Pyramids and Orgone

I wish I had more to add to this topic, but for now a simple question. I have been seeing more and more “orgone”/ "orgonite pyramids being made these days with materials like copper. I recall Ra mentioning that the baser metals are incorrect. Does anyone know the reason behind this? More importantly is there harm in these materials being placed in the pyramids? Any information is greatly appreciated.
I thank you in advance my friends. Love light/ Light love to you all.

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To my understanding cooper is not desirable:

57.19 Questioner: Is there any variation in the effect with respect to the material of construction, the thickness of the material? Is it simply the geometry of the shape, or is it related to some other factors?

Ra: I am Ra. The geometry, as you call it, or relationships of these shapes in their configuration is the great consideration. It is well to avoid stannous material or that of lead or other baser metals. Wood, plastic, glass, and other materials may all be considered to be appropriate.

I treat it like it’s still possible to use cooper but better to use plastic, glass, and other materials. I explained it to myself that it’s some metaphysical reason. But what’s more important is angle less than 70°, orientation and overdosing. I also remember that size should not be big but cannot find this text.

Also see

58.13 Questioner: Does it matter if the pyramid is solid or is made of four thin sides, or is there a difference in effect between those two makes?

Ra: I am Ra. As an energy collector, the shape itself is the only requirement. From the standpoint of the practical needs of your body complexes, if one is to house one’s self in such a shape, it is well that this shape be solid sided in order to avoid being inundated by outer stimuli.

58.14 Questioner: Then if I just used a wire frame that were four pieces of wire and joined at the apex running down to the base, and the pyramid were totally open, this would do the same thing to the spiraling light energy? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The concept of the frame as equal to the solid form is correct. However, there are many metals not recommended for use in pyramid shapes designed to aid the meditative process. Those that are recommended are, in your system of barter, what you call expensive. The wood, or other natural materials, or the man-made plastic rods will also be of service.

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Thank you Oleksii :green_heart::pray:. I appreciate the source material to reference. I would like to go about aiding others and found many asking about this. I have mostly seen people using baser metals in resin material. Hopefully this is not causing harm. As you have stated it is likely just not as effective. :blush:

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Replying to the top post, but does anyone know where to buy one of these small pyramids of the proper build and proportions?

I’m not much for arts and crafts and I’m curious if this energy Ra talks about (and being careful not to do it for too long) feel like some other things I’ve used to enhance meditation like certain frequencies etc. Tingling in the feet, up the spine, out through the head. Feels nice- but sometimes my ears get tired of headphones and I like my headphone time for music.

Also overdosing on pyramid magic channeled from an ancient Egyptian god sounds like a fun obituary.


They small pyramids described by Ra are really pointy and it doesn’t seem like anyone makes them that pointy.

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I would recommend reading the Orgone Accumulator Handbook and base your designs on that combined with Ra’s information first. I was thinking of carving a small pointy one out of wood, maybe further empower it with magick and go from there.

my friend made one for me and if I left it under the bed all night for several nights (this was before I read the Ra Material), I would have all sorts of OBEs. According to Ra, this is a bad idea, and also, it is the shape that is causing the effect rather than the resin matrix. When i get out of body sometimes I would be sucked into the field and not have control over my experience and just be thrown into abstract enviroments. And when i could observe the energy torroid, I saw that it did indeed have an energy field/torroid extending up through the bed. These devices were no more than 3x3 inches.


There’s a spiritual community in Italy
Damanhur that excavated a mountain
and built a beautiful temple inside.
In the process of doing that, they
embedded many tons of spiraling
copper coils they called Selfica.

When I learned about this, it reminded
me of this Orgone energy idea which
may be independent or related, difficult
to say - there may be a common thread
of creativity applied to metallic objects,
and some sort of focused energy shed
that feels good in some way or another.

There’s a lot of physical toil put into
building monuments of significance
that last the test of time. Think about
creating an artifact that could survive
5000 years, what artifact can you
create? A song, a structure, an idea?

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I believe there’s some confusion with the proportions which I think pretty much everyone encounters who reads the Ra material because of how it’s written. It seems to imply that the sum of the four base sides should be 1.16 times bigger than the height from base to apex. However, I saw someone who explained it properly and said the ratio is actually 0.16 and not 1.16., i.e. if you divide the height of the pyramid by the sum of four base sides you should get 0.16. This is confirmed by using the Pyramid of Giza’s dimensions as an example. Giza is 146.7 m high and each base side is 230.6 m. Therefore, if we do 146.7 / (230.6 x 4) = 0.159 = 0.16


Okay that makes more sense. A friend made me an orgone device with giza pyramid angles and it had a tendency to induce OBEs.