Just your favorite YouTube channels

I was curious what your favorite spiritual evolution youtube channels are?

For example, I came across this channel (https://www.youtube.com/@gabikovalenko)

I love the relaxed atmosphere, and you?


These Law of One focused discussions from the OSWG have been very helpful to me.

Angelo Dilullo teachings/guidance around self-inquiry.

Adam Elenbaas is an astrologer and a great teacher. He described astrology once as the “manifestation of an organizing pattern in the mind of God, circling us in the heavens” and that stuck with me. He dives into the language of astrology in a way that makes a lot of sense to me. I started studying with his school last month.

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I have to include Scott Mandelker’s channel. Thousands of hours of talks covering The Ra Material and things like the Dao and Buddhism. He’s an incredible resource.


This may have been mentioned previously,
so please pardon me if it’s redundant.

There’s a YouTube teacher named
Tiago Forte, who promotes an idea of
knowledge management called building
the second brain.

In the Law of One perspective, you might
consider him a master Hierophant who
exercises a basic workflow CODE,
Capture, Organize, Distill, and Express
which can embolden your approach to
any avenue you pursue, using basic
tools such as a note taker, a scheduler,
a to-do list, and a reading list.

So imagine empowering the Significance
insights of the Significator portions of your
evolutionary journey. This is why I mention
this - you might accelerate your progress
tailored to your desires using his general

I ponder The Alchemist Sarah as some
honorable mention - she irons out so
many 5th dimension wrinkles beyond
reach of so many naysayer comments,
traversing a threshold of linguistic
barriers despite a sense of futility as
monologue saturation quickly turns
off most listeners.

In many cases,
humanity learns the hard way - as if
noble diplomacy comes second to
retarded ideas accepted without
question because of engrained
cultural patterns. One idea she
shares may be that we are not as
well informed spiritually as we think
we are. Maybe we study her more.

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Hello everyone,
For Spanish Speakers I would recommend the YouTube channel of “La Bruja Filosófica” (https://www.youtube.com/@LaBrujaFilosofica) . Everything is in Spanish, so I don’t know if someone in here is interested. Thanks to this YouTube channel I discovered The Ra Material and read the books.
She reads a lot and explains everything she reads very clear.
Blessings to you all. :slight_smile:

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There is all what i need to attempt wake up

I’ve found Aaron Abke’s videos to be insightful, speaking as someone who’s walked a similar journey (early-to-mid 30s male, grew up in strong Christian environment, eventually discovered the Law of One).