How Do We Know If We are on the "Right" path?

Let me first qualify by saying I don’t think there is a “right” or “wrong” way to live out a particular incarnation. There is always learning and experiences to be had no matter what.

Here is an excerpt from Latwii, May 12, 1985 for an example of what I want to dive into.

I am Latwii, and we may respond to this query by saying yes and no. We do not mean to confuse—let us clarify. To begin with, yes, a plan may unfold its outline and its specific experience in a manner other than that which was planned, yet it cannot be said to be wrong, for each entity in each experience may observe the infinite opportunity to learn the lesson of love. In some degree all plans will incorporate this lesson and will reflect this lesson in an unique fashion. When a plan has deviated from the course laid before the incarnation, there are, shall we say, certain fail-safe devices, as we may use this term, which also have been incorporated that have the hoped-for effect of bringing the plan once again back into congruency with that which was determined before the incarnation. There are an infinite number of these devices which are preprogrammed, and there are an infinite number of opportunities for the incarnational entity to utilize these devices or to ignore them, for, indeed, within the incarnation, free will needs that which you may call determinism, and the incarnation then becomes a balance between these two forces.

I have always been interested in the subject of purpose, plans, destiny…etc.

Not only has it been an interest, but I have struggled with knowing whether or not I am doing things according to “plan” for this incarnation of mine or not. It has caused me much suffering as I REALLY seem to have a desperate desire to know if I am making proper choices or not.

You may have read my recent posts about catalyst and depression…

I am at a very strange place in my life right now…a lot of things unknown…a pull to surrender completely to Creator into the unknown…

And yet, I still feel so tangled up about how to actually do this surrendering stuff.

How do I know if I am doing it “right”?

How will I know if I am being redirected?

Right now, nothing at all seems to be working for me except sleeping more than usual, being very low energy, wanting to have less and less to do, disinterest in things that used to be enjoyable…

It’s odd too, there seems to be a pattern, I will have what seems to be an inspiration to create something or to make a small plan for some business ideas. I will start doing the ideas or creative things and then mid-way through, I’m like, “Why am I even doing this?” It suddenly feels completely exhausting to try and do these things in the middle of doing them…thinking that I had the inspiration to do them and then it just vanishes and I feel drained.

I have a sense within me that this is all part of the “process of awakening” but it feels so disorganized…out of place…blurry…messy…frustrating…I can’t seem to plan a single thing because when I do, it doesn’t seem to work out. How can I know this is a process rather than some ego thing?

How can I know if I am being guided into surrender…or if I am just being terribly lazy?

I appreciate any thoughts in advance.

Quo talk about “Surrender” on this session.

Some snippet from it:

It does not become more in control of what occurs within life.
Rather, it becomes unafraid of not being in control.
And so the self within incarnation becomes merry and lighthearted, whether in sunshine or in rain; whether in good times or evil. For the self remembers that it is on a journey whose destination is sure. And thusly, through all the changes and chances of mortal life, that seeking soul may be confident and quiet within, full of faith and knowing that all is well.


AAR, perhaps the key in surrendering is just having faith that nothing happening is off despite what looks horrific but doesn’t prevent us from acting in the present moment, at anything appearing. Acting being sometimes not acting physically but feeling calm, centered and sending love, whatever this love means to each.

So not being lazy per se, at all, but keeping inside ‘knowledge’ or ‘faith’ that whatever is, out there in that moment, is there not by wrong accident, but by being preciously, shall we say, put into place ?

So as Quid says, becoming unafraid to not be in control.


I will split it into two questions:

  1. To know if you on a right way of reincarnation. The answer should be if you know pre-incarnational programming (page 218, a concept guide – good illustration). To know the pre-incarnational programming you should go beyond the veil. Unfortunate I cannot tell you how to do it but Ra say there are many ways of doing it.
  2. To know if you on a right way (in general). I can tell you my criterion, don’t know if it might suit. The criteria is whether I support a Choice. Even if one chooses service to self I will greet it (well, maybe) in the same way as service to others. I know that service to others rejects the choice, but it’s ones choice to choose choice without choice. In the end dark will search for the light.

