Let's describe Love ❤️

Hello Soup, thank you for being courageous and sharing your light.

As I browse through some channeling tonight, I came across this message from Q’uo, and after reading your comment, I realized that the coincidence may not be that “coincidental.”

So I just want to share with you the following, much love soup


We are those of Q’uo, and we thank the one known as M for this query. To the one known as M we would say that the function of the veil is to create the atmosphere and the environment of Planet Earth in which nothing of metaphysical import can be known in the sense of being proven. Within the veil, there is no way to claim to know or to apprehend the love and the light of the one infinite Creator except by faith.

Third density is a density of choice. Within third density lie beings that are self-aware, unlike those in second density, who are aware without being self-aware. There is a choice to be made in this density. All of the study, all of the thought, all of the experiencing within third density is intended to have a tendency to move one to points of choice. That choice is the choice of the self-aware entity for service to others and radiancy of being, or service to self and contraction of being. To put it another way, it is a choice between living by love and living by fear, or living by embracing all that there is as part of you and living by setting yourself over and apart from all other entities and forces within the creation.

At each choice-point there is no way to prove the goodness, the rightness, and the appropriateness of making that choice for love, for service to others, for radiancy. Similarly, there is no way to prove that the choice to aggrandize the self and create a universe in which those around you are considered to be pawns which you may move around as suits you would be the appropriate choice.

It is designed to be an environment in which you are completely free to chose to leap into faith or to become more and more heavily defended against all that you fear and to wield more and more power and control over your environment to keep yourself safe. It was not an environment designed to be easy to penetrate.

Now, what is faith? What is that leap into faith, which is not obvious and is not provable? How does that work? There comes a time for each seeker when there is a choice-point at which he must choose to act in faith that all is well in spite of evidence of the contrary, or to retreat in fear into a cave of his own imagining and to be thusly limited.

It is after an entity has chosen by faith to take that leap into faith that faith begins to prove itself a sturdy place to set one’s foot. It is only after the leap into the abyss of the unproven and mysterious that one gains one’s sure footing and becomes fearless and willing to be that entity whose approach to life is to look for love. With the veil in place, the decision to leap into faith has great weight and value.

It is a risky thing to do. It feels risky. It takes courage, integrity and will. It takes that of which the one known as G was speaking as a focus of desire, a seeking, a hunger, a thirst for the Creator, for truth, for love, for beauty. Therefore, there is tremendous intensity and power given to the one who makes that choice in faith.

Now, my brother, consider what the impact would be upon the environment of the Density of Choice if there were no veil, if all the answers were known. Certainly one could still make the correct decision and leap into faith, but there would not be the resistance and the back-pressure of fear from that part of the self that wants to be safe and to control one’s life. When one leaps into faith, one is not in control. One is saying, “Not my will, but thine. Not my imperfect understanding, but the way of love.” And that is the reason for the veil.

It is the combination of your free will as a seeker and the veil of forgetting that creates within you an implicit unawareness of the primacy of love that sets the shape of his path for the pilgrim. Each of you may be aware of the book called Pilgrim’s Progress by the one known as John. 5 In that figure of the pilgrim and his progress, there is an excellent analogy to the purpose of the veil. As one wins one’s way through life upon the King’s Highway, 6 every choice-point comes through one’s veil. And it is that pilgrim who prays for clarity and who asks where is the love in this choice that shall create within this density a bias toward service to others, towards love, towards radiance, that shall have tremendous impact, not simply upon this density now enjoyed by all of you, but upon the next two densities to come.

We are those of Q’uo, and would ask the one known as G if there is a further query at this time. We are those of Q’uo.


Hi, Jayce,
Can you please elaborate on your statement that love is " also a separation"? I am of the distinct knowing that it is one of the clearly- per the LoO material- indivisible qualities of the One Creator, so please help me see where in that Allness that is the OIC, and every part and parcel of it that is formed of love, how, if you please, is it divisible or in any way separate or separate- able? Tia!

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Jayce commented on my reference to Love as the Second Distortion. Let me clarify and address your concerns. While I’m not speaking on behalf of Jayce, I hope my explanation alleviates any doubts you might have.

The One exists as a fundamental entity, formless, indistinguishable, and inherently undefinable. Without any distortions, it wouldn’t manifest as what we recognize as Love.

Love can be viewed both as a distortion and a manifestation of The One, essentially capturing its essence. To draw an analogy, if we were to picture The One as a human-like being, Love would be its core or its internal organs. While The One doesn’t have physical organs, it embodies Love.

When we discuss Love, it’s vital to understand that this love is whole, undivided, and the very essence of The One. However, without certain distortion or transformation, this Love would remain hidden. Thus, Love in itself represents a kind of unfolding or revelation of The One’s innermost nature, also a certain deformation, a sort of extraction of its inner self by The One.

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much light sto4eternity1

There are many ways I can explain this, I will try and see what resonates, please leave the rest.

Since we are at the Loo forums, I will use one of their channeling session to help with this explanation.
From this session.

