Beginning Your Inner Work - In Silence

One of the first things I did was ask myself, “How should I begin?” After less than a minute of sitting quietly, with my eyes closed and quieting my mind to listen for an answer, I consciously thought / heard myself think…… Begin your work in silence. So it began. With a thought.

3D is living in a world of words. Spoken words. Many languages explaining many concepts. The volume of spoken words and sounds, compared to thinking words and concepts, is a significant force and use of communication in 3D.

In 4D I’ve heard that thoughts are a commodity of choice in communication and less subject to misleading intent. Anyway, silence seems to be an important component, so I’ll begin there.

Inner Work……………
Done in silence……….

Focus on becoming more service to others.( In silence )
Focus on being more loving. ( In silence )
Focus on raising your vibration/consciousness. ( In silence )
Learn to forgive yourself. ( In silence )
Learn to forgive others. ( In silence )

Begin with working in silence. Without noise or fanfare.
Think about what your going to do. Then follow through. Do it.

Think: “Today I’’ll remind myself to focus on forgiving others (in silence) or
I’ll remember to be more loving (in silence).

I’m saying to myself: “I will focus today on at least one of the above “works” or perhaps all, with the goal in mind that:
I will recognize when it is done.
I will remember that I have made that step in the progress of this work and
I will do so silently with regard to giving it outward recognition.

Nothing needs to be said.

It will be an inner goal to do this work with no noise or fanfare shown on the outside. It is a beginning experiment and a beginning part of this adventure of discovery.


Most of us have a pretty good idea about the common usage of the word distortion. To distort what someone said, for example, would be to change the meaning by tone, inflection, wording change and interjecting of the above items that would not reflect the pure intent of what the speaker of the words wished to express.

Following the beginning theme of “Begin Your Work in Silence”, research and meditation have expanded my concept of distortion and my understanding that my “inner work” includes the recognition of the power of the distortions I’ve accepted as truths. Understanding these distortions is very important in approaching our process of doing the “inner work”.

As the first example: Focus on becoming more service to others.( In silence ).

As an exercise in exploring how to approach this, I dedicated two or three minutes in silence, thinking about each of the words in this sentence. An example of the things I asked myself to write down, as I thought of them, are below:

  1. Think of your concept of ‘focus”.

First thoughts……. It seems it would be an opposite of distortion. Something out of focus is made clear, more sharply seen and understood by first recognizing the distortion and knowing the procedure for changing the focus to better see or understand. A camera picture is blurry and you learn to turn the correct knob to change the blurriness issue.

  1. Think of the concept “becoming”.

First thoughts…… A process. A goal. A change from the current situation.

  1. Think of the concept “service”.

First thoughts……. To be helpful. Assist. Give aid. Support.

  1. Think of the concept “others”.

First thoughts……… Someone who is not me or separate from me.

This elementary process is a beginning. Each component of doing “inner work” can be approached in such a simple manner or a more sophisticated one as you feel prepared to engage in your approach.

Back to the theme of this post regarding distortion. It can be understood that throughout reading this and evaluating its importance, you and I have clearly demonstrated our ability to see the same information through different lenses of approach, importance, context and judgement. In other words, we have looked at it through “our own distortions”. Our histories, background, experiences and motivations and other 3D factors have created unique approaches to learning for us.

In closing, I encourage contemplation, meditation, silent inner listening or whatever approach fits you best. Give each of these concepts and individual words, as illustrated above, equal focus as an exercise in learning more about “inner work”:

Focus on becoming more service to others.( In silence )
Focus on being more loving. ( In silence )
Focus on raising your vibration/consciousness. ( In silence )
Learn to forgive yourself. ( In silence )
Learn to forgive others. ( In silence )


I’ve come across another way to describe distortion. I spoke of this topic briefly in relating my thoughts on the “focus” necessary to accomplish various stages of “inner work”. This additional use of the term takes on a slightly different aspect.

I think most Christians think of God as being perfect. Without fault of blemish. Areas of the planet that have multiple gods think of them as being perfect in specific aspects of creation. Because I’m not an authority on world religion or belief, I hesitate to make anything other than a general statement.

This post is an effort in trying to discover more about how Creator, or what is referred as “Intelligent Infinity” in the Ra Material aka “Law of One”, views distortion or (non perfection). This too will be reviewed in general terms, however, I wanted to study these concepts as part of my learn/teaching.

“The Ra Material”, a book channeled by Carla Rueckert, talks of the first primal distortion of “Intelligent Infinity” as being “Free Will”. If free will is a distortion and spiritual leaders insist that free will is extremely important in the ascension of entities, then it seems like a positive distortion in my 3D mind. There are actually three distortions referred to in the Law of One. Free Will being the first, Love, the second and Light the third. All three appear very positive from my 3D perspective.

All other distortions branch from those three, both positive and negative. It is said that the “Choice” of choosing, with your free will, either the positive or negative polarity of growth toward connection with intelligent infinity is the major reason for the cycles of 3D experience. Different catalysts will help us determine which choice/path we tend toward…. influencing our “Choice”. Either “Service to Others” Positive or “Service to Self” Negative represent the options of paths for ascension as I understand it from reading this book.

Free will seems to be a major component for ascension on a path toward complete re-connection with Intelligent Infinity. Free will allows “Self” to choose the path. Realization that self and other-self are One and not separate in their interest is the challenge and goal along the path to higher consciousness and ascension. The distortion towards Love is extremely helpful as is Light over darkness. Adapting to and adopting the frequency of Love and Light in their purest un-distorted frequency serves as a greatly facilitated journey and adventure when free will is not hindered by a negative control mechanism.
It seems…. having an understanding of the above concepts may be an important component of manifesting progress in “Inner Work”.