The nature and importance of creativity

I’ve been in the process of refining my intention when it comes to being creative. Since I was a kid, I felt intuitively that I am an artist, and as such I do make things everyday.

I realized the other night, though, that while I know intuitively that I’m an artist, I can’t really tell you why I value being creative so much! Like, I know I value it, but I can’t tell ya why!

Any artists out there (hi flo hi Diana) wanna share why they value creativity?

What is the nature of creativity? In session 13 Ra says “…. The infinity is creation”…… seems like there might be a clue there


Creativity is pure heart energy, which I believe to be pure source energy. Tapping into intelligent infinity is the reason why being creative means so much to me. Being creative is the reason I breathe. It is a way to express that which cannot be expressed with words. Without my creative pursuits, I wouldn’t have survived. I always struggled with communicating my thoughts to others throughout my life, but my creative endeavours gave me a way to express myself in a more complete way that I felt was missing from verbal communication.

I have tried many creative pursuits throughout my life. I have done painting with acrylics, oils and watercolours. I’ve worked with oil pastels, pencil crayons, and charcoals. I’ve made hemp necklaces and jewelry. I’ve made crafts of all sorts. I’ve made Photoshop art and Premiere Pro videos. I’ve written poetry and articles. There isn’t anything I find to my “thing,” I just enjoy all expressions of creativity because they say far more than the limitations that language alone places upon us.

In a word where we are frequently misunderstood, I think creative endeavours are where one realizes there are no words to describe what you are seeing/experiencing. It’s what you feel in that moment of pure awareness that moves in ways you cannot even begin to understand with the mind. Art is pure emotion. Creativity comes straight from source.

There is no closer way to feel the Oneness of the Creator than connecting to your creativity. I also truly believe music transcends time, so its entirely possible all creative endeavours are etched in infinity in ways we cannot even being perceive within the illusion. All I know is our creative expression is very important to the balancing of the heart energy center, which is turn helps us see the world through the lens of unconditional love and understanding, the hallmarks of fourth density.

Thank you for listening. :green_heart:

Just thought I’d share some examples of creativity from my own life:

Digital Art:

Pencil Crayon Drawing:



I wish I could fly to where the ocean meets the sky
And keep flying until I merge with the waves
And wash myself away with the tide

Nebula birthday cake I made for my son:



Creativity is everywhere. :wink:


lol, as FunkyFroggie shows, creativity appears in many different ways.

sillyharold, please continue… Never give up

One of the awesome things I find in what I feel is creativity , is this sudden nearly blissful state that it goes so ‘fluidlly’ where somehow afterwards you may feel tired but it was in fact straight ans simple and you are surprised at the end of the day how something that may have been vague on. your vision turned out just what you would have liked…

The funny thing is, for me at least, it feels very manual while doing it. very down to earth somehow, very much like the craft of 10,000 hours you just learnt to do, and yet at the same time, your brain does often feel on another plane, where ti takes you somewhere you don’t know Both very physical/manual. and at the same time, something else.

When something doesn’t work, I often find that my mind was preoccupied with something else, and I was just not paying attention to simply what was there on the panel I was painting. But the kick is that you gotta keep working at it with all heart again focussed, and then suddenly it’s like a path opens and it glides suddenly c completely smoothly but you really have to be humbly working at it at a very manual stage first. At least, this is just how I work at things…

Sometimes if I look at an old painting I am like, this is really monster and all I want is taking sandpaper and erase the pigments which I susualy do, because I love to paint on top of an old monster… lol. but once in a while I look at an old painting I still have and I am like, who painted this ? certainly not me. So I feel this is where that creativity shows her little nose and is from ‘out there’… lol.


When we create, we embody the creator.
with every stroke from the source to the medium.
to close off the ego, perfectionism, desire and let the truest expression of the self into the world.
majik happens.

art creates the artist as much as the artist creates art.

it usually starts with the never void, the sounds of the self then a eye/i

there is magic inside the hypnogogic state. the place between waking and sleeping.
there is infinity in between thoughts

in every moment in every expression, we are co creating the creator and creation

im not a artist. I am my art!

nothing is original but the original thought


Great question Harold & great answers all! I may repeat but hopefully without being repetitive :). This really hits a sweet spot for me. I love trying to pin this down.

Why do I value creativity?

There is the act of creating and the thing created. The act of creating grounds me. I live in my thoughts a lot. I can imagine a million different days within the day that I am living. How something I am anticipating could go. And then after it has happened, how it could have gone. Creating focuses me. Clears the mental air. Putting one color next to another forces me to deal with what I’ve just done. There’s a nice picture in my head of how those two colors should have interacted and then there is the reality sitting in front of me. They rarely match up. It forces me to be in the moment and respond in the moment.

And those lovely transcendent moments when the inside and outside match up (sometimes after a very long struggle)… oh, boy chef’s kiss

Then after the act of creating , there is this new thing in the world. That thing then continues on. It lives on in the next self that experiences it. And the next and the next. And that next self may in fact be me 10 years down the road, experiencing it from a new perspective.

Art is communion…with the self, with beauty, with ideas, with other selves. Or perhaps art is conversation. One of my favorite poets David Whyte uses the phrase “the conversational nature of reality” and I think that fits with understanding the nature of creativity.

It’s like those fractal videos on Youtube. Creativity is a journey inward and outward. Ever expanding in both directions. The conversation continues. :).

I also have a broad definition of beauty. I see it as anything that touches on “pure emotion” like funky froggie said. I’ve been combing through the back archives aka. the conscious channelings of L/L, trying to understand the role of emotions and that specific phrase has come up a lot, but that’s a digression for another post.

Would love to see your work Harold! …if you choose, of course


I also have a broad definition of beauty. I see it as anything that touches on “pure emotion” like funky froggie said.


I’m reading The Creative Act: A Way of Being by Rick Rubin. I highly recommend it. It touches on all aspects of creativity and it’s got echoes of the Law of One resonating through it.

“The closer we can get to the natural world, the sooner we start to realize we are not separate. And that when we create, we are not just expressing our unique individuality, but our seemless connection to an infinite oneness.”

“There is no wrong way. There is only your way.”

“Nothing begins with us. The more we pay attention, the more we begin to realize that all the work we ever do is a collaboration.”

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