A wonderful wandering wanderer of wanderland (Earth)

I read the Law Of One a while back and was in the old forum for a bit then stopped my LOO seeking for a bit. I got back into it and found even more goodies in the Ra Material despite reading it 3 times already. The archetypes study workbook was also a good find on the L/R R site.

The friend who recommended it to me has been very distracted with transient info. Getting all caught up in exopolitics, David Wilcock stuff, UFO stuff. These topics can help draw people to seeking the creator, like advertisement but some people get addicted to it. It is all he talks about unless I specifically bring up spiritual seeking concepts, then it is like he is back on track for like 30 minutes at most, and then back to talking about mass ascensions, draco, and psychotronic weapons. I found myself doing the same thing, what I saw in him was just a mirror reflecting myself. I was into transient things to a much lesser extent, but I knew it was a problem and eventually stopped it altogether and resumed my study of the Ra Material, and how I can sustainably treat my idiopathic hypersomnia and other important things. You know, things that are within my control and/or be acted upon to improve my life and the life of others. A lot of this other stuff is like entertainment touting itself as spiritual seeking. David Wilcock has been progressively unhinged in particular.

So I’ve been debilitated by sleep for life and whenever I try to treat it with stimulants I just end up trading symptoms.

Off stimulants, it is constant OBEs, strange sleep paralysis experiences, intense dreams that last forever, not being able to be a nerd as good, and not being productive at all. I am always questioning if I am awake or asleep and if a particular memory is that of a dream or waking life (because I remember my dreams very well).

On stimulants it just feels like a lack of acceptance of limitation and I am just making things worse long term. Whenever I take any stimulant there is an immediate trade-off. Whereas other people with severe hypersomnia have great luck with first-line treatment stimulants like modafinil and sodium oxybate.

My experience with OBEs is in line with the material in that not much work can be done therein and time/space just serves as a grand overview of things. I can also attest to: How trying to penetrate forcefully into higher inner planes can evoke poor health.