A List of Questions to ask Q'uo

I feel like the current thing of using e-mails to ask Q’uo a question is not very helpful, because only the core L/L volunteer team is answering your question.

So if we ask the questions in the forum first, I believe some of the questions will be answered by forum members, so that only the questions that we can’t answer will be asked to Q’uo.

(This had happened to me. I have requested several questions to ask Q’uo by e-mail, and it appeared that my questions can easily be answered by the forum. Hence this post.)

So, ask your questions for Q’uo here! You can start a new thread to answer a question here. If your question is answered, make sure to delete it, so that only the questions that have to be asked will be asked.

P. S.

I think L/L’s current question queue can be put here, so that we can have a look at the questions.

It is also possible to search for answers using a Google filter like this:


For example:

is money evil site:llresearch.org/channeling/

I know. But sometimes I can’t get satisfying answers even with a search. Satisfying answers can be really hard to find. And questions can use completely different keywords from your search. Which makes it even harder.

For example, Q’uo talked too vaguely on the topic of sexual addiction (Actually, I considered searching for masturbation, but didn’t find any satisfying answers), because of a vague question. That’s why I’m considering to ask a new question with more information to get a more specific answer.

P. S.

My idea here is to ask the questions that have not yet been asked before in the past 50 years. If it has already been asked, or you already have a satisfying answer, you don’t need to ask that same question again, so to speak. You would already know the answer.

I also noticed the lack of information about sexual issues in general (porn, masterbation, addiction, etc) plus anger is always used as an example for balancing of emotions taking it from one extreme to the other… hows that work with sexual energy, there is so much power behind sexual urges, it’s just uncomfortable to talk about I find.

You are right, there is very little on the subject.

This one is a rare one:

I think that regarding sex, we too often create the issues ourselves (collectively) where there is none.

But yes indeed, more questions on that subject would be very helpful to many seekers.
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Has there ever been a question concerning “The Warning”/ “The Illumination of Conscience”?

Not sure what you mean by “The Warning”.

I dont understand brother Rhio, why do you feel they dont ask Quo’o questions from people who want to know stuff from e-mails and/or the forum.
I ask because I want to know the impression you personally get for why that may be.

When I wrote this, I thought they would ask duplicate questions. But forum people will probably use the search engine anyway. And duplicate questions aren’t a problem here anyway, since it lets more information to be searchable. Never mind.





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I dont understand brother Rhio, why do you feel they dont ask Quo’o questions from people who want to know stuff from e-mails and/or the forum.
I ask because I want to know the impression you personally get for why that may be.

Okay Rhio, thank you.

Love and Light.

Hey Rhio and happy holidays…Christmas is in the aaaaaiirrr.~~
Its the season for giving and cheer!
So guess what brother?!? Sex is on everyone’s mind. All the time because we are human and we in particular are men lol lol Can’t be helped can it?
Well…look I’m apart of you guys on this forum now and the activitys been slow…so…I thought I’d double back and jump on what you were saying about sex and all those great things. You want people to try to talk about those things on this thread right? So…okay…
Also, I think your enthusiasm to create spaces and platforms for building and self-enrichment is beautiful lol -smile-. Keep up the good work and we support you!!

Alright…before I get into that there’s something that may be important to impart to you brother because there’s nothing that dilutes communication more so than an misapprehension of intent! Brother, this is not a lecture haha: I am not “telling” you anything. I’m just…doing stuff…if that makes sense. You don’t even have to read any of this, but its here for you if you ever want it okay? Love you brother, and happy holidays.

I remember seeing a statistic reporting that over 60% of kids between the ages 13 and 18 have consumed some form of pornographic material at least one time at some point or another. As it happens, if we study history, it could be well forwarded that the sensitization of nudity is higher in our current point in time than in our recent histories.

Between mass rapes during warring factions of tribes and ancient nations, homosexuality within the status quo, and sexual domination between serfs and their lordships (which dramatically declined around the sixteenth century) sex has never been so censored as it has been in the past seven to eight hundred years. The impact of all of this is that as people sex has an larger capacity of fulfillment than base primal reproduction. Which makes sense when we look at the understanding that we are currently using our “yellow-ray” bodies at this time. And what does the yellow chakra represent if blocked? Control over others and groups. If we mix our libido with this blockade that is the result we get.

(“The orange and yellow-ray attempts to have sexual intercourse create an blockage if only one entity vibrates in this area,thus causing the entity vibrating in this area to have an never-ending appetite for this activity…
There is the possibility for yellow and orange ray energy transfer, yet this will polarize towards negative as one person will be seen as an object other than other-self and the other will be regarded as master or plunderer of the situation”- by Ra)

In the global climate of our society, there is much to lay claim for the sensitization of the concept of sex such as privatized living spaces. Not too long in our history privacy was only for the wealthy, with entire families living in one main area within their house holds. Religious leaders are another component to the regime, this form of restrictive re-education reaching as far back to the days of Abraham.
Never-the-less, this is the world of which we live now and it is our duty/responsibility to embrace it.

When you look at an woman what do you see? Do you see how kind she is to people? Do you see how she always makes a point to smile at someone at least once a day? Or maybe how patient and such a great listener she may be when talking with people?..of course not, because we can’t! When you meet someone for the first time there is absolutely no way to tell any of that because we don’t know this person and even if you are magickally inclined you can only “sense” how people are now. You don’t know who this person may have been five years ago, twenty years ago, yesterday…so we as men have no choice but to sometimes be visual when it comes to women, we don’t have a choice.

But as previously stated, sex is all-to-well known as being mostly used as an means to an end in our human race.

“Let’s us use the example of the virile and immature male who meets and speaks clearly with a young female whose physical body is appropriate to cause, for him, sexual arousal. The words spoken between them may be on things such as naming and form of occupation. This male is using almost all his consciousness to effectuate the desirability of the female…the conversational interaction between these two is essentially meaningless as the catalytical aim is towards the body, not the information discussed”-Ra

In the above quote Ra imparts the very astute thinking that most sexual relationships fall under: That we use sex to causate an underlying issue we may be dealing with. Let’s us examine this quote again…and pray we ask ourselves why Ra in Her “example” supplanted the adjective “immature” to the “male”. Why did She not just call him a male?
Because She observed the corrolating issues between us men who court women and the ways by which we interact with them just the same. Ra knows, that all too often our craving for sex is simply the outward manifest for the out-cry of something deeper and that “something” can be an unique issue from person to person. However, as Ra conveyed in the parenthesised quote, that at our core as men the issue typically has to do with lack of control on one level or another.

(“The orange and yellow-ray attempts to have sexual intercourse create an blockage if only one entity vibrates in this area,thus causing the entity vibrating in this area to have an never-ending appetite for this activity…
There is the possibility for yellow and orange ray energy transfer, yet this will polarize towards negative as one person will be seen as an object other than other-self and the other will be regarded as master or plunderer of the situation”- by Ra)

Let’s just be honest brother Rhio, why do we love women so much? Is it because they’re so sweet and so kind? If that’s the reason we meet a million sweet, kind women each and everyday. Almost every woman I come across greets me with a smile, is polite, does all the civil steps we’re expected to do in a corgial civilized society. So why do we choose the ones that we do as official partners really? Its because of what they do for us lol. Its the breakfast every morning, the “Hey baby how was your day”, the always being there. There’s a perverse undertone of domination that typically comes with being a man that makes having a woman enjoyable and there’s nothing wrong with that…
But what do we do when we can’t find a woman? The well-known truth is that the man to woman ratio is about 1:3, yet even still you see a lot of guys complaining about how they havent found anyone yet. The thing about it is between the daily “to-and fro” of life if your not being “deliberate” in your search, however subtle, nine time out of ten its not gonna happen and the honesty of it is being “deliberate” just simply over-steps most guys sense of “authenticity” and therefore we wait and wait and wait…that’s the choice they make and that’s the result, or whatever reason one would like to fill the blank with, that works too…

When I had asked you about the L/L people not asking requested questions from people who email them or maybe even perhaps who might reach out from this forum while waiting for your reply I checked the L/L website, which I havent
done in about four months and before that about five years give or take. I went to see what kinds of questions they were
In fact asking just in case there appeared to be some negligence towards what is on the hearts and minds of the readers of this book. In the channeling session they had last month actually this guy named Austin said something to the effect of “I have an porn addiction, what advice can you give me to fix that?” so as you can see here not all of us men have those circumstances where two seeking individuls who personality wise also fit and on top of that have the schedule to build on or further furnish those flirtatious cycles that lead to sex, much less an relationship. Its not anyone’s fault its just life. Now out of respect for this Austin person I feel safe assuming his “core” cause for his addiction is much much different than what I’m attempting to describe to you here, which is an cause that actually isn’t as simple as just not being able to release that build-up of pancreatic reproductive fluid.

But anyway…back to lulling young man, adopting Ras’ example. Sure he can maintain the single life for a year, maybe three or four. But as those years accumulate cant he help his self to his thoughts? He looks at the many women he can’t help but encounter everyday and naturally he starts to envision what it would be like to be with them, this envisioning happening so unconsciously at times he doesn’t even register he’s doing it, it just happens, not his fault. However, what is of note is as the envisioning, it being in precise step with the level of his desire, grows so does that hairpin small desire to do something else grow: To control.

(“In an overcrowded situation where each mind/body/spirit complex is under constant bombardment from other-selves it is understandable that those who are especially sensitive would not feel the need to be of service to otherselves. This would also increase the probability of a lack of desire or a blockage of red-ray reproductive energy”-by Ra)

Most people who watch explicit videos gradually go from the more conventional categories to the hardcore stuff. With statistical backing, almost every individual who has an fetish for child pornography once started with soft-core adult porn. So, I ask you…why would an individual “graduate to that”?. What could an eight year old offer that an 29 year old cannot? That’s right…it has nothing to do with the sex, its the perversity of control and lack thereof in said individuals life. It is to be noted that the emotion anger is also contained within our pancreatic chakra, so it would appear to us that there is almost an facsimile correspondence between lust and frustration.

(Mr. Don: “I was thinking more of the possibility of the Orion group influencing members of The Third Reich who I have read reports of having sexual gratification from the observation of the gassing and killing of entities in the gas chambers.”

Ra: “We shall repeat these entities had the potential for sexual energy build-up. The choice of stimulus is certainly the choice of the entity. In the case of which you speak, these entities were strongly polarized orange-ray, thus finding the energy blockage of power over others, the putting to death being the ultimate power over others, this then being expressed in a sexual manner, though solitary.
In this case the desire would continue unabated and be virtually unquenchable. You will find, if you observe the entire spectrum of sexual practices among your peoples, that there are those who experience such gratification from domination over others either from rape or other means of domination. In each case this is an example of energy blockage that is sexual in nature”)

See, it is understandable for masturbation to be sought after for any man who doesn’t have an significant other available and depending on the degree of the activation of that red ray energy even if said individual has an partner, the immediacy of that availability could then be allegedly problematic.
But as the above quotes glean, the “addiction” to masturbation in general and pornography in particular just may be an opportunity for meditative contemplation as to “why we are addicted”.
May we study ourselves: “What kind of porn am I watching”, “How is the guy in the video treating this woman”. Stimulation is almost an biological entitlement, but if you…release yourself for the night and two hours later find your red ray “flaring up” again, investigate why its happening so often. Or if you’re doing so four to six times a day…why?
If you talk to most honest men they’ll tell you just one time a day, two at the most and their good for about two days if not longer. So if one exceeds that…investigate. Get in touch with oneself and solve ones own mystery, if thy wilt.
Y’know…the questioner Austin at that session was very open to have admitted that at their session, he didn’t have to. He could have just asked the question in general, but not only did he disclose that that was something he was going through, the question its self was one that he personally had formed and that may say a thing or two about him. See, throughout history some of our greatest philosophical and psychological minds opined that sex indulgence made us the lesser, no better than animals.
These individuals include St. Augustine, the same as reference in the first volume of The Ra Material, but that was an theory that was in-line with his pre-incarnative programming so he gets a pass, by the way he is currently in the fourth so we won’t pick on him too much.
You also had Sigmund Freud support this bias as well as a man of whom I’ve personally cited quite a bit when competing scholastically in the debate arena against different schools, Immanuel Kant. These are are all models that we study in college to this day: Founders of many of the beliefs we either entertain or study today and yet they thought that embracing the concept of sex as an means for pleasure, as an art, a way of life, or even an form of magick was heathenous. So it is most understandable for one to also fall under these mis-apprehended notions, but O’ brother, may ye soul rest peacefully in the reassurance that it is nothing to be ashamed of, but observed. If it is an representation of an desire for control, or the representation of ones pent up frustrations in life, or perhaps the representation to just not want to be alone, this is the journey one may walk to finding out, but it will be walked alone and privately.

Y’know…if you go all the way up to the first quote I cited to you, you will observe that I didn’t type out the full transcript of Ras’ statement, I cut it off. See, the thing about The Ra Material is it can be looked at as an science book or an book on the tarot, a book on astrology etcetera etcetera etcetera. But of all of its knowledge throughout those five volumes you will see an instance where Ra will say something…just one time, and in that one time Ra will connect oceans of topics and if one doesn’t pay attention he’ll miss it, because Don doesn’t further inquire nor does Ra further expound but you will know when you catch it, that She doesn’t have to. That that one statement, that one sentence was all Ra needed to expend in illustration.
Those few instances throughout The Ra Material is where often the strongest revelations from Ra reside. And this sentence that I excluded is such that sentence that I present to you now: “What these vibratory levels are seeking is green-ray energy.”

That’s it. Just that one sentence is what I left out. Brother, you see because of the Veil somewhere deep within a lot of people we feel we must use sex to connect, to be apart of, to feel. And sex, real sex does that for us as you well know. The feel of their skin, the panting, the caressing, the way she does her hair for the occasion, the giving, the taking, the “Baby I love yous’”, the “Ive been waiting for this all day”, we feel each and every last drop of it, but it is nothing but the sprinkles on the main pastry we really came for. The thing we secretly craved when we first looked at her and decided to say hello. The thing we were chasing when we took her out on that first date. When we looked up that explicit video after explicit video in the shadow of our home, over and over and over again. When we took her out shopping because she just loves summer dresses. When we searched for the kind of porn that showed women, our sisters, pushing their bodies almost to the brink because they have fans who are “depending on them” and have “always been there” so “they will not let us down”, when they are being filmed at their most ragged they will continue “for us”. When we broke down and told her that the reason we sometimes pushed her away wasn’t because she wasn’t enough, but because we are secretly afraid to open up, because the moment we do that we are willingly taking the chance of getting hurt. When we felt that vibrating sensation in our pelvic area after having just watched from the mainstream pool of explicit consumption for the fourth time that day. The thing we were searching for when we got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.
“What these vibratory levels are searching for is green-ray energy”-Ra

Rhio, O’ brother, we just want to be loved.

~When I was a seeker, I sought both night and day
I asked The Lord to help me and She showed me the way
Down in a lonely manger our humble Lord was born
And God sent us salvation that blessed Christmas morn’~


Note that they didn’t actually answer this question through the answer. If they were to answer, they would not be cryptic upon it like the quote, and actually discuss aspects of the question.

Regarding that specific quote, it only discusses how sexuality is used in a negative manner. Most addicts don’t even have a notion to manipulate when they do this. They did it just for the comfort afterwards. So that quote isn’t actually helpful anyway.

Admittedly, some topics aren’t actually covered in the book, and that’s what the conscious channelings are for.

P. S.
Actually, it’s an unnecessary question, since when you realize the comfort of the One Creator, you don’t need to seek it anywhere.

Heeeey Rhiooo!!
Bro,like, I’m not even gonna lie: I just feel so blessed that you even took time out of YOUR day to read all that cause I as I was typing I was like “This is not the kind of response this man is looking for…” but even still I was kinda like “fc it” cause I just felt like if you’re gonna discuss a topic give it you’re best, you know what I mean?? So -shrug-…

But anyway yeah dude! I totally understand, like, yeah…comfort and stuff…
And yeah dude, the Ra Material is, like, waaaay too cryptic I totally agree.

Well I guess that’s it, take care dude and have a great Christmas! Haha!! -heart-.

Another thought - I’m curious about whether nihihism will affect your spiritual growth, how it had originated, etc.

Because nihilism seems to deny everything spiritual, yielding in a worldview that is basically hopeless.

I think that would make an interesting topic to discuss.

Not much on this topic, but may be somewhat useful: Search But it hasn’t been properly discussed in the transcripts before.