If the ego eventually ceases to exist after death as it is stripped to nothing but it’s experiences and lessons, what incentive does a person who is suffering have, in a cosmic sense, to continue living?

First of all, I am not having any thoughts of self harm, so let’s just get that out of the way now.

That said, this is a topic that has been bothering me for a while, and unlike other confusions I’ve had, I just can’t think through this. The material states that after physical death, the ego of one’s most recent incarnation, aka the individual person, goes through a life review and some other stuff. But regardless of what happens, the ego/individuality will cease to exist eventually.

So to that end, what negative consequence would an ego have that would disincentivize it from ending its incarnation intentionally and prematurely?

Surely it doesn’t matter once the ego stops existing? I say this because, if all are truly one, then wouldn’t anybody doing such a thing be harmful to all? That is clearly not the case, hence why I am confused.

My point is, even if their circumstances could get better, the risk/reward matrix doesn’t seem to balance


Hello Speedbird,
what an interesting question. I had never thought of that in that ‘angle’ …

The thing is, if you accept that you decided to incarnate along a certain plan, decided by your soul, to experience certain things and acquire some pieces of the puzzle, then obviously in some ways the ego is secondary but becomes a real tool at the beginning of incarnation.

Stopping an incarnation is, in some ways, depriving oneself of said experience… So the matter of the ego becomes more a matter of having a tool, rather than something that in fact creates disservice to the entity… What do you think ?

If you check some of the books of Michael Newton about life in time-space, it is quite evident that stopping the incarnation has some negative impact… lol, but it’s not in fact linked to the ego existence, but well to the soul’s inner goal…

But your question was great… Happy journey !! :grinning:


Well it’s not “the ego” but more of the consciousness unit (CU) wrapped by the ego.
Because during the “life review session” the CU will be given access to the memory of the ego and also other egos that the ego interact with. Thus it will have more complete perspective of the events that happened and being focused on for the review from the perspective of multiple ego.
Let’s say the ego bullied another ego during elementary school, the CU will then experienced the event from the perspective of both the bully and the victim.
And since the ‘memory access’ is tightly correlated with the process of the self-identification, the CU will then identify ‘me’ as both egos. Thus the saying; you will then judging yourself using your own standard of judgement.

Most (not all) of the cases of intentionally ending it’s incarnation were driven by the desire to escape the problems / challenges being faced within the incarnation and it has certain purpose too. During the life review the CU will understand how such action affects the egos. Including the egos that were not visible during the incarnation yet involved in / impacted by such event.
“Simulating the problems / challenges to be faced within the incarnation” require dedication and hard work from multiple parties or we can also say hard work from actors and actresses and myriad of other supporting roles.

I’m not sure I can answer your questions but I can provide some insight maybe with some quotes from the material.

Here I would be interested to know if you have had any profound moments lately. Contact with intelligent infinity can be very profound and lead to all sorts of realizations.

34.2 Questioner: Thank you very much. We’ll start general questioning now. You stated at an earlier time that penetration of the eighth level or intelligent infinity level allows a mind/body/spirit complex to be harvested if it wishes at any time/space during the cycle. When this penetration of the eighth level occurs what does the entity who penetrates this experience? Can you tell me this?

Ra: I am Ra. The experience of each entity is unique in perception of intelligent infinity. Perceptions range from a limitless joy to a strong dedication to service to others while in the incarnated state. The entity which reaches intelligent infinity most often will perceive this experience as one of unspeakable profundity. However, it is not usual for the entity to immediately desire the cessation of the incarnation. Rather the desire to communicate or use this experience to aid others is extremely strong.

It seems like to me you have identified a paradox that even Don covered later.

54.7 Questioner: Now, I have made these statements just to get to the basic question I wish to ask. It is a difficult question to ask.

We have, coming from the sub-Logos we call our sun, intelligent energy, which then forms, and we’ll take as an example a single sub-sub-logos which is a mind/body/spirit complex. This intelligent energy is somehow modulated or distorted, so that it ends up as a mind/body/spirit complex with certain distortions of personality that it is necessary for the mind/body/spirit complex or the mental portion of that complex to undistort in order to conform once more precisely with the original intelligent energy.

First, I want to know if my statement on that is correct, and, secondly, I want to know why this is the way that it is; if there is any answer other than the first distortion of the Law of One for this?

Ra: I am Ra. This statement is substantially correct. If you will penetrate the nature of the first distortion in its application of self knowing self, you may begin to distinguish the hallmark of an Infinite Creator, variety. Were there no potentials for misunderstanding and, therefore, understanding, there would be no experience.

Yet ultimately it doesn’t matter if you actually die or not. Your mere existence and choices which form your ego instantly ratify the creator. Because for it, all things happen instantly, so nothing is lost.

78.22 Questioner: I did not understand that. Could you say that in a different way?

Ra: I am Ra. As you have noted, the creation of which your Logos is a part is a protean entity which grows and learns upon a macrocosmic scale. The Logos is not a part of time. All that is learned from experience in an octave is, therefore, the harvest of that Logos and is further the nature of that Logos.

The original Logos’s experience was, viewed in space/time, small; Its experience now, more. Therefore we say, as we now speak to you at this space/time, the nature of creation is as we have described. This does not deny the process by which this nature has been achieved but merely ratifies the product.

The Law of One Session 34
The Law of One Session 54
The Law of One Session 78

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Eh, yeah, sort of…

The individual you see in the mirror will fade down post mortem, but the the you which is a composite of all your incarnations will be dialed up, if you will. The way this composite self grows spiritually is to undergo further incarnations which it is put on the spot to respond to life according to what it most deeply knows to be Truth.

In other realms it’s an “open book test,” but here there is no cheating in the sense to the answers are not obvious. The lack of obviousness requires us to dig deeper and deeper into self to find deeper to find more deeply satisfying answers to questions like, what is more important to me than my own life? Answering such questions in the veiled context of 3D actually helps more deeply orient your very composite self or “soul stream.” So, the negative consequence of ending an incarnation early, at the least, is the opportunity cost.

Beyond that. incarnating here at this time in the harvest cycle is a rare opportunity to do very serious work in knowing the self. This is another dimension of the opportunity lost.

Of course, if one is at the point of even contemplating such things, then abstract ideas like these hold little interest. Even so, this is an exceptionally good time to learn how ALL of this is self reflective and self generated and self chosen.