Naughty Humor from Latwii

Simply shocking…as it were. August 3, 1980.

This session has some very interesting comments about channeling (30% channeler, 70% Confederation, what is the 30%?).

(Carla channeling)


Speaking of colors, Latwii, I remember your saying that we perceive less than one octave of color. I was under the impression that red to violet was an octave, so that or that rather, violet was the next octave higher vibration of red. Apparently, I was mistaken. Could you elaborate on that?


Only insofar as this instrument can use our concepts, my brother. You must understand that from x-ray to ultraviolet, although it is not considered to be of one octave in your physics, is indeed part of one octave in our understanding, which we would hesitate to call physics, because we understand both thought and thing as vibration. We are not sure whether we should call ourselves vibrators, due to this instrument’s unfortunate connotations with that word.


Well, I do tend to see the designers of the veil and polarity system as major dildos.

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Amusing, but possibly inappropriate.

And yet, I’m sure that those designers would all agree that where you choose insert such a comment is wholly a matter of free will.

(Sorry, Patrick, I might be stretching your tolerance to its limit? Hmmmmmm? Uh, I mean, we’re discussing Confederation principles, right?)

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Language per se is not moderated, unless derogatorily directed at another “member”. :wink:


Latwii should do a stand up session…
He has grasped the basic structure, bridging… and then… punchline…

If there’s ever a LoO pub quiz, I think we have our team name.

I beg my pardon. What is the issue?

Sex jokes. Latwii/Carla made a joke about vibrators. Then follow up jokes about dildos, inserting and members. Is that what you’re asking?

Thank you for fingering the point of interest here, Melissa. I’m sure this nonsense will blow over soon enough.

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Well, humor is subjective. Different strokes for different folks.


Touché, as the French say.


Indeed, each has their own unique spot.


Just as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure:
one instrument’s unfortunate connotations,
are another instrument’s fortunate exaltation.

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