Is this real? Are We really gathered here?

This is surreal for me to come across this community. I could go into my backstory and path but it’s a whole lot of “I, I, I” and I’d prefer to discuss We. For what it’s worth “I” am young, well-traveled, experienced, and enlightened. I have been curious- and though I still am, I now know so much more of the Truth than when I had simply just awakened. I’m thrilled to be here. You can call me RK. My details don’t matter, I am a cosmic-minded human as much as You are.

I can’t imagine the power to emerge here. I’ve only just found this page after much online research following my finally getting into reading the Ra Material. Inspired to join the research and possibly cross my path along the paths of these great researchers, I flew in a flurry to get in contact with whomever I could. Sadly with this movement I found out of the demise of Don Elkins, and the passing of Carla Rueckert… Drawing me to seek contact with James Allen McCarty. The book did say he was the one to reach out to with interest, after all. One click led to another and I am here. And I realize that You are all here, too. And bless the souls of those who put in the work to create this space and bring us together- Do we not have some work to do from here?? In the name of all that has already been done. I am here, to be part of this.

Anyway, I must admit I have a lot of book left to read… but I’m catching myself up. I’m not pooling my entire knowledge from their sessions and writings- I’ve discovered much before this resource and it’s only led to validate and bring light to all I know is true. The idea of a community of truth-seeking lightworkers has my soul doing backflips. Are We really gathered here? Is this real? Do you find yourself here with the same cosmic understanding and intention?? I truly need someone to reach out to me. I have so much to give and I am ready for this.

All the best,
RK (organically Allie)

Yes, we’re real! Welcome!

But we may not be quite like you imagine

Welcome RK I love the enthusiasm all the best to you.

Hello RK, your energy and enthusiasm are SO AWESOME!!! You radiate so much passionate potential, I’m glad your on our side. You may think your mind is blown by what you have learned/perceived so far, but you ain’t seen nothing yet! I’m so excited for you, and your excitement stokes me. Thank you. If you are inclined, I would love to read about your journey, and some of the experiences you have had. Don’t sweat it that you haven’t read much of the material yet. The basic principle is deceptively simple, while the remaining material helps us gain a fuller understanding. I would encourage you to read as time permits, and to also read/view other material that you happen to come across. In my limited experience, we are led to material and concepts very often intentionally so that we may ingest that word/phrase/concept and then higher powers will use what you have read/learned to aid you in discernment, capability, and growth. Its like playing scrabble. You need lots of letters (words/phrases/concepts) for your pals to convey deep and complex info into your consciousness.

Congrats on being led to this forum, and super COGRATS for getting an incarnation here during the Superbowl. I believe it’s likely your soul has already proven itself capable, and that’s why you may have gotten a good spot in a comfortable country with ample food and shelter. Although you are a star player, you also got box seats with complimentary buffet… May I recommend the lobster, it’s quite good haha. You lucky dog… :wink:

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Me before the forum,

Me after,


Welcome RK!

:green_heart: :sun_with_face:

I’m interested to see how you fare with the material given that it seems you have been taking in your truth from other areas first and have now discovered the Ra Material. For me, this channeled work has sort of become a foundation or backbone that embraces, supports, and corroborates anything and everything I have come across since. The metaphysical structure and Ra’s way with describing difficult subjects almost becomes a guiding intuition that allows connections to be made in other areas. It allows me to open up and look for the connectedness instead of using a critical discerning eye. Of course discernment is vital to our individual seeking. I think there is both an intuitive and rational quality to discernment, and Ra states that the intellect (rational mind) makes a great slave but a horrible master. Allow yourself to be guided and when you arrive, carefully apply the intellect to further inform.

Good luck in your studies. I found there is so much to glean from this material and it only gives you what you are ready to receive at the time. I’ve found subsequent read throughs have offered me deeper insights and understandings than my first go. I’ve come to see that as a clue to the density of the information as I continue to learn.

I think so, yes.

Your post title, and your use of the word “surreal,” echoes my own thoughts and feelings. I had been writing the phrase, “This Is All Actually Happening.”

It is pretty cool, and pretty exciting, I think, to realize that the Illusion is really just that …

I would be interested, though, to read what it is that brings about your post, and what it is that you think that we are now meant to be doing (aside from posting on the Internet). I, too, feel that it is “something,” but I have no idea what. We can certainly support one another, but I think that there may be more to it …

Welcome here, RK., like others here I love you use of the word surreal ‘ :wink: :wink: