The path to the True Self

The most important thing in life (that have universal meaning - for exactly everyone) can be reduced to the one thing: Be your true self.

Somethng what sounds such trivial, has it’s deepth regard of how that universe works. If The One want to know Himself than if He has to know Himself through us, because we are His more little portions, then we have to Be ourselves, because what is the sens of knowing us/Himself by The One, when we aren’t ourselves and we strive to distort ourselves even more.

Then the most important is to just Be and to be ourselves, because from the methaphysical level this is the best what we can give to The One, without meaning that we recognize our true selfes or not, because nobody really know fully about themselves or others. If that knowledge would be aveilable than the whole existence would be unnecessary.

The one thing then that can say about who we really are is love. Love is in us as perfect, undistorted substance, vibration or energy. Through more love to others and more love to ourselves we can penetrate layers of ourselves like onion has its layers. However, what how can be process of this?

We can’t jump into full truth about ourselves in a informational sense of our beingness. The way to know ourselves is be netural, be real ourselves, just be the self. And then observe the thoughts that arise, observe the emotions that live, face the experience that create our personal sensations and show the reactions of others and envirounment on us.

Some of our thougths and emotions will not have love inside or opinions of others about us will not have love inside also. Every such thing, without love, should be abandoned. Our heart is always great companion in this discernment. Such abondoned thought or opinion of others that aren’t love is leaving the onion’s layers. It contained information about ourselves, however didn’t mirror core of our being.

If we choose to come closer to our true self, then the only way is through love. The true self can only be find through heart. Heart is a center of our being. Heart is first step of connection to the Creator and his unconditional love. Then, great exrcise for all of us, I think, would be switch our consciousness to the level of heart, and from that position think and feel about just be the self.

The more we think and act basis on just being the self, being natural self, from position of our hearts then the more true we are to the others, the truer is our behaviour and thoughts and more we know about our real and true self.

If someone were to ask you at the end of your life, or even now if this were the last minute of your life, what would you answer? What would you be pleased with, what would you regret? If this question were directed at me, I’d say, for the most part, I was true to myself, in the most of time I was just Be myself and I take pride in that, which is why I am content with my life and can pass on peacefully, moving forward.

And what about those moments I regret? Well, those would be the instances when I wasn’t true to myself, I wasn’t be myself. In a sense, the only obstacles and challenges I faced in life stemmed from what stood between me and my true self. Yet even that fades and is forgotten when, at the same time, you reminisce about those moments when you indeed were your true self.

My friends, this is part of my path to awakening.

Thank you.


The only way to endure life on Earth, in some cases, is to be completely and unapologetically true to self. Remember that morals and costumes are societal and egoistic constructs, that often limit the complete experience of the self. Alas, to experience is why we came back here.

You also mentioned neutrality, a concept I have been thinking about lately. I found that happiness and sadness are not our true states of being, since they represent polarity. That’s one of the cases where language limitations can cause confusion.

What one truly means when say “I’m happy”, rather than “I feel happy (in the moment)”? On the first case, the word is being wrongly used to express a feeling to totality, fulfillment to one’s purpose. It doesn’t mean that this person is going to be frolicking in flower fields, singing in delight every day of their lives. It’s most likely that this person will experience a life of neutrality.

Understanding this can remove the pressure that the concept of being “happy” can have on our lives. In my opinion, seeking fulfillment in our purpose is what we should strive for, and the only way to achieve this is being true to our real self.

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Good observation.

Prioritizing service to others or service to self can deviate from certain societal standards. What we typically refer to as a social norm is rooted in neutrality when living our lives and interacting with others.

“fulfillment to one’s purpose” is connected to the “being true to our real self” I think. This evening and tomorrow, I will focus on the most specific target possible. According to certain self-improvement methodologies and goal-setting practices, an individual should have a clear, overarching objective that provides purpose to their life.

Subsidiary goals and tasks should align with this primary objective, casting even the mundane and routine aspects of daily life in the light of contributing to this ultimate aim.

At times, this perspective can reveal that our actions may not align with our purpose and need immediate adjustment. Conversely, it can also shed a new light on challenges, illustrating how these smaller goals ultimately serve the grander objective in the long run.

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In different terms, not categorized as STO/STS, neutrality can be equated with Oneness, or how you suggest, inner peace and balance. I concur with this to the fullest extent. In my previous post, though, I was addressing the challenges of the current 3rd Density and the circumstances of our present environment.

This seems curious from say some alternative
frame of reference, that in any given instance
it is impossible for the universe to be anything
but its true self - implying that as ourselves
inseparable from the universe, the same
impossibility holds.

To make sense of such a odd idea, we might
consider all aspects we consider falsehoods
of being as creations - is if there are true
falsehoods which legitimately count as being
true to oneself. A liar who spits lies seems
a true being creating such persona.

Maybe this whole
tangent here seems a lie, or a paradox, or
however you understand it as a creative
way of making sense however distorted
which seems an experience of a true being.

For me the paradox of living a lie as being
true to oneself because it’s impossible to
not be true to oneself as inseparable from
the universe, doesn’t seem helpful. Because
however we chose to be, false or true, seems
simply a creative manifestation of something
completely true on some imaginary universal
reference frame.

It may be that the most important thing in life
is simply being alive. But again, what definition
of life do you adopt? Are all densities alive?
Why or why not? Is higher density life more
fulfilling than lower density life? Maybe the
most important thing in life is experiencing
evolution through the densities in some way
that honors the beauty of the whole.

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It is right that you point out the paradoxes. By virtue of the fact that at the root everything is one, all that we distinguish is already in some way a distortion, and if we are dealing with distortions, we will necessarily begin to see the manifestation of distortions against distortions, and so paradoxes.

The nature of The One, has been addressed many times in this forum. However, due to the fact that yesterday (I think) I responded in an interesting way to my friend on social media, a person who is a philosopher. I will paste it here as well. It’s always good to be aware of what we are dealing with when it comes to the The One and to learn about it all the time, because the process is never finished.

Directly, this text of mine, was about consciousness, although this is also related to The One. Well, actually everything we think about and discuss is related to consciousness or The One, in one way or another…

There is another possible approach to consciousness. If we assume that at its core, everything is The One, we can define this One as the perfect balance and overlap of “everything that is” and “everything that is not.” As a result, we have something we could call “allnothingness.”

“Allnothingness” is like a “constans,” an ideal balance that cannot be distinguished, known, or transformed into nothingness. It serves as the foundation for everything. When we disturb this equilibrium and distort this “allnothingness” in the simplest way possible, we get a division into “everything” and “nothing.”

This disruption of balance becomes evident in our practical daily lives: What we perceive externally and consider as real, which we call life, is the first side of “allnothingness,” and that is “everything.” On the other hand, we have ourselves; we are self-aware, identify consciousness within ourselves, and when we introspect, we don’t know what it truly is, and yet it exists. This is the second side of “allnothingness,” which can be called “nothing.” Our own consciousness is unknown and infinite and doesn’t take any familiar form that we recognize externally (our body is also part of what is “external”).

So, the consciousness you are seeking is the result of a distortion of the The One at a very primal stage, in my view. Since this is a distortion, the manifestation of consciousness is a kind of illusion. Since it’s an illusion based on two pillars: “everything” and “nothing,” as a result, consciousness has access to these two “qualities”: “everything” and “nothing,” which allows for the creation of an infinite illusion, which is a projection of that consciousness (or as Plotinus would say: a projection of Mind/Nous).

In the infinite illusion, “Infinity” corresponds to “everything,” and “illusion” corresponds to “nothingness.”

I would summarize it as follows: Consciousness is the meeting point between everything and nothing, which arose because The One (originally having only itself) involuntarily focused on its interior, becoming self-aware and thereby creating consciousness, which we also possess. Furthermore, various decisions and processes have developed this projection that is happening before our eyes.

Moving on still, directly to your post.

Good point. Due to the paradoxical nature of our reality, two or many different points of view are able to give logical, functional and true in the given framework explanations for exactly the same thing, and these explanations among themselves may be in conflict.

Let’s talk about two theses:

  1. If I say that everything that is is true and can only be true, because everything that we recognize must at the same time have some recognized sense for us (or lack of sense, but this “lack of sense” is just another sense that doesn’t suit us and doesn’t fit with the rest of what we know and think), and so everything that is must have some measure of truth in itself to recognize it, and so everything is true. By saying so I will say the truth and I am right.

  2. On the other hand, if I say that everything is a distortion, then everything is an illusion to me, and thus also a lie. The One itself is also an illusion, because we don’t know what it is until the end, maybe it’s just a delusion of some group of conscious beings. It is an infinite mystery to us, and in that case, if it is infinitely unknown, then we are learning about something that cannot really be known, and so in a sense we are investigating a lie. So everything that was, is and will be is merely a distortion, an illusion and a lie. That being said I am right.

And now, even more interesting… The two theses above on their own are logical and are true. If we were to consider them simultaneously in The One. We could say that A) neither of them is true because they contradict to each other, or B) that both are true as functioning paradoxes. In such a situation, we can find a balance between the two theses: A and B. Mathematically, this could be represented as Zero-related to our “A” equals Infinity-related to our “B” (0=∞, just don’t tell that to your school teacher…). And this, I believe, is the “universal pattern” describing the Universe.

To navigate through this, one can employ an approach in which it is assumed that The One, in its original form, is a mystery and the ultimate truth, while everything that exists is falsehood, distortion, and illusion. Therefore, the return to The One is a journey to truth by traversing through layers of falsehood.

One’s lifetime is a stage in this journey, and if I relate this to myself, saying that most of my life, I was my true self, it means that in this stage of my spiritual life (in current body), I was getting rid of the layers of my false personality and discovering the mystery of my true self and thanks to this come closer to The One. The One can only be approached or moved away from (and I also understand moving away as remaining constantly at the same level).