What are your thoughts on the Quran?

I come from an islamic tradition and evolved out of it becomes of some of the rituals tend to pedestalize people instead of God. This is the Wudu ritual (washing before prayer) and the prayer (Salah). Aswell as being very much fear driven or rather motivation per avoidance of pain, rather than oneness and unconditional love.

The Quran itself has similarities with the LOO channeling. It starts with ‘‘We are Allah’’ in some verse for example.

It feels ridden with STS philosophy to me though. Most of all because it tends to control our behaviour through guilt and doesnt tell the truth of our origin and identity, which perpuates suffering and ignorance.

‘’‘O Allah, send Your mercy upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, just as You sent mercy upon Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Truly You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. O Allah, send blessings upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, just as You sent blessings upon Ibrahim and the family of Ibrahim. Truly You are Praiseworthy and Glorious’’

‘’‘O our Lord give us good in this world and good in the hereafter and protect us from the punishment of the Fire.’’

Hi Rumi,
I resonate more with “Rumi’s Poem” in comparation to Quran.

For example this chapter:

The chapter is basically cursing an entity named Abu Lahab (and also his wife).

In L01, Ra/Quo give out an explanation that STS / evil entities are actually part of you who ‘took the opposite path’. Without their presence there will be no contrast with STO/ good, thus STO cannot be recognized. As the entity (soul) evolve in their own unique soul journey, both path will eventually arrived at the same point (6th density). Service To Self is Service To Others as there has come a realization that actually there is no others.

Thus ‘cursing’ to others, even if ‘others’ are evil, are actually cursing your own self. This is something in which STO do not do.

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I haven’t read the Quran, but consider it
a sacred scripture of Islam. I think of Muslim
people as a spiritual majority on earth having
devote practice far and wide.

My workplace seems highly integrated with
strong values in embracing diversity with
tolerance of all walks of life. For this reason,
I think of future world leaders as working
within commercial boundaries more than
geographical, also the quality of leadership
seems of higher quality than found upon
national or religious levels.

Coworkers from people like Iran explain their
people are largely misrepresented, that the
world may benefit from some change that
would be aligned with more modern democratic
values - as much of the leadership has some
military based power trip that lends a bad
name to them. The majority are sleeping

The death cult jihadists seem to take the
Quran too literally. For example the Prophet
beheds 700 enemies on some quest, so
they also behed enemies. The Prophet
ascends to heaven at Temple Mount, so
they too ascend to heaven in vicinity, etc.

Much of the current conflict stems from
hardline interpretations of an artifact that
stems from a person. See a person and
see the infinite creator. So it behooves
us possibly, to not take things too literally.

Much of modern religion stems from
allegory which may contain metaphors.
Beheding a person might relate to
outwitting them, or bamboozeling them
to emerge from mental or physical
perspectives to possibly spiritual ones.

There’s often gatekeepers found on
the hero’s journey. Possibly there was
700 gatekeepers to pass in that story,
but the storytellers mixed it up and
then, holy sh*t look what happened?!

This poem from Rumi describe ‘the soul evolution’ which resonate to Ra/Quo’s soul journey from 1st->7th density.

I died to the mineral state and became a plant,
I died to the vegetal state and reached animality,
I died to the animal state and became a man,
Then what should I fear? I have never become less from dying.
At the next charge (forward) I will die to human nature,
So that I may lift up (my) head and wings among the angels,
And I must (also) jump from the river of (the state of) the angel,
Everything perishes except His Face,
Once again I will become sacrificed from (the state of) the angel,
I will become that which cannot come into the imagination,
Then I will become non-existent; non-existence says to me (in tones) like an organ.
Truly, to Him is our return.
– Jalalaldin Muhammad Rumi, Masnavi

For those within “Islamic Tradition” Quo does recommend them to take a close look into the Sufi’s path. Rumi are among those who took the Sufi’s path.

"We would suggest that it would be helpful to look for the positive gifts of the one known as Mohammed in the mysticism of the Sufi’s. The outer husks of religion, the dogma, the exclusiveness, and so forth, have been cast aside to get to the heart of the fruit of spirituality which is the same in any religion or system of worship.
And that is simply the adoration of the one infinite Creator by the creation that has been made. The Creator responds with Its adoration for that which It has created. This combination creates an infinite atmosphere of unconditional love. Those who focus down to this point from any road, whether it be Christian, Jewish, Islam or any other, are doing the same good work. "
– Quo, March 25th 2007


I would like to ask you a question that Quran should have answer and related to the confideration philosophy. I have friends that like wine, I’m not drinking it. Is it OK to bring them bottle of wine? On the one hand I’m doing what they want, on another hand I doubt about usefulness of doing it. What do you think?