Akashic Records on Venus and Aliens interactions with Earth

Rick, an astral projector ‘visited’ Akashic Records and here’s what he found out about:

1. Ancient Venus
A planet with life and ocean.
Crystal city with humanoid thin beings, 3 fingers and a thumb, with faces similar to amphibians.
Maybe this is what 3rd density Venusian being looks like before forming a social memory complex and then known as Ra?

2. Alien Interactions With Earthlings
Since ancient times, the reptilian beings has been trying to gain control on the planet by forming a unified planetary empire, through; interaction with Moses, showing signs in the sky for Constantine, posing as an angel to Mohammad, showing signs to Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan and also Adolf Hitler.

Some are inline with Ra’s material, especially on Yahweh and Moses.

Any thoughts?
Please share if there are other similar material elsewhere related to the two topics above, it will be greatly appreciated.


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