A new beginning…

Dear fellow travelers, thank you for the opportunity (the potential) to get to know each other here! I have no name, but I am called Reinhard. My center of life is in Vienna, Austria.

My journey with the Ra Material started only about a year ago. Everything is connected, now and One, so it has been resonating in me for a very long time… yet, to live that too, to find my service, to “overcome” my distortions (old thinking), to balance them (new approach) was so far rather a struggle than a dance.

Now I could start to rearrange everything I had “learned” so far, and to put it in a new order in my feelings, seeings and understandings. With the Ra Material I feel as if I have found a kind of capstone for everything I was allowed to learn and experience so far (Among others: Seth Material, Carlos Castaneda, Tensegrity, Bert Hellinger, Eckhart Tolle, being a leading manager, husband, father, single parent, and not being all that anymore… Mindwalking and even Cosmic Disclosure).

2020 was my actual wake-up call this time, after a very intense study of many different sources to find out what was actually going on. It was initially very painful to realize that lying, distortion, omission, deception, reversal is not the exception but the standard in this world. The question then was: "But, if everything that has been presented to me so far is a lie, then what about myself? What about all the things I believe I know about myself? I still have to laugh, with relief, at this point! It just takes so much pressure off of me, to realize, as far as myself is concerned, I don’t have to hold onto, defend or justify anything anymore. And then there’s also nothing I need to be outraged/agitated about in the world. If everything is “lie”, then ultimately every question and trail that a seeker consistently follows leads down the rabbit hole and into wonderland. This is the way for me and everything in it has its place.

My exchange about the material also takes place only one to one, my role being that of a scout to my friends. For the rest, I walk the path alone.

Although I don’t really like traveling, a few years ago a longing grew up in me to go on the “Walz” (a medieval tratition to go on wanderings in order to achieve mastery). Around the same time my longing for Russia started… and a deep love for this country and its people grew in me. After two years of searching and longing, a campervan has recently come into my life. And at the end of this year, I’m going to go on a journey with it. Still, I don’t know why or what for or where exactly to go.

It was a great pleasure for me to write and share those lines.
Thank you for your time and attention.
Love & Light, to all of you!

Thank you for sharing Reinhard and welcome.

Yes, welcome, Reinhard. Perhaps you will visit holy places of worship and spiritual dedication? Maybe you will travel to areas of profound natural beauty which will stir you heart and soul to make these more available to your outward focused self? Q’uo likes to say that the most important journey–the hardest journey–is the fourteen or so inches from the head to the heart. I wish you Godspeed wherever you are led.

I have always had a great desire to follow the path of search with someone else who will share your interests and aspirations, but the further I went, the more I became convinced that you need to be well confident in yourself to go with another person remaining true to yourself) Welcome

Thank you! My inner journeys here now seem to stretch out and seek to join with outer journeys.

Thanks for sharing your observations!
Let me respond with a quote that I carry in my heart:
“I love you and I love me and I love what is guiding you and me!”, Bert Hellinger
So far, this mindset has always led to ‘let go’ at some point. But that’s just another way to express love to me.