Intuition and Desire

I am reading through many of the channeled recordings on the website and came across one that prompted a question. The session is linked below.

Here is my question:

Is intuition and desire the same?

How can we know what intuition feels like in order that we can follow it?

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Desire is coming from the mind. Hungry I want to eat, Angry I want to hit etc… and like what Quo has mentioned it functioned like a code / logic in the computer.
Intuition is more ‘subtle’, people sometimes refer to it as ‘gut feel’, the intuition ‘voice’ can become louder when we put our mind to silence, thus as Quo mentioned “to seek in meditation the voice of the greater will”.

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Yes, I was reading about Quo saying in several different transcripts about the intuition being more a like a gut instinct…however, it still seems a bit tricky to me.

Couldn’t the intuition also feel like a desire?

Example: Someone has a new business idea that won’t go away. But they also have a desire to do it as well, so how could they tell the difference if it is an intuition or a desire?

Doesn’t an intuition feel like something we want to do?

I can’t imagine an intuition appearing like the Infinite Creator asking someone to do something they don’t want to do…like asking them to marry someone they don’t like, or move to a place they don’t like, or take a job they don’t like.

Somehow, it seems like there has to be at least some kind of desire, or want, or enjoyment in the intuitive feeling…

And then, how is desire, inspiration and intuition different? How to they intertwine?

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I think Quid, above, had the right sense of desire being more of the mind. It is viewed as such by sages like for example the Maharishi. Intuition is more the voice of the soul, and if you are asking an internal question directly to your spiritual guide, or Creator, an answer would be coming to you under the sense of intuition. Inspiration to me might be more coming of my soul and the pre-incarnative choices made of experimenting challenges in 3D. As well as being inspired by the example of another human, as it might also very well if along with our pre-incarnative choices…

And yes you are right, Creator would not ask you to do something precisely since he/she gave us free choice… lol


Intuition tends to be less ego centric.
Desire tends to be more ego centric, obviously since it’s coming from the mind and ego is the product of the mind.

The feeling of dejavu or I’ve been / experienced this before is intuition.
I’m hungry and I want to find nearest McDonald to eat burger is desire.
Once you’re there, come the sense of hey I’ve been in this moment before, that’s intuition.

On Sunday school, studying and memorizing the bible passage in order to be praised by parent/teachers/friends is desire. Once you study the passage there’s a sense of this passage seems weird / off but can’t really pinpoint why, that’s intuition.

A detective wanted to solve a case in order to gain promotion / reward is desire.
When he interviewed a witness there’s a weird feeling that this witness is not telling the truth, but he can’t pinpoint why or what is the truth, that’s intuition.



Questioner: Desire and will are key factors in the process. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We would add one quality. In the magical personality desire, will, and polarity are the keys.

Desire can be also be more enlightening than intuition. It depends more on the quality than on the actual specific impulse. Another way of saying it is that it all depends upon the tuning, the vibratory purity more than anything else.

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I’m not sure I follow…

I’m starting to wonder if Desire, Inspiration and Intuition are not all completely different.

I am getting the differences as we process through this conversation…but I’m not sure that they can be entirely separated from each other.

Example: Yesterday I was doing some work on the computer and had “Inspiration” to have a break and take a walk (something I don’t normally do to interrupt my flow). So, I took a minute to become silent and tune in and while part of me groaned about taking the walk (because it would mean putting boots and mittens and a hat and warm jacket on) I had a sense…probably my intuition… that I “should” go on the walk. So, instead of ignoring it, I just got up and took the walk. Nothing magical happened but I was glad I went.

So, in one sense I did the opposite of what I desired. I desired to stay inside the warm house and continue my work…did I miss out on something I could have gotten done? Did I avoid some mishap by going on a walk? Did my body need it and I just didn’t perceive it? Who knows!!!

I think that is part of the frustrating thing about learning how to listen to Intuition because it doesn’t always follow a logical path and it doesn’t always line up with desire. And we don’t always know if we actually followed our Intuition or not. Sometimes it’s obvious because we avoided an accident that we would have been involved in or something like that…but on days like yesterday when nothing seemed to be one way or the other because I took a walk, it’s questionable.

However, on the other hand, there have been times when a desire has popped up, it also felt like Inspiration and it also felt like Intuition. And then following it turned out to be a great thing.

Tricky, tricky.

Perhaps I want concrete answers and there are none to be had…

If one is swimming in shallow waters, then results of desires, intuitions, etc. will be shallow and might all look the same. As one moves into deeper waters, the stakes are higher and the results pay off at higher rates, perhaps positively or perhaps negatively.


