Working on Yourself

Is working on yourself through meditation or energy work considered STO? Or is it STS?

According to the Confederation talkers, meditation is the most direct way out of the sinkhole of indifference, and one could add that this is because it is the most direct way of knowing the self outside the context of the illusion. Knowing the self leads to greater polarisation; whether this is put to positive or negative purposes is up to the individual.

So, your answer is, “yes,” it can be either positive or negative.

Thank you for that. I try meditation but I can’t get that deep. I always feel the pressure of energy on my chakras, and don’t know how to get around it in order to go deeper in meditation.

In between helping others energetically I help myself. I just wasn’t sure if helping yourself was STS.

I think I need to get past the STO/STS labels. Maybe STO is an allowing/accepting.

Everyone has something or other come up to impede their meditation, it’s an integral part of the general process of moving from separation to unity.

To meditate is to seek the self that can only be known inwardly. This part of self is unknown to the outwardly-known self, and the outwardly-known self does all it can to keep your attention moving outwardly to the tangible world because its afraid to venture outside its own element. This would include chakras and everything which is in flux.

From here there are various approaches, but some would say that the key is feeling how every thought which arises pulls in one direction while quiet observation of consciousness itself pulls oppositely in an inward direction. Once you find orientation–feeling the inward and outward directions–it gets easier to intentionally go one way or another.

When that poise is found where one sits observing consciousness, waiting for that which seeks to be born from within, this is where meditation begins, some would say. In that space the outwardly-known self becomes a partner with the inward self with a new understanding of unity.

It’s quite simple, really, but not easy because the discipline requires that every aspect of self focus and yield and contribute together for the same purpose. No part of self is left unturned, if you will. To be silly about it, it’s like dropping all those quarters into the washing machine at the laundromat. You do inner work again and again and again, over and over, and not until you drop in that last quarter does the machine come alive and begin doing its sacred dance…sort of.

This really cleared things up.

Whoa Patrick …. :wink: :purple_heart:

Anthroheart, all my love as usual !!! :purple_heart: