Wanted to post this Poem

This is one of my first poems I have created. I know nothing about poetry but I just got some inspiration to create something based on a song I was listening to “Burn Water - Lionheart Inside (Billie Marten Flip)”. Anyway here it is.

ship of self sails
the navigator blind
land of calm is missing
a need to seek harbor

emotions of mind
an ocean of a kind
waves battering
the self is blind
wild waters churn
how to recover

thoughts of mind
brings a storm unkind
winds battering
the self is blind
with roar of wind
where is cover

wind cuts to bone
ship climbs waves
blind captain of self
braves seas of despair
threatening to be smothered
by pain of the other
where is safe my brother

lightning strikes mind
a flash from Devine
the darkness unwinds
the thunder clap a chime
ringing truth sublime
a love for self
a love for other

with the light inside
oh the light Devine
inside our minds
this light of mine
gives me a rudder

with the love inside
the love Devine
inside our minds
this love of mine
gives me a rudder

waves of disaster
rock the self
gently to sleep
winds of violence
blow the self
sweet gentle kisses

the creators universe
the one in all
is well within
the swell
a trial of illusion

the currents of fate
not of carnate
but the power to use them
belongs in the choosing

truth emerges awake
wind and waves its alarm
catalyst dancing around
but causing no harm
creator is self
it sings its own psalms
all is the self
realization followed by calm

The captain shouts
Into the storm
Listen to me sea sky and wind
You are myself and not just akin
We are one and the same
The original thought
The One with all things
The One Creator

I am both the sea
the ship and the wind
nothing is lost
there is no harbour to win
all is the self
the Creator within


Hi, welcome to the forum. That sounds great! Keep doing this and you’re sure to see positive results.

Wow. Wonderful imagery. Wrestling with our experience of safety and danger, the calm and the storm, within the illusion. Thanks for sharing and I hope you share more!

I’m reminded of The Captain’s Verses,
by Pablo Neruda. I owe a debt of gratitude
to this little book of poems which came into
my life near some profound turning point;
I think it may have been like a near death
thing twenty years ago when nothing could
ever be the same after - only better.

Here’s one of the poems from that book.



Had to add another section based on Pablo’s work.

waves of disaster
rock the self
gently to sleep
winds of violence
blow the self
sweet gentle kisses