You have asked this day concerning the entity known to you as Jesus of Nazareth, what he is doing now and what this entity may continue to symbolize and suggest to those who seek the truth. At this level of contact, that is, the light trance of what this instrument calls conscious channeling, we do not wish to attempt to indicate, using this instrument, precisely what planetary sphere or what precise work this particular entity is now doing. We would, however, express our feeling that this entity was one of a social memory complex that was at a stage of graduation to fifth density. This entity and the social memory complex of which it was a part had in common a full consciousness of love and compassion. A love that creates. A love that destroys. A love that transforms. A love that is all that there is. This love was not informed or balanced with wisdom. This state of love of this social memory complex thusly was, if not absolutely perfect, at a very high level of near perfection. And as such, this group was exquisitely poised at the appropriate nexus when the opportunity came for incarnation using Christ consciousness within the Earth plane in third density.

A love that creates. A love that destroys. A love that transforms. A love that is all that there is.

Here is another explanation.

Creation… or simply… the “all.” is a singular, undistorted infinite string

When the first 3 notes were played, (freewill, love, light)

Our song began,

When you sing, the sound of your voice, the sound of your instrument is projecting outwardly,

separating from you to manifest into something beautiful.

Thus, Freewill, Love, and light, are the vehicles for the “All” to “be” … To sing… to hear it’s own song.

I am understanding this perception, and appreciate your comment, thank you! I didn’t have any concern at all, I was simply curious about how Jayce viewed that quality and essence of pure love as any possible permutation of the concept of
“separation”. Thats all. :))

Hey, thank you btw,

Your queries led me to finding some pretty dope music.

Here ya go,


Been having a few thoughts that might fit here…

I came across this Q’uote the other day (I don’t think think this has been used in this thread):

This creative Thought, by the action of free will, by the indwelling of possibility, has chosen to create light. Using this building block, which is the very fabric of space and time, the Creator has builded a universe. All that therein is, is made of light. All that is light was created by love. Consequently, all that is experienced in the creation is one thing, and that is love. No matter how distorted that energy, its substance is the same energy, the same ancestry as the lightest and brightest of energies. All positive- and negative-seeming appearances, no matter how far from love and light they seem to be, are still made up of love. 10-21-2001

Which made me think of this poem I’ve been carrying around for a few months by Emily Dickinson:

That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of Love;
It is enough, the freight should be
Proportioned to the groove.

I’ve been trying to puzzle out those last two lines. The first bit sometimes felt like a platitude and the last two lines were confusing.

But then I imagined them on a see-saw. Like the two sides of the poem are balanced on the fulcrum of “it is enough”.

“It is enough” is acceptance. It is the balancing point between the ineffable and the seemingly crushing weight of 3D experience.

Can this enormous thought–“love is all there is”–fit into the dark, dank grooves of our lives? If love is all there is, then it is already there.

“All positive- and negative-seeming appearances, no matter how far from love and light they seem, are made up of love.” The ‘freight’ of the thought that love is all there is seems like too much to carry in the moments when the emotions we associate with love can’t be felt. And when we are sitting beneath the weight of the insults, the rejections, the lonely moments of life, love feels miles away. Unreachable with our current load. But maybe those moments are the ‘grooves’ of our lives from the poem, just big enough (proportionally aligned) to show us how love fits anywhere and everywhere because it is everything. And when we sit in our grooves and accept the experiences (and the emotions that meet us in them) in silence, in meditation, then the mystery of love reveals itself.

I may have outstayed my welcome with this poetry thing, but I really enjoy finding the Creator in the creative expression around us. Feels like treasure hunting and I appreciate having a place to dump my doubloons:)



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Thank you for seeking so.
Owning oneself as infinite creator
inseparable, can afford poetic license
of creative expression.

Like many things - skill comes
by practice where artifacts can span
a wide range of quality - however we may
define that. As people read quality,
and intend quality, and strive for quality,
their seeking helps them manifest quality.

Your seeking promotes the quality of
your creative expressions and enhances
their value in doubloons. Hold faith in
helping others and the value of that as
a great treasure in your life. Thank you.

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Very encouraging words, soup. Thank you

Also along these lines, I really enjoy your lyrical improv, both the result and the exploratory spirit behind them.

This morning something like this occurred to me:

That Love, in such a strongly metaphysical sense, is the momentum to return to The One.

If all existence is a dissipation of The One, then the force driving the reunion would be Love. To lack Love, is to stop this process of returning to The One; to act against this return, is to express that which is opposed to Love.

This is, of course, one possible interpretation that can coexist with others. I like this one, and it arose altogether while asking myself: what should I do with myself? What to do next?

And so I thought to myself: “Anything as long as it is guided by Love, as long as it has basis on open Heart, because it corresponds to moving towards merging with The One.” And: “It’s important to open the Heart and disperse Love, and it’s only a matter of time to reach The One. No matter what I do, whenever I have Love, I am moving towards the The One. The rest is just matter of time…”

I can’t get lost, I can’t forfeit. Every moment I choose Love is also a moment of choosing to pass through towards reconnecting with The One, that is, ultimate fulfillment. So there is no better next step for me than to just take up Love.


Love is a diesel engine. Once started up, can work by itself. :slight_smile:


I found quoted snippet below to be very helpful to my current state as I have been seeking in meditation a way to better express love to the One Infinite Creator, and indeed how to understand Love in a much deeper way. While I presently enjoy a deep connection with my wife and children, there is a feeling that it is possible to expand past my inner circle - daunting as that may seem.

Q’uo: "The question of how to achieve contact with intelligent infinity for oneself and for others is certainly an interesting one. Perhaps we should begin with a story.

There was once a woman among your people whose life was too filled with luxury and too barren with desolation and [non-physical] deprivation. This entity hungered for all the things for which young women hunger—admiration, beauty, the camaraderie of friends, and the achievement of those goals prescribed by your peoples as needful for an adequate experience of prosperous and normal adulthood.

Yet this entity found herself in love, in love with someone she knew better than her mother or her father or herself or any friend or enemy. This entity called this man her savior, and knew that for this man, who was more real to her than flesh and blood, she would live and would gladly die. The entity joined a convent and worked at menial tasks as do those who adopt the bridal ring of poverty, chastity and obedience. That for her was the knowledge of the scholar. Yet, as she touched, she healed, and so she was sent to be a nurse.

The order to which she belonged was not a rich one, except in ideals, and so it turned itself to the aid of the most poor. The entity found itself upon the streets of cities in India, as you call that portion of your planet’s surface, kneeling day and night in the streets where homeless have their homes and the hungry ate no bread except death and ruin. The entity touched faces half-eaten by vermin, scabs and pestilence and saw the face of her savior husband. This entity walks among you. This entity could be you. And each of you knows that.

Yet each of you knows, too, that it was not given you to love the face of the Savior more than flesh and blood. We say to you, my friends, that if you wish to make contact with intelligent infinity, you must know what you love more than flesh and blood and your own life. Look deep in the ideal for the mysterious One whom you may call a savior. And when you find that face that you can love and love [wholly], then you shall find the gateway to intelligent infinity. There is no knowledge or understanding that will move you upon the journey to behold the face of the One who will save you from death, the death of limitation in consciousness.

Thus, you must examine day after day, and in meditation seek endlessly day after day, love itself. You cannot serve others and find the face of love—first you must know love, you must have subjective validation. Light and love must become real to you and more precious than all those things which you shall be asked to surrender and give up for the sake of that which you cannot see and never shall, that which is closer to you than your own breathing, dearer to you than any anything of which you may think. How can you love a face you shall never see? How can you personify the unfathomable mystery of creation? Love has as many faces as there are consciousnesses to behold love. Your savior will come to you when you have sought with [it]. Each day, each moment is pregnant and fecund with the infinite possibility of the full realization of the love for which you would gladly surrender all. Yet it is not known by any what moment you shall choose to open at last to love itself.

We can say that if you can think only in terms of action, by all means seek the face of love in action, but know that each hour that you spend acting in manifestation of the search for love needs to be matched in twice or four times the intensity, whether in duration or in simple caring, by the seeking within of the silence. For in developing your consciousness, in disciplining your personality, you shall at last draw near to an irresistible infatuation of puppy love, an innocent, crazy calf-mooning after the Creator. If you are not capable at this moment of falling in love, then the gateway of intelligent infinity is not yours at this moment, for you are not extravagant enough to know of love. Love is folly, for only folly could create the wonder that you see all about you. Only folly would wish to know itself. Only love can see life.

We are sorry to have no techniques to offer you, save one. Seek, and seek, and seek again, patiently, persistently and extravagantly. Find ways to laugh and bless your tears. Attempt to see love in everyone and everything and forgive yourself when you do not. Never let any seriousness, guilt or unhappiness divide you from your seeking for the love of love. Knowledge is not of your illusion. You [seek] to choose fully, to know the face of the Creator by a love that is full of compassion and service to others, a love that is radiant unto them, and so you must love and enjoy and cheer each other and know that if you bring each other to the resting place another may desire, it is love that has lead the way and not your knowledge. Seek, my friends, love, in love, for love’s sake. All else will follow."

I loved reading this and have had similar thoughts myself. I believe that at base level the original thought is simply ‘I am-ness’. A blissful state of nothingness. But in order to better know itself, it splits into the many. That first splitting is what causes all polarities (polarities not truly existing but being varying degrees of the same ‘thing’) and starts from the basic polarity of expansion away from the one and then coalescence back into the one. The pull back to the one is that feeling we call love is and it only increases as we move throughout the densities. If you think about it almost all levels of creation show this push/pull, love\hate effect.

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So, there is the primal love of intelligent infinity. “Love with no object.” That is foundational, and of course valid. Hower, to say that other forms of love are “lesser” is not accurate. I often see people on the spiritual path who think they can bypass these other expressions of love and still wind up at love in its purest form.

The “original thought” of love would be akin to a tree, and the other forms would be branches and leaves, which are valid and functional parts of the tree itself. By the laws of the reality in which we live, a tree can’t really survive indefinitely without its appendages.

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