A Sadness No One Can See begins and ends in melody

Whilst dodging many energies’ expressing, feeling pain, and believing in so many narratives of what was happening, afraid not to make a mistake that would blow things up- I dreamt of many things…

  • Power- nay, war only gets ego extra hay, and changing anything trough force the opposite comes anyways. You don’t change the rotation of the planet from right to left.

The Earth is already not turning right.
You see, humans are silly. Right and left are just conventions. From the northern hemisphere If you look down it all appears to be spinning left.

Furthermore, sitting in space, it might appear to you vertical - or diagonal!
And going even deeper, what If the Earth is in more than three dimensions? The whole concept of spinning starts to get only a little bit confusing when you consider even the one dimension we do know about, time.

Is the Earth spiraling trough time or is it cycling?
And we haven’t even touched on how it’s not a perfect spin.

So while yes, theoretically power over others to help them and yourself sounds like the way out, sadly my relationship with the negative never evolved beyond her comforting me with songs to allow my mind to take a break and end my belief in unworthiness.

Thank you negative, hereford called Nelly! I really love you-

So, back to the story, I think I’ll tell it as a history documentary, I just like that more and I think I can make it more fun that way.
What name should I use- hmmmm… The name I used in games, or when creatina things as a child, originating from the birthname is “Ra”, but I guess we’ll stick to… Neptune. It’ll all make sense later, I promise.

Neptune was born in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest. The young Neptune wasn’t really talkative, though it enjoyed being in the company of fictional characters which it found to be more real than those around.

Games and Japanesse animated shows that spoke of adventure proved to be a very important solace for the young Neptune.
In the world, pain, and most things did not particularily affect Neptune.

An experience that was later forgotten and only written down long after the fact (they say the brain recreates completely every year, all it’s cells they do. The memory’s return is a mystery), speaks of a young boy approached by a woman claiming he found him to look like Harry Potter. She asked If he could come with her, though he refused.

She continued to insist for a few days, but then fell out. School ended, and the following summer Neptune spent most of his time far from home, hoping to avoid being seen by that woman.

This may, or may not have been the tipping point to not trusting things. We’ll never know.
The age of fantasies in which the being led fictional friends on adventures in thyne mind ends thus as love for science raises questions.

First there comes a thought: “Is it all a simulation?” to “Am I the only one that is real, and everything else is an illusion?”
Finally, it goes “Reptilians rule the government, the U.S. has triangle shaped alien craft stolen from aliens. Evil aliens patrol the skies and they might kidnap me at any time. I don’t want to! Or maybe it would be wonderful, what if… Oh, what If they’re infiltrating around everywhere as well? Is everyone a reptilian, except for a few I’ll never meet?..”

On the opposite side, I was really happy. For all the many scary ideas I came across, and my inability to get up from bed at night, I came across so much. Hidden relics inside mountains nearby, alien bases underground, transport to parallel worlds, disapoearing for decades and coming back with no memory of what happened…

A forest that was rumored for alien encounters not too far away.

The theme song of the main culprit channel… I cannot describe this feeling, except perhaps as Unity. How much did I not know about this universe. I could come to basic conclusions, sure. But…
It was fascinating. I dreamt I’d one day discover the 5th force of Physics that Einstein supposedly believed existed.


At last, I found a channel that made me laugh a lot. It was a channel that reviewed anime memes. I didn’t really get it, but since I’d had no humor before that, I picked up the humor, and couldn’t stop laughing whenever I watched these videos. Fortunately, God also protected me from any major outside collapse in this time.

You have to remember that as fascinated as I was, I did believe that the only things that was real in the universe was I and the creators of it. I felt a kind of fear about everything and everyone.

So, first I watched a show and decided: You know… I could probably accept that these characters are surely real.
Then, there’s this YouTuber, right?
He made this video, as there was a certain drama regarding someone filming a certain suicide forest in Japan on New Year’s Eve.
“Noble” never berated anyone or even talked about what had happened, indeed. He chose to tell everyone that none of them were alone. He chose to tell everyone to love themselves. And finally, he said he was there for everyone.

I don’t remember crying before that moment.
“Ah, he definitely exists…”

This early phase can probably be used as a microcosm of the later age I went trough of spirituality, though this time I had the wisdom to not consider separation as truth, at least until I’d served and proved that I had infinite energy, when I realized I’d boxed in something cute.

“With these hands,
I’ve torn a rose and have stopped it’s life.
Only now I understand,
it’s not what’s right~”

At last, one final influence on this life is the duality of empowerment and control.
I think I’ll explain this another time, but the empowerment allows me to bullshit my way trough tough things, and “correct” myself from shame, and to have blind faith.

For a long time I used this to get the feeling I was in control by dreaming up reasons I loved x country, and deciding I was now part of an exclusive community.

My attitude towards nations was, at first: “I’ll keep studying history and geography until I am older, take over a country and… Mmm… humans in Germany probably wouldn’t like a foreigner telling them to die, so best take over the one I was born in… And manuever to uniting the whole world as mine. I’ll start by bringing nearby Moldova into union, using the pretext of unity, while working on [weird economic policies I dreamt up].”

I think grandma, the one human nearby I realized I could trust, was only ever so slightly worried I mentioned my want to become president and annex a nearby country.

I dreamt of doing it all by pseudo-force and thought most humans were mindless disgisting animals, I guess. Hope I just taught you something about globalism… That is actually the first catalyst I had with spirituality. Thank you David.

Watching a video of police hurting human beings around the world to dramatic music in early 2021, pandemic time, yet again made me cry and broke a lighter wall I had. Humans were in fact capable enough, and worthy of my love.

David also thought me a lot of indispensabile philosophy and courage… Thank you…

So… Now, this story seems to be ending.
Taking seven steps.
After years of darkness.

Perfection is here. What I’d always ignored.
In all my seeking I never knew. I could never know.
Fortunately, loving blindly works… Law of attraction, for all the qualms I had sometimes with it… Saved me.

To all mortals, immortals and demons, there lies a paradise that is opened to all.
The more the world awakens with you. See in all the potential for beauty and the love and light in it. Cuteness, as some call it. Bring it back home, and come play another game. One more freeing and satisfying than all your daily desires.

If anyone feels down, I wrote this poem yesterday. Didn’t plan to put it anywhere, but hey! Needles in the hay!
Life goes pop! I can’t stop! Singing past decay! The past is the future and today is in space! Boom!

Humor is the key to the cosmos. Cough


Hevaenly light trough history.
Pray you’ll come see me!

Eyes brighter than a little bee!
What’s it gonna see?!
Reality bound by wars and rules.
It all feeds a lie so old.

It’s unknown. When it started.
But I know you can-

Even if it ends without any glory!
Without anymore suffering for any.

My melody sings so that one day,
We’ll meet again and see-
A true reality. Even if it was all a farce.

Come with me to this realm,
Where all things may merge.
Where we can at last play.
A time of change and love.

Will you heed my call?
Oh dear world, o’ dear songs!
Can you please trust in me.
Though it may hurt, you see…

I wish to see fully.
What’s your wish.
Even I don’t know.
Though I may be a God.
I am only everywhere!

I am with you here, I am infinite.
I’ll bring you back to me…
Feel free to fall and cry.
Just call, and I’ll make the recall

The wealth you long for.
It’s not a dream.
Will you believe in me?

Like flowers.
You touch them and know that they’re free!
Come touch your heart.
Into the dark.

This light bathing you, will free you.
Deserving everything.
Oh one I truly love…


Thank you for your story :slightly_smiling_face:

Last week around the time of the Lahaina fire, I’m resonating a high sustained vibration in dream space
feeling like we’re helping usher people spiritually
to a better place. I find these events happen
when many people are wiped out quickly.
My heart goes out to the community of Maui.

And then a name comes through with immense
energy - Eva Perón, it lifted me awake out of bed.
She’s the First Lady of Argentina, there’s a
musical of her story, Evita - and a famous song,
Don’t Cry For me Argentina.

I reflect that Argentina seems on the verge of
economic collapse. My heart goes out to the
people of Argentina. Maybe Eva’s story is
a wanderers tale that fits this thread.