an opportunity for realignment or aid in realignment of either energy centers or some connection between the energies of mind and body, spirit and mind, or spirit and body. This latter is very rare.

The seeker will then have the reciprocal opportunity to accept a novel view of the self, a variant arrangement of patterns of energy influx. If the entity, at any level, desires to remain in the configuration of distortion which seems to need healing it will do so. If, upon the other hand, the seeker chooses the novel configuration , it is done through free will.

Perhaps the greatest healer is within the self and may be tapped with continued meditation as we have suggested.

Flofrog, I’m not quite sure I follow…

Mrwho, yes, for sure about free will. But I have always had the understanding that if a person does not reach out in “faith” so to speak, for the offering of healing it will not occur for them.

I suppose I see it as either passive or active participation in the healing.

So, if a person who is seeking healing is passive like “I’m not sure if this is going to work or not, I’m not sure if I even believe in this stuff or not, maybe it will happen, maybe it wont.” It seems to make sense to me that the chances of healing for this passive person are greatly reduced.

But if a person actively participates like “I’m letting go of attachment to the outcome, but at the same time I am setting an intention to be the best accepter/receiver I can be by allowing this offering to work in me.” It seems like that person has much better chances of the healing taking place.

I am open to other thoughts of course.


I was just wondering if there are not cases where healing takes place, even if belief in it is rejected by the mind, but healing being desired by the subconscious mind and accepted there. The soul accepting the healing. It’s just a thought …

My thoughts on this would be that since the thoughts of our mind are frequencies, if a person had a vibratory field that was of disbelief, the frequency of healing would not be able to penetrate through it as is like a block. The disbelief, I feel, would be like a closed down heart center, not leaving room for much possibility and certainly not open…

I am under the impression that for healing to take place, a person must at least open themself up to that possibility of their own free will with specific intention rather than the energy of “I’m not sure if I believe this”.

In your example, if someone was healed in that manner, wouldn’t it be a surprise to them and happen kind of unexpectedly?

Or…now that I am thinking about it…maybe it is possible that a healing might take place because of the soul accepting it, and it would be meant for a sort of catalyst for awakening because nothing else is waking up the mind…

I still think though, that in general, there must be some kind of invitation and acceptance in faith, even if there is doubt present. An outright rejecting and disbelief of the possibility of healing and then being healed anyway seems like an infringement of free will.


I think you are very right though… the closing of the mind to it would be a strong free will choice.

I have often, thinking of some people I loved, looked at the weight depression might have had, keeping off someone having access to hope and creating change


I was looking at the archives of Bring4th for the word emotion which appears in another query here, but I fell ( by chance ? lol ). on this quite wonderful post, on healing, by a member who was in fact new to the LoO. I am copying his post, which was public then, but which I found so interesting and so moving, and… sort of lyrical too. It’s a bit long, forgive me…

" Interesting topic and perspectives. I really consider myself fortunate to have found my way here. I have recently just entered this new and fascinating world, learning by any and all means, paying attention to as much as my brain and natural abilities will allow.

My take on healing within the context of the Law of One is, and taking from my recent experiences, both internal (mind) as well as external (body).
I think it is even more interesting when you consider how the word usage and context change based on how Ra uses them. Meaning, for example, time/space or space/time, teach/learn or learn/teach. To me, there is an importance in how the words are structured. Taking it to the next step, mind/body complex or mind/body/spirit complex and not body/mind or body/spirit/mind complex.

Ever since my experience April of last year, I have had to learn on the fly with no knowledge previously. Even Ra mentions that individuals can learn how to heal without knowledge of the Law of One. I started to use the “something” - I now know, after research, that it was the kundalini effect - it starts with the feet and meets the spiraling downward. I’ve always had this innate ability to know my body and had my own insight - this ability to assess myself and make the necessary changes when needed. From those, I just went with it and experimented - which Ra does mention (experimentation). I just pushed myself daily - sometimes too much. I learned, however.

It started while meditating while standing. Learning about energy (vital) and the physicality, which leads me back to the word-structuring. Mind/body/spirit complex. Mind is first, then body, then spirit.

I always thought my feet were physically strong but, come to find out, they were not as strong as I thought. So, in developing my feet, I also used that energy during my mediation states to search my “soul”, if you will. In doing this, I noticed that the more I was able to focus on my mental state and find balance with my inward self, the more that my physical-self benefited. To me, this was the mind/body complex working together to find balance. I didn’t know anything about chakras at the time. Like I said, I was in the dark, if you will, but learning as I progressed. I did study extensively when not physically training or meditating.

Through the course of this past year, I have become stronger in all sense of the mind/body complex. The spirit part of it also increased. In working on the mind/body/spirit complex, I have healed (found peace) with most (if not all) of the baggage that I have been carrying. The healing, both internal and external, has taken/is taking place.
Internal (mind) healing: I have found balance with the things that were tormenting me my entire life. I changed what I could change and have found acceptance with that which I cannot at the moment.

External (body) healing: I’ve gone through the healing process of hand arthritis, chest (accident as a child where - and I didn’t know this until the healing started - my chest was caved in), my feet and hips were not formed correctly - I think this had something to do with my biological mother and part of the reason I was put in foster homes, and my back - I had a fishing accident in ‘98 that messed me up for a while. All of those have been healed, although I’m still working on my feet to some extent.
Through this past year, I have learned quite a bit. It was only recently did I read the Law of One. Reading through it, everything that I have been experiencing (experimenting with) has made sense through finding myself and channeling.