We have here, I believe, a very important principle with respect to the Law of One. You have stated that the attitude of the individual is of paramount importance for the Orion entity to be able to be effective. Would you please explain how this mechanism works with respect to the Law of One, and why the attitude of the entity is of paramount importance, and why this allows for action by the Orion entity?


I am Ra. The Law of Confusion, or Free Will, is utterly paramount in the workings of the infinite creation. That which is intended has as much intensity of attraction to the polar opposite as the intensity of the intention or desire.

Thus those whose desires are shallow or transitory experience only ephemeral configurations of what might be called the magical circumstance. There is a turning point, a fulcrum which swings as a mind/body/spirit complex tunes its will to service. If this will and desire is for service to others, the corresponding polarity will be activated. (…)

Many upon your planet have been known as masters. Each of these men became aware of truth, aware of truth from the truth that was within them. [Each] perceived this awareness through the process of meditation. If an individual maintains his interest in things that are external, if he continues to use the intellect for analysis of each of his daily activities and for each of his confrontations as he progresses through his life, he will then be working in a very, very shallow way, with a very, very shallow objective and a very shallow opportunity to understand. It is necessary for him to avail himself of a truth that is not intellectual, a truth that cannot be explained in words, a truth that is only a feeling, a knowing, a truth that is. This may be done, my friends, through meditation. For this reason we seek to bring an understanding of the necessity for meditation.


Following ‘desire’ sometimes tend to ‘great’ a.k.a satisfactory results. That’s what the mind seek in the first place, a satisfaction to increase probability of existence, like a computer code.
Hungry → Eat → Stomach Satisfied → Survivability Increased.
I’m in no way saying that ‘desire is always bad/evil’, but understand that’s the function of desire which is the product of the mind.

Intuition is more on ‘feeling’ rather than ‘thinking’.
That’s why by silencing the mind one can differentiate between intuition or desire.

Following the intuition might not always resulted in tangible results that can be justified by the mind. And sometimes intuition have no ‘follow up action plan’ and/or objective either.
I’ve cited ‘dejavu’ as an example, what’s there to be ‘followed up’? nothing… can one pinpoint when one has experienced the same event before? nope… is there any logically justifiable benefit? might be none…


Let’s see how the Confederation sources defines intuition and desire.

First, intuition:

The intuition is, you may say, a bridge or a channel, connecting this rational mind to its unconscious resources. 2021-0707

For the intuition is that which moves down the trunk of the tree of mind, going from the conscious to the subconscious, and even further, to the cosmic energies to which you are connected in the universe as a totality. For each entity, as you well know, is a portion of the One Creator, which has connections to all of the creation. Thus, those who have relied upon this inner knowing, or intuition, for a large portion of their life experience, have developed a tool which is quite accurate in its ability to apprehend the significance of your interactions with all other entities and portions of your environment. 2017-0506

Thus, we have established a great respect for the intuition and emotion that is the essence of intelligence. 1989-1126

The intellectual mind and the intuitive mind are two sides of one coin. Analysis is a form of speaking, intuition a form of listening. And yet, when one is speaking, does one not also have ears? And when one listens intuitively, does one not hear the voice of silence? 1986-0518

Second, desire:

…it is desire that has set the creation in motion, as the one Creator expressed the desire to know Itself… 1987-0111

…desire is the fuel that runs the engine of your illusion, both the portion which is shadow and that portion which is form. 1995-0924

The strength of desire is the measure of the result of desire, for the universe is completely rhythmical and responds to that which is asked. 1987-0510

Desire is the fire that drives. 2001-1223

“Desire” is mentioned fifteen times more often than “intuition” by Confederation sources.

Informed by these quotes, desire appears closely related to the First Distortion, whereas intuition is related to our existence in third density. Desire causes the origination of what we want, and intuition shapes the nature of what we want. Things are done due to the expression of desire, and things are done well due to the shaping of intuition.


Well said. As the outward looking mind becomes balanced (i.e., relaxed and not outwardly grasping), the elements of the Deeper Mind become more accessible through intuitive knowing. Here we enter into the realm of refreshing creativity, whether in painting or mythical exploration or…

Here we begin our journey as “sub-Creator.”


Those terms points to very different processes, that each person can also experience somewhat differently.
Here is my take on them:

Desire is what’s lead’s to manifestation.

Intution is the receipt of simple action-oriented information that manifests itself in the form of a directed impulse. A call for action or inaction! Receiver is a part of us that is connected to everything. Senders are many: including the higher self, angels, earthbound beings or those of the Confederation, as well as Orions and their allies.

Inspiration is an information download from outside ourselves. We are given solutions, concepts or ideas, which can also be very complex. It is not a call to action.
Inspiration requires and is based on the knowledge base within yourself and is the result of your intention and desire. In the same way, when the beings of the Confederation channel, can only use already existing words and concepts of the mediums (instruments) for their messages and need an explicit permission (intention/desire) from them.

Gut feelings:
I personally don’t trust gut feelings very much, they are not reliable for me.
The gut follows the mind and reflects its thoughts, even unconscious thoughts. Gut feelings transports also basic impulses for pleasure maximization and displeasure avoidance. Of course not all gut feelings have those origins, but it’s hard to distinguish.
In my opinion, it is very helpful always to cross check gut feelings with the mind and let the heart decide if they should be followed.


Desire is the vibes you put out to receive.
Intuition is the vibes you pick up to be received.
both effect the energy configuration, actions, habits and behaviours, thoughts/feelings,

i think they are on the same spectrum of skill

How do you distinguish between gut feeling and intuition?

First at all, I’d like to stress that only you yourself, only your heart, can give you “your right answer”!

Our gut is closely connected to the brain via the vagus nerve. Therefore, the intestine governs thoughts and our thoughts govern body sensations. But as a woman you also have a womb. It represents a direct link to silent knowledge. It can provide to you what is to be done directly and how. Possibly someone would also call this “gut feeling” although it is a completely different phenomenon.
And then there is the difference between desire and longing. Maybe the former feels more like something you want to pull (and posses), and the latter feels like something that gravitate you toward it.

When it is mentioned that something comes from the mind, it seems to me that it somehow implies that this would be something bad/wrong. Only there is no bad/wrong - good/right, but there is disorder sometimes.
If you put your mind on it’s the right place, as servant for your heart you will have gained a powerful advisor. If your mind is the boss, you may are in trouble. :wink:

Therefore when you feel/know somehow you want or need to do something. Ask your mind about the consequences, the price, the effect on your personal environment… and then let your heart decide!
That way it doesn’t matter if it was a gut feeling, an intuition, a desire or a longing in the first place.


so wise, Reinhard…

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First at all, I’d like to stress that only you yourself, only your heart, can give you “your right answer”!

Always a good reminder :). thank you!

Gut vs. intuition seems like a subtle distinction to me so I was curious how the experience of those two things might differ. I think I would have labeled them the same, but am beginning to see a difference.

Gut feelings transports also basic impulses for pleasure maximization and displeasure avoidance.

This statement from your first post rings true and maybe points at the thought I’m trying to pin down. I know that in my life I have had gut feelings that were based in fear. The more emotionally mature I became, the more I was able to recogize that what I thought was “gut wisdom” was me convincing myself that a certain choice would meet my emotional needs.

It seems like cultivating emotional awareness and a deep honesty with oneself about motivations clears the way to connecting with intuition more clearly.

… and then let your heart decide!

The heart is a mysterious place, but exploring that is probably a whole other post (or perhaps the work of a lifetime!)

Thank you for your thoughts



so wise, Reinhard…


And you chose to come here not only to help this dear planet as its consciousness is transformed but you came also for your own agenda. And this agenda [is] always to do with love, for you see this is not the density of wisdom. This is the density of love. And you seek, when you think you are seeking wisdom, confusedly.


It is often seen as desirable to live the life in a carefully thought out manner, and certainly we would not say that thought given to a way of life is unwise or unspiritual. Rather, we would say that there is a kind of wisdom that appeals to the intellect but which is false, for your density is not the density of wisdom. The greatest wisdom that you shall ever learn in your density at this time is that you cannot know anything. In other words, that your incarnation is based completely upon faith. You have no backstop of destiny. You have no eternal parent that will tell you what to do. You are on a journey in uncharted waters and your intellect will not be able to be so wise as to steer your spiritual journey. Many mistakenly attempt to live a spiritual life coming from the intellect and from wisdom.


You must avoid mystiques, avoid the appearance of wisdom, for my friends, in reality you do not have wisdom, the Creator is wisdom and, insofar as you realize your part in that perfection, you are wisdom.
But you are as wise as a grape or a mountain or the sea.

Not wise, but a practical, feasible action strategy, not to get caught up in one’s own impulses and thoughts concerning it. Just another way to connect with one’s heart, that’s all.

Inspired by Dr. Raphael Bonelli, a Vienna Psychotherapist (Freud 3.0), who recently published a whole book on the subject: " Bauchgefühle" (“Gut Feelings”).

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Thank you for your thoughts :purple_heart:

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