Normal energy spirals rotational direction


could you please tell me if you think that word polarized is used here in usual sense as positive/negative? If so, does it mean that there’s a test to know the polarity? If not, what polarity is it?

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58.5 Questioner: Am I correct in assuming that what I would do would be to dangle a weight approximately two feet below my hand and place it over the body, and when the weight started moving in a clockwise rotational direction it would indicate an unblocked energy center? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. The measurement from hand to weight is unimportant and at your discretion. The circular motion shows an unblocked energy center. However, some entities are polarized the reverse of others and, therefore, it is well to test the form of normal energy spirals before beginning the procedure.

58.11 Questioner: I used this question only to understand the way the pyramid focuses light, not for the purpose of using one. I was just saying if we did build a pyramid point down, would it focus at the Queen’s Chamber position or just below it the same way as it would if it were point up?

Ra: I am Ra. It would only work thusly if an entity’s polarity were, for some reason, reversed.

Polarity in these quotes is meant as our body’s magnetic energy fields polarity. Not the STO/STS polarity.

We can indeed use a pendulum to measure energy flow from our chakra for example.

In some people the left brain right brain polarity is reversed as another example.

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I feel Ra uses polarity in many more cases than good/bad or STO/STS. With spirals, the term “chironicity” describes the handedness of the rotational direction. Right-handedness, or dexter, is analogous to a thumbs up when the spiral moves up. The twist is like the fingers wrapping. Radiated outward is then clockwise.

Most of nature, most of biochemistry is right-handed.

Thank you, @JTWayt for the reply. If you found one more use of polarity give a note please. I remember only two uses of this word.

This rotation direction confuses very much. During a mediation (well, this is another term that confuses so much) I found that some rotation is opposite to what other had, but again I’m still not sure here.

The right-handed and left-handed terms also raise questions for me. In terms of using hand I prefer use right hand, but that looks like habit for me. I write with right hand, but driving is better with left hand. Also, in school I was forced to use the right hand, so I don’t know how natural it is. My father was able to write with both right and left hand.

So in terms of right and left brain functionality, I’ve got a question is there any middle case. Also if currently I use lets say right or left functionality does it impact on the “direction”? I mean can it change from time to time?

As @Patrick mentioned the pendulum should be used for check. I checked the materials and didn’t find directions of how the pendulum should be made etc. But I’m still checking.

Another question I have here is how at all it’s important? Maybe it doesn’t make so much sense.

@Oleksii I am hand-specific which means it depends on the task. I use a pen and a fork with my left. I throw a ball or swing an axe with right. Fine motor tasks left, gross motor with right. My father was truly ambidextrous and would switch his writing when one hand would get tired. This alternating slant bothered his teacher who insisted he choose one hand.

Brain hemisphere specialization has advantages and weaknesses. Specialization increases efficiency and can perform better when a task is dedicated to a localized section on the brain. Men tend to specialize more, but if they have a stroke, they may lose more skills like speech and take longer to recover than women. Women seem to be better integrated.

There are general skill allocations most people adopt, like verbal analytics in the left, global spatial synthesis in the right. Sometimes it’s reversed. There is a middle structure called the corpus collosum. It’s a very wide bundle of nerves that connect the two halves together so they can communicate.

Many tasks require both hemispheres to cooperate. Writing software is an example. That’s my profession. I prefer to keep balanced. :slight_smile:


@Patrick, could you please explain the left brain right brain polarity and why it is reversed for some people. Would this specific reversal cause the pendulum to spin counterclockwise? Does this polarity reversal have any significant meaning that you are aware of? Thank you for your time.

Adding quote from Ra:

52.2 Questioner: Thank you. I think that possibly I am on an important point here because it seems to me that the great work in evolution is the discipline of personality, and it seems that we have two types of moving around the universe, one stemming from disciplines of personality, and the other stemming from what you call the slingshot effect. I won’t even get into the sub-light speeds because I don’t consider that too important. And I only consider this material important with respect to the fact that we are investigating discipline of the personality.

Does the use of the slingshot effect for travel, is that a what you might call an intellectual or a left brain type of involvement of understanding rather than a right brain type?

Ra: I am Ra. Your perception on this point is extensive. You penetrate the outer teaching. We prefer not to utilize the terminology of right and left brain due to the inaccuracies of this terminology. Some functions are repetitive or redundant in both lobes, and further, to some entities the functions of the right and left are reversed.