Quid, that link to the Saturday Meditation was so rich! I have printed it out to read often as it really spoke to me.

I still question though, is there a more “proficient” way of seeking? Say, a more “right” way of doing it? A way that will not drive me insane?

Because currently, and for most of my life, I have felt an insatiable desire to KNOW truth and seek the Creator (though it is not religious as it once was)…sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my obsession with seeking and my desire to KNOW truth.

Each and every ‘way’ is the ‘right’ way for specific entity.

I used ‘watching movie’ metaphor before, this time I’ll use “hiking metaphor”.

Imagine a group of friends on a hiking trip to the mountain peak.
The destination is clear and the same for everyone, the mountain peak.
How to get there each group of hiker will choose different path.
Some will choose the easiest path, there’s a cable car running to the top, not much of a challenge but the view from the car is wonderful.
Some will prefer more challenge, a trail where they can cross a stream, waterfall and a steep cliff to climb.
Some others will prefer much more challenge, a labyrinth containing many dead ends, with lion and dragon to overcome.
Once they arrived at the peak, each will share their story.
The cable car experience, cliff climbing and encountering lion and dragon, each tell their own story.
Plus once they arrived at the peak, they will also share their experience with those who play the role of lion and dragon, as it turns out the lion and the dragon are also actually friends.
It’s all about the experience on journeying to the peak, and not about arriving at the peak of the mountain.

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Can I comment it, @Quid? There’s another thing in this picture:

78.20 The seed concept of the significator being a complex introduces two things: firstly, the Creator against Creator in one sub-Logos in what you may call dynamic tension

To my opinion lions and dragons do not reflect it well as inappropriate comparison with Creator.

53.14 Your query indicates incorrect thinking. The Orion group uses the physical examination as a means of terrifying the individual and causing it to feel the feelings of an advanced second-density being such as a laboratory animal.

Everything is the Creator.

The destination being merging back into the ONE???

Everything is the Creator.

It is. By inappropriate comparison I meant treating third-density being as second-density being. Saying Creator against Creator Ra meant third-density being as it was asked about creating the acceleration of polarization. They should be saying it about not perfectly balanced entities, the perfectly balanced entity will respond love.

42.3 Questioner: I will attempt to make an analogy. If an animal, shall I say a bull in a pen, attacks you because you have wandered into his pen, you get out of his way rapidly but you do not blame him. Or, you do not have much of an emotional response other than the fear response that he might damage you. However, if you encounter another self in his territory and he attacks you, your response may be more of an emotional nature creating physical bodily responses. Am I correct in assuming that when your response to the animal and to the other-self seeing both as the Creator and loving both and understanding their action in attacking you is the action of their free will then you have balanced yourself correctly in this area? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is basically correct. However, the balanced entity will see in the seeming attack of an other-self the causes of this action which are, in most cases, of a more complex nature than the cause of the attack of the second-density bull as was your example. Thus this balanced entity would be open to many more opportunities for service to a third-density other-self.

42.4 Questioner: Would a perfectly balanced entity feel an emotional response when being attacked by the other-self?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The response is love.

Infinity can only be equal to infinity. Infinity doesn’t have any boundary / border.

Having said that, in the hiking metaphor above there’s no comparison between lions or dragons with the creator.
However Lions, Dragons, Hikers, Trees, Mountain are all conscious and is a finite part of the infinite.

3rd density, 4th density, 5th, 6th, 7th, 1st, 2nd is an evolutionary state of “unit/part of consciousness”.
3rd density were once 2nd or 1st before reaching 3rd density in it’s evolutionary stage.
And eventually every 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6h, 7th will reach 8th density, unifying back with the infinite, ending the illusionary experience of separation.
This is similar to every babies will become adult, elderly and die.
I don’t find any problems comparing 2nd with 3rd, 3rd with 4th, 4th with 5th etc… as there’s no problem on comparing teens with adults or babies with children or babies with elderly.

Having also said that, the main point of the metaphor was, every ‘enemy’ that you faced within the experience is actually also ‘part of you’, who agreed to take the role of the ‘enemy’ to give you such particular experience, in the hiking metaphor, it was to give the hiker of '‘encountering lions or dragons’ experience.
We can change this for example to: Mbappe is a part of Lionel Messi who agreed to take the role of his enemy in the world cup final to give Lionel Messi the experience of winning the 2022 world cup final.

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When questions such as these fall away, you will find yourself more at peace within your deeper being. It may be useful to ask them, but you will never find satisfying answers before you experience their meaning.

The currents in which you are now swimming are complex, and surrender to them is an highly ambiguous concept.

  1. Bring to their conclusion the lessons of survival, personal relations and relations with groups.
  2. Focus unceasingly upon self-acceptance & other-acceptance, which sums up your heart’s understanding.
  3. Begin to cultivate a relationship with your spirit guides.

Some place along the way, such questions as now fascinate you will give way to the joyous experience of participating more fully in the beauty of your journey.

All the best to you…


To become all, a.k.a infinite.
That’s the reason why there’s only 1, since it has no border or boundary.
By breaking the (virtual) border / boundary that define a portion of the infinite to be finite (bordered).
Thus the reason why the border / boundary is labeled as virtual, because it’s temporary.

Another metaphor for this is:
Imagine consciousness like air.
Here, there, everywhere it exist in all things.
As such there’s no my air, your air, their air, it just air.
Entity or identity is like a soap bubble

With the existence of the border given by the soap bubble’s wall, the air inside the bubble can define “inside” and “outside”, “me” and “not me” (others, you, them). The now has become finite air contained inside the bubble is experiencing ‘separation’.
The soap bubble can split to become smaller bubbles.
And many bubbles can merge together to form bigger bubble.
As it progress, the wall of the bubbles will become thinner and thinner and thinner.
Until one time the bubble will pop. No more wall.
Releasing the confined air inside the bubble to rejoin the all infinite borderless air.


What does this mean?

Excellent metaphor Quid!

Good question.

There’s a stage one passes thorough where one mainly identifies with dramas involving the first three energy centers. These are what most people encounter when they sit down to meditate, for instance. Many of these dramas just play out their energies and drop away. Others are more durable and need to be brought to what the aliens call the outer courtyard of the heart. In any event, these personality dramas point a finger at things we need to learn to love.

So, the idea of bringing these things to their conclusion involves learning to balance the highly distracting.dramas of the lower centers with the unconditional love one finds access to in the heart.


We were given free will so we could make the “wrong moves” and go down the “wrong path”

It wouldn’t be free will if we knew the “answers” and followed pre incarnated plan perfectly

I’m using parentheses to emphasize the idea that right and wrong decisions are arbitrary concepts

Sure, we can make an immoral decision or miss an opportunity, but the gps always reroutes itself and there may even be more opportunity in the “wrong” decision to learn and utilize catalyst

If we all knew what the plan was for ourselves, life would be similar to what it was like before the veil when everyone was conscious of their connection to the godhead and the god head’s plans (more like spirit guides plans, the god head simply is the creative principle imo)

Personally I would love to go back to life before the veil, their is a lot of suffering created by the law of confusion

However supposedly all of this fumbling in the dark and uncertainty is precisely what helps us mature spiritually and we would not mature as fast if we knew the “plan”

That’s just my take on the matter, hope this helps, and let me know if you have any questions about my opinion :grin:


Thank you for the reply and I agree. I wonder if you have notion what the GPS is?

The law of one mentions devices embedded in the pre incarnate plan that trigger when ever you diverge from the original path,

they are opportunities that are presented to you that can put you back on your path. That is what I meant when I said gps :+1:


Could you please point to that place if you have occasion to find it? Thank you.

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