Pyramid under the pillow really pointy or is it just me?

In 57.21 the ratio for a tiny pyramid to be placed under the pillow or bed is really pointy — tall in its ratio. Or is my maths a bit off?

Indeed. The sizes of Giza pyramid is ~230 meters, so the perimeter will be 920. So the height should be 14720 meters. The origin height of the pyramid is ~147 meters.

57.21 Questioner: What would the height of one of these pyramids be, approximately, in centimeters, for best functioning?

Ra: I am Ra. It matters not. Only the proportion of the height of the pyramid from base to apex to the perimeter of the base is at all important.

57.22 Questioner: What should that proportion be?

Ra: I am Ra. This proportion should be the 1.16 which you may observe.

57.23 Questioner: Do you mean that the sum of the four base sides should be 1.16 of the height of the pyramid?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

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57.30 Questioner: The dangerous pyramid shape for use today would be a four-sided pyramid that was large enough to create the King’s Chamber effect. Is that statement correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This statement is correct with the additional understanding that the 76° apex angle is that characteristic of the powerful shape.

57.31 Questioner: Then I am assuming that we should not use a pyramid of 76° apex angle under any circumstances. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is at your discretion.

57.32 Questioner: I will restate the question. I am assuming then that it might be dangerous to use a 76° angle pyramid, and I will ask what angle less than 76° would be roughly the first angle that would not produce this dangerous effect?

Ra: I am Ra. Your assumption is correct. The lesser angle may be any angle less than 70°.

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Yea, I noticed that. I guess Ra likes them pointy.

I’m not sure how you will put so pointy pyramid under the pillow. I was imagining that it should be put vertically, not sure if putting horizontally is OK. Also I was comparing it with Giza pyramid but don’t know if it’s appropriate. Because of constant issues with transferring numbers it also might be some ambiguity in the same manner as it was with squares.

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It can also be very tiny.

Questioner: Is there a best material or optimal size for the small pyramid to go beneath the head?

Ra: I am Ra. Given that the proportions are such as to develop the spirals in the Giza pyramid, the most appropriate size for use beneath the head is an overall height small enough to make placing it under the cushion of the head a comfortable thing.

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Anyone know if there is a place that sells a small pyramid to Ra’s specifications?

In Sedona Arizona are many natural vortex
sites, I might suggest they’re shamanic hot
spots that can lend a resonance that probably
approaches experiences like those of pyramids.
The community of Sedona seems highly
spiritualized and I wouldn’t be surprised to
find someone there who’s into pyramids.

Another idea might be a gem and mineral
show where many people into rock energy
gather and share a great variety of shapes
and sizes. Some of these people can
intuit energetic influences from various
minerals and offer guidance based on
years of experience in this practice.

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Per Scott Mandelker’s recommendation I bought a pyramid from Pyradyne. I have had good success using it in meditation. This particular vendor recommends wearing the pyramid on top of the head, which I do not do. I place it on the floor behind my recliner and then lean back and do a 30 minute meditation. It really does work quite well.


Who is Scott Mandelker?

He has a YouTube channel where he does talks about the law of one and various other spiritual texts. There is a lot of good information there. He is very knowledgeable in general.


Oh cool. Gotcha. Thanks!


thank you!

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Part of this thread reminds me of
those black carbon shungite pyramids.
Apparently there were health benefits
found in bathing in shungite water, and
some feel it guards errant EMF.
I think there’s another stone, black
tuarmaline that helps ground out areas,
but that would be hard to find.

Another idea this reminds me of, comes
from Buddhism, the idea of spiritual
materialism. A person feels obsessed
to get stuff that enhances some spiritual
experience, but actually not much is
really needed beyond a seeking attitude.

At some point in spiritual development,
the mineral kingdom can become like
an efatuation with a great variety of
vibrations that might be thought of as
temporary training aids, where you
learn the vibration then are freed to
learn another and so on.

One of my favorite rock teachers is a
distance house cleaner who erects
gigantic visualized pyramids around
the planet as clearing mechanisms.
It may seem strange to think of this
idea, that you can visualize a spiritually
constructed pyramid that does work
in the spiritual realm.