I feel this post is already too long and I have jumped around considerably. But if anyone wants me to clarify or expound, I will be happy to do so."

you can find it at his link


Thank you for sharing that flofrog.

There is something to be said for self-realization/awakening that seems to instruct or compel healing energy to be allowed through the energetic system of the body.

From my own experience: I was born into a body with many issues…allergies, asthma, weakness, many sensitivities and sensory processing struggles. In my former religious practice I sought healing so fervently, with so much intensity, and yet, was never healed. It always produce a sense of failure which propagated more of the unhealed state.

Fast forward a few decades and as I have been becoming more and more aligned with my true nature, the expression that the ONE lives through me, the less and less I experience symptoms that I used to have.

I find it fascinating because I am not specifically doing energy work for myself about healing. All I am doing is BECOMING as I awaken and my cells and functions are following suit. Its effortless doing it this way. Letting go of attachment to outcome…releasing beliefs that don’t serve me and just simply allowing change and healing to happen as a natural byproduct of being true to my expression and the flow of the ONE.

I have a tendency to think that for people who “lose” their healing, it’s because their energetic body has not reconfigured enough to be able to sustain the health and vitality. So, let’s say that they go to an energy healer and they are miraculously healed. But over time, all the symptoms return and they dismiss the healer as a fraud. But what was really happening was that they didn’t have the configuration to reside in that state of being for good.


oh AAR what you say is so aligned here with my feeling. The true nature, letting the One lives through us.
indeed :green_heart:

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Here’s some quotes from Ra which may answer what you’re asking:

True healing is simply the radiance of the self causing an environment in which a catalyst may occur which initiates the recognition of self, by self, of the self-healing properties of the self. (17.18)

The healer does not heal. The crystallized healer is a channel for intelligent energy which offers an opportunity to an entity that it might heal itself. In no case is there an other description of healing. (66.10)

It is the adoption of the configuration which you call health by the etheric body in time/space which is the key to what you call health, not any event which occurs in space/time. (66.14)

The answer to your questions appear, at least in my eye, in the difference between belief and acceptance. I would say that acceptance is a stronger stance than belief; acceptance is to know that something is true, while belief is to know that something might be true.

Given the above quotes from Ra, it seems that a person being healed must Choose a state of health (“Choose” being similar to The Choice). What seems less important is the specific physical means by which energy is applied to the individual. Each of these means provide catalyst for the entity to Choose a state of health. Catalyst may be–and often is–left disused for myriad reasons by the sick.

The “placebo effect” presents an interesting real-world example of this effect at work. In the course of many scientific studies, specifically in medical research, participants are often divided in at least two groups: those who received the drug-of-study, and those who receive a “placebo.” In a proper double-blind study, neither the participants nor the researchers are aware which participants are receiving the drug-of-study or the placebo. The placebo effect is an observation that some participants who receive the placebo end up seeing an improvement in overall health, despite the placebo being essentially a “blank,” to borrow from firearm terminology. From your initial quote and the ones above from Ra, it seems that those participants showing the placebo effect Chose a state of improved health, accepted that new configuration of energy.


Too funny Stephen, I am at a coffee shop re-reading for nth time Ra and I am just on that passage about radiance ( Ra 17:18) and I was going to copy it here… TOO funny….


I searched for “Happy New Year”, and
found this thread, thank you for sharing.

There’s some mention of the etheric body,
time/space and space/time.

A study of the Law of One became a natural
shoe-in for me to study Reiki, though book
learning can only take you so far. I needed
to commune with Reiki masters, go through
attuning stages whereupon advanced forms
of Reiki healing practice became more
experientially accessible.

Some of the Reiki healing mysteries root
to Sanskrit and I think there’s symbolic
visualizations that facilitate the triggering
of healing linkages that help people heal
themselves. I think there’s a Vedic bridge.

There’s likely analogous symbolic sound
mantras found in other cultures that work
off some similar mechanism - a clear
intention to heal and a ritual that promotes
linking, say - the etheric body in ways that
promote such intention.

The community of spiritual healers spans
the globe in ways that distance becomes
less significant than may be obvious to
those unfamiliar with such possibilities.

This notion complements the idea of
time/space, space/time modes that may
be disorienting to most people’s waking

I’m not Jewish, but have dear Jewish
friends. In chance there’s a reader who
recognizes this special day -
Happy New Year!

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I am not Jewish either, but certainly happy new year to anyone… :grinning:

Thanks for affirming new years!

I was daydreaming and started thinking
of John the Baptist, He was a significant
influence in Jesus the Man becoming
Jesus the Christ.

That episode of baptism happened king
after the pyramids fell out of tune. So I’m
thinking that John the Baptist was one
of those “crystallized healers” who could
initiate others, say as in the Sacrament
of Holy Baptism.

I was lucky to visit the River Jordan and
witnessed some lucky folks doing this!

There’s tiled prayers in vicinity that
commemorate this place. I like this
one because it helped me feel love in
my heart.

River Jordan Baptism Site!