Human emotions research

Try to analysis human emotions

Ra said that when you find happy, try to find unhappy; when you find patience, find impatience; i am going to do this, any suggestion and advice is welcomed

Happy and sad

Happy is an emotion when people get something that important
Sad is an emotion when people lost something that important

something include matters, people that loved, advantages ,money ,food, anything

peace: lost nothing and get nothing

how to eliminate sadness:
1 Recovered the things
2 Play down the importance

how to eliminate happiness:
1 lost
2 Play down the importance

how to rest in peace
1 nothing to lost, nothing to get
2 nothing important , care not

Emotion is experience in catalyst, distilled‘s through a mind body spirit complex.

guilt and not guilty

people have their own discipline, such as: honesty, kind, talkative, patience, anything;

guilty: when someone break his discipline
not guilty: not break his discipline

how to eliminate guilt
1 make up for the thing that break the discipline
2 Modify the discipline

I think emotion is distilled through the potential of the mind, use the experience of the mind and the catalyst of the mind

contentment and discontent

people do something and get something, there is some relationship between them

contentment: an emotion when people think that the thing that done is more that what he/she/it got
discontent: an emotion when people think hat the thing that done is less that what he/she/it got

same return, more effort, more discontent

jealousy and not jealousy

people have a degree of contentment about themselves, and have a degree of contentment about otherselves by analysising what other people do and what other people get;

jealousy: when a people think someone around is more contentment than himself/herself/itself
not jealousy: vice versa

alone and not alone

alone: vibration and the surrounding environment is not harmonious;
for example:
1 looks different
2 different thought
3 different behavior
4 different culture

not alone: vice versa

confident and unconfident

people usually has an assessment of themselves ,such as : i am tall, i am kind, i am rich, i am clever etc
people also has an assessment of the environment such as: this place is not for stupid people, this room needs tall man, here not welcomed the poor, etc

confident: the assessment of the self is higher than the assessment of the environment
unconfident: vice versa

how to be confident:
1 lower the assessment of the environment
2 higher the assessment of self

fear and notfear

fear: an emotion that there is a potential to lose something important but do not want to lose
notfear: nothing important will be lost

how to eliminate fear
1 Improve your control that you never lose
2 lower the importance

free and notfree

free:can do anything, think anything , without limitation
notfree: vice versa

how to be free:
1 Eliminate the idea
2 break the limitation

Golden, hello buddy.Im so glad someone new has joined this forum (the community is hella small right now lol).

Dude,check this out right? See everything works on the physical,mental,and metaphysical righ? So,like, what your describing makes soooo much sense but its also very important:You know, I look at a lot of eastern societies, philosophies, and customs and a lot of times what you find them saying is that emotions are almost the result of an undisciplined person.
I get why they say that,I understand the line of contemplation,but its like,wtf,“I can’t feel?”.

Anyway,like,for me it has to all be mental because,like, when I’m dealing with people I can’t express to them every little thought I have or even express every impulse of every nano second because conformity is an part of love,and its an way of infiltrating someone’s distortions to teach/learn them if they allow so…yeah. And dude I’m not gon lie its an roller coaster doing it that way,because,like, you’ll need time by yourself if you do it that way other wise you’ll what we call “explode”.Hahahaha like for instance if someone gives me a sweater for Christmas I’ll take it and I’ll be like “Thank you” with a loving smile to bright up the town but in my head I’ll be…“Wtf am I suppose to with a sweater.” “This person knows I wanted a new Xbox,why did he just give me a sweater”,“Does this person really love me?” “Maybe they’re screwing with me and the Xbox will come later”,“Well,maybe he was just looking out for me,I mean it is December”,“But I could buy me a sweater if I wanted Christmas is for giving so that the receiver is happy and this shiz doesn’t make me happy”,“Its not his fault,I mean this person does care for me,maybe he just made a mistake and thought Im into this sort of thing”,“Should I really be so upset at this gift,even if he was messing with me?” “Am I really on that level? Its an object,an piece of cloth”,“You know what what screw it,I like it,its Christmas and I’m gonna be happy” etc etc etc.

This form of what your doing is,shall I/we say, “natural” because it comes from the primordial distortions of your chosen mind/body/spirit totality at said particular time/space that enables your mind/body/spirit complex to incarnate with the,if you will,“package” of biases/distortions that causate the catalytic responses/unresponses that is the manifestation of your life for the portion of the One Infitite Creator that our people call,“you”.

The other method to do what your doing is no different from the first,but only in the predisposition that all ways means and methods are, at their core,one.

So anyway, the second is when you deliberately view the ugliness of something you/I consider beautiful,see the nasty in the what you distort as “clean”,consider the hard in that which is distorted “easy”. This way may be considered different in the context that you/I are tapping into that part of you/me that was not apart the default ,shall we say,“package of distortions” that this portion of the One Infinite Creator chose to by default,if you will,incarnate in but is apart of your/my mind/body/spirit totality complex. This way may be seen to develope “empathy” when dealing with other entities for to see any object or entity in all its aspects is to by virtue see the cirmumstances that compound into these aspects.
Empathy is an “special” vibration (virtue) that comes from the seventh (final) density that trickles down to ours (third-fourth density) allowing us to see the One Infinite Creator in all its…costumes,if you will,which may soon thereby lead to not just the penetration of “feeling what others feel” or the opposite faction of everything around you…Nay, but you may find that even further still that this form of green,blue, indigo,and violet ray activation will result in the gleaning that not only can you feel what other feel,perceive multiple areas of your densities reality,but you are those very feelings, that very object,that very ugliness in the beauty, the very good in the bad lol.

Welp! I HOPE that helped haha. If not I’m so sorry dude, I love you…whoever you are,and I’ll see you around-one way or the other.
Dude! There was something I wanted to tell you I just remembered…I looove how you post like were texting on Facebook messenger. Lol its awesome.

Hmm, “control” and “not losing” is a very resistant state, and that which we resist persists.
Fear, is not something to be fearful of, it is a great catalyst to self understanding if we become aware of it.
Be mindful that “to control” is a mechanism that is a very service to self path of thinking.
I ask, why is there a need to control, and to control what?
The need to control is a fear in itself.

To lower the importance is to deny, which is also a form of resistance…

To understand ones fear “shadow work” may be of service.

Hello buddy, thanks for reply

Maybe when someone totally balance his/her/it emotion, can be “I can not feel”

How to totally balance emotion is what I try to do

Maybe analysis the emotion, find the cause and the effects, find the opposite, is one way to balance the emotion

In fact , the form of what I am doing is inspired by my inspiration, I just want to do this and share it ,so it begin

Just think everything is one is absolutely a method to balance, but hard to totally balance, because it is a subtle work. to know it, to accept it, to union it is the way I choose to balance.

Since you say that empathy is a special vibration comes from the seventh density, I am very interested in this, could you please describe more about the 7 density, what Is eternal? Is eternal means just peace and forever? What is the different between 6 density and 7 density? Thanks;

It is very hard for a non-natural-english to communicate in English , especially when I read or write a very very long sentence , especially when I read the law of one when Ra said a long sentence without a pause, please forgive the way I speak in English and maybe some misunderstand in what you said


Hello buddy, thanks for reply

Control always lead to sts, it is not a good way to balance, but it is a way that most people choose to do

Just realize every thing is one, lost and got is one, you are one infinite creator, you are love and light, you can lose nothing, there is nothing to fear, is a better way to balance


tired and not tired

In fact, when a people consciously do something can feel tired, unconsciously do something like breathe and heart beat all day can not feel tired.

body is a creature of mind, body tired is mind tired, without mind tired, too much use of body can only feel hurt ,numb, acid bilges due to the cell damage

tired: when mind concentrate on something, it can do work, or accumulate expect,if the return not match the expect, feel tired
for example
1 work for money, but get little money
2 study hard, but bad grades

not tired: return more than expect
for example
1 work for money, so much money
2 study hard, best grades

tired is always with discontent

different about tired and discontent:
for example,

someone works hard, but get little money, he feels discontent about his boss, only his boss pay more money or his boss do something else can eliminate the discontent.

someone works hard, but get little money, he feels tired, but maybe a good diner , a good scenery, a good sleep can eliminate the tired.

discontent is always need to deal with the cause, but tired can be eliminate by any source.

Your point on what control really means is such a great insight about the service to self…

I think , interestingly, in some cases, not all the time, lol, but tiredness may come from service to self. It’s so interesting how service to others brings elation and usually because it’s accomplished with love, which in the end brings bliss to the one serving. Of course tiredness doesn’t come only from service to self, but because service to self often fills up a place of fear, often one may become tired with the thought all right , one fear gone, but that was hard work and who knows what it will take to fill up the next places, as often the path of service to self is a constant fight to go for the win over someone else.

Golden,brother Shalom. I’m glad I was able to contribute to you dude.

Next,please dont apologize for stuff like that lol,personally it only recently started occurring to me that this community may include people from outside my country and your comment about being wherever you are actually humbled me,even though it is indicative that you didn’t take offense it could/would have happened to someone else who I “banter” with in a similar demographic as you so actually I want to apologize lol regardless of my intent:Respect is an form of love for others and,thereby can lead to service to the same so…-shrug-

Moving forward,surely you can imagine how describing eternity can be…contradictory lol :stuck_out_tongue:
Also…I am not able to carry my language to the extent of literating the seventh (Black hole?? Lmao)
I also won’t tell you why because in this particular case to disclose “why” describing a thing is not possible will also,quintessentially,lead to, in the double negative, an description…and that won’t help you/me…possibly/probably.

Ive forgotten what the sixth density is like so I’m sorry man,I can’t describe it in space/time as you’ve requested.

Buuuuuut,if you are looking for elucidation as to the seventh and sixth you may attempt to research the terms “The Infinite Un-Manifest”, “Ain”, “Ain Soph”, and “Ain Sophor”. I’m sorry brother, in the balance of things its disharmonious to instruct you so that’s about as far as I can nudge you.

Hell yah! Once you’ve labored in your meditations towards unity,feel free to describe it lol I personally am excited to read how you/I put it into words lol.

Welp! That’s enough on my end,let me/you ask you/me a question now.
Why do you say that maybe balanced emotions will lead to no emotions at all?
Wanna talk about that?

Until next time brother.You take care of yourself.