Humility/Meekness and Pride/Entitlement

This is among the gem of Quo’s channeling touching the topics of humility vs pride.
Based on my observation so far; Humility/Meekness is the key characteristic of STO, consequently Pride/Entitlement is the key characteristic of STS.

First about the definition.
Humility = “meekness or a lack of holding to the self a sense of entitlement or importance.”
But it is NOT “quality of being low in self-worth or unable to stand up for the self”.

The feeling of “low opinion of self” is actually the trigger for “egotism and pride”, thus humility / meekness is NOT the same as “having low opinion of self”.

As Quo mentioned:

However humility is NOT necessary to advance spiritually, just like being STO is not necessary to advance spiritually. Advancing spiritually can also be achieved through Pride and choosing the STS path.

The awareness of “I am the Creator” is shared between the two opposing path.
Yet what differentiate STO and STS is how they see the ‘other self’. Do they see the ‘other’ as “also the creator” thus part of “me/us” or they see the ‘other’ as ‘things that must be controlled and be put in order by me/us’.
Yet STO and STS are actually two side of the same coin. The path of “unifying” or “(continue) separating”.
As without “separation” the process of “unifying” is not possible to exist.
Without the “IS NOT” the “IS” cannot be recognized.

The entire dialogue:


Lol, Quid …
How about this paradox of feeling deep humility and at the same time recognizing the divine sparkle inside , bring whole with Creator or Creathrix, then again at the same time feel deeply humble… how about the complete existence of both, lol ….

Yes that session also address such inquiry.
You are divine, yet others are also divine and part of you.
You will then ponder “how am I best to serve you”, since you are also a part of me.

Yes, exactly

In fact I find this strange, lovely humility brings such freedom as we feel so connected to everyone else