Healing Music Thread

Ever hear a song and the energy around it feels healing to the soul? I find most music makes me feel this way, but some songs in particular really hit home.

I thought I’d start a thread to share some healing songs. :mending_heart:

If your heart chakra needs a boost, this should be a good place to come for healing. :green_heart:

Owl City - Fireflies
I chose this song to start because not only is everything about it magical (especially the video), I believe it is about lucid dreaming. And lately, I feel like I’m in a lucid dream I never wake up from. Life is surreal.

I look forward to seeing/hearing your contributions. :wink:


I love Fireflies. Thank you.

Higher Ground by UB40 inspires my heart. I cried the first time I heard it.


Another great song is Keeper of the Flame by Martin Page:


I’ve been enjoying some southern gospel bluegrass music. I especially like the very high quality of musicianship, vocals/harmonies, and that it’s just straight up raw quality music without any synthesizers or auto-tune. Many of the songs are old standards, and do often contain Christian dogma which I don’t quite agree with, but I don’t let that distract me from enjoying the upliftment of the music. Here’s a few examples:

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This