Infinity is Bigger than you Think

I have a mathematics background and would like to give my perspective on what is meant by the word, “Infinity.”

First, not all infinities are created equal. There are countable infinities and uncountable infinities. For example, the Integers (-2, -1, 0, 1, 2, etc.) are countable in that you can list them all one by one. The irrational numbers (like the square root of 2) are uncountable in that you cannot even begin to list them all because there are always irrational numbers in-between the ones that you could potentially list.

So, in a certain sense the irrational numbers are a larger infinity than the integers. In mathematics, we say that the cardinality of the irrationals is larger than the cardinality of the integers.

Without getting too involved, I should also mention that there is no highest cardinality of infinity in much the same way as there is no highest number. This is also huge. The more I think about this, the more I wonder if there are multiple Infinite Intelligences. Perhaps there could even be an infinite number of them.

For more information see this article:

If you want to learn more about cardinalities of infinity, see the work of Georg Cantor:

Another relevant mathematical discovery is Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem. Gödel was interested in the mathematical postulates at the foundation of mathematics. Postulates are different from theorems in that they cannot be proven; they have to be taken on faith or assumption. Gödel wanted to prove the postulates as theorems or at least prove that there are a finite number of postulates from which we can derive the entirety of mathematics.

What Gödel found was groundbreaking and mind bending. He proved that mathematics is and always will be incomplete. He proved that there are an infinite number of starting postulates that need to be assumed before we can do any mathematics. You could start with any mathematical postulate you like, but the resulting mathematical system can either be complete or consistent, but it cannot be both.

This just makes me more excited about all the other worlds that exist out there. Perhaps this sort of math is what 7th density entities work with when creating the founding rules for higher octaves of experience.

For information, see the work of Kurt Gödel:


Yes there are multiple finite intelligence and there are infinite of them.
In order to define a thing as ‘many’ / ‘multiple’, a border / edge / limit need to be defined, which automatically makes it finite.

That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept.
– Ra


Thank you. I also mentioned Gödel and two posts later mentioned boxes and time/space.

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In my opinion, the real mystery about The Infinity (as opposed to any mathematical infinity) is that The Infinity is somehow “more”, as in more than all there is and more than the set of all possibilities.

So in other words, The Infinity is somehow “more” than infinite.


Yes, this is a good discovery, admonishing us that nothing in science is really certain. Any objective conclusion that is 100% certain is only established within some framework.

If we remove that framework, we no longer have that certainty. In other words, everything proven in science, for example, has its original basis in someone’s intuition, then assumptions, until ultimately objective conclusions are worked out according to a given framing.

So nothing is ultimately known or certain. Scientists learn about reality by observing and inferring various distortions (in the sense of the Confederation’s message), which are in relation to each other. In order to draw some conclusion they create a cage for a given group of interactions between distortions relying first on their subjective intuition to get it started at all, and then prove something within that “cage.” This all has an intriguing name and is called “scientific theory.”

Clearly, it is impossible to arrive at everything through science as we understand it in our culture. Nevertheless, it allows this science to study the various kinds of distortions that we encounter in reality and to draw various conclusions. It nevertheless allows us to get to know the Creator and what he represents himself while being in a distorted form.

These conclusions have merit and are interesting. However, I think that thinking of “many” infinities does not make sense, and is even in a sense a denial of infinity.

Ra said that to define The One, one can use Infinity. We can turn it the other way around and say that Infinity is one.

And I believe that the kind of infinity that Confederation is talking about is more than numbers. They even mention something like that once you are able to represent something even as a number, you already define it in some way and you “have it”, it is already finite and it cannot be the infinity they are talking about.

Here, numbers are not the most important, even though “infinity” refers to mathematics. I think that the question about thinking about infinity (such in the context of Ra/Confederation) can be: “If I were to express (mathematically or in other way possible) something that conveys no essence or meaning, has no definition and goes beyond logic, what would it be?”

And this is what I believe is infinity, in a more metaphysical sense. Mathematics is always the pursuit of only the trace of infinity, as is all our science. Since the infinity that I present in query above has no features, form or meaning, it is left to be one, it is left to simply be. Nothing can be extracted directly from such infinity, so it remains the one (any kind of extraction from infinity can be done only after distortion of that infinity. It is originally one, simply infinity.)

“The one” here is the “explanation” of infinity, and if you are looking for an explanation of “the one”, we enter “infinity”. One as something what remains as one and only one, remains then as unchangable and the same and something like that can be called infinity. And this is like search for something that is and at the same time is not… like an attempt to catch the mystery by the tail.

The only way to know this mystery, then, is to distort this “infinity” or “the one.” This is probably what we are in, what we live in, and through these distortions we come to know the one/infinity.

The many Infinite Intelligences, since they have no limits, no boundaries, and no pattern or characteristic that distinguishes them, would eventually cover each other, becoming one “mass” because they wouldn’t be prevented from doing so by any boundaries or differences in composition. They would be unified, they would become one.

Infinite Intelligence could act independently as many Infinite Intelligences only if, for example, they distorted themselves, giving themselves independent wills (The Law of Confusion fits here, because First Distortion/Free Will is more what characterizes the beginnings of The One.). Otherwise, without this, the distortions, would merge.

Basically, we are dealing with a multitude of Intelligent Infinities. And this is us. However, living in a system in which we have Law of Confusion (Free Will held by separate individuals), and in this way we also become separate Intelligent Infinites. At the 7th Density level this separateness disappears and becomes One Will.


Give that the fundamental constituents of our third density illusion are atoms or quarks or whatever, which are countable in integers. So I think fourth-density illusions may be comprised of constituents countable in irrationals or imaginary numbers or whatever, which may be a bigger infinity than third density. But the journey of disillusioning of illusions may be endless and lead to no final infinities.

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There cannot be multitude of intelligent infinities, because

That which is infinite cannot be many, for many-ness is a finite concept.
– Ra

There are multitude of intelligent finities
How many? infinite…

Infinities has no final (or beginning), so yes, the cycle of illusion-ning and disillusioning is begining-less and endless within the domain of time. A beginning and an ending (a finite definition of time) shall define the finite-ness of one cycle in time domain.

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Yes you are absolutely right, it came out of my confusion when I was looking for the right words to convey what I wanted to say.

As I wrote:

And this is what Intelligent Infinity represents to me in its “raw” form. “It” is only one.

And this is my general understanding of the infinity:

My confusion grew out of the fact that, on the one hand, I realize that the Intelligent Infinity is realized self in many ways, and it is every living entity, from plant and animal to functioning on its own (7D) level. That is, everything is a distorted Intelligent Infinity, so to speak, including me and you. Further we have the infinity nature of our own beings, further we can make an infinite number of choices. This is what I meant when I wrote this:

However, the fact is that, on the other hand, we are dealing with something finite and a peculiar distortion/s that differs directly from Intelligent Infinity and, from a certain point of view, is not it despite the fact that it is derived from it and is connected to it; however, it is manifested as a specific form, and in its manifestation it distort from expressing with itself the same as Intelligent Infinity is as such.

The manifestation and occupied role in all Creation is different here. Example of such one possible role: I. On the one hand, I have limited consciousness and will in doing whatever I woould like to, while on the other hand I derive from Intelligent Infinity and will eventually merge with Intelligent Infinity, since we are the same, only that I occupy a more distorted position for now.

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I also think you are going in the direction worthy potentially delving into. However, the possible answer is still quite hazy. The important thing here is to find that point of connection between consciousness (in the sense of the superconscious-soul) and on matter and, for example, the possibility of materializing a material object. On the one hand, discovering and seeing this may be subject to restriction by the Veil.

On the other hand, such a thing may exist and be wowed by virtue of sufficiently deep beliefs living in a person’s subconscious and the appropriate conditions created by 3 Density technology or some special natural conditions cooperating with a person’s psyche. If I had to bet on something in the physical world to account for it, I bet on gravity.

Perhaps there are ways to set up such a “circulation” of gravity so that it can send and respond with the right amount of light up and down (in terms of Densities) and connect with the observer’s consciousness.

It is possible that there is a secret in prime numbers. As they “connect one to everything.” They always are divided by 1 and the maximum value they express, in a sense, “the everything what they mean as self.”

In addition, being practically. When it comes to physics that complex numbers are certainly important. In quantum physics, complex numbers play a key role in describing quantum states, for example. Maybe the “flows” I suggested are more important than counting and numbering everything. However, ultimately, at least for our senses, the result will be interpretable when it appears as a number, at least while we are here in 3rd Density and assuming that with the mind we will try to understand it.

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