About the Wanderer Stories category

Wanderer Stories Guidelines

If you would like to share your story of awakening with others, this is the place to do so!

The guidelines for the appropriate use of this category are quite simple. There are two basic rules:

You may post only your story or your response to someone else’s story:

  • Wanderer/Awakening Stories: These are the only types of post that can be used to begin a new thread. One story per thread.

  • Responses to awakening stories: Responses to individual stories will stay within the same thread as the story. NO NEW THREADS with responses to stories. Only stories can begin new threads.

The general guidelines still apply here, of course.

Please be supportive and encouraging.

The goal of this forum is to provide an outlet for wanderers and seekers to share their unique stories, and to feel that this is a safe place to do so. Many wanderers have no other outlet for this type of communication or expression. Please refrain from being overly critical or being skeptical about what is conveyed in these narratives. Another member’s experiences or beliefs may not make sense to you, but we ask that you approach their unique life interpretations with an attitude of acceptance and compassion. Skepticism and probing questions are fine qualities to hold in the rest of the forums, but please allow threads in this forum more space for unique truths and expressions.

Technical Details.

If you are the author of a thread and would like it closed after you share your wanderer story so that it cannot receive replies on the forums, please let a moderator know - we will be happy to close it for you.

And if you find that you would rather share your story through a private channel, there is an ongoing, open invitation at http://llresearch.org/wanderer.aspx to share your wanderer story with L/L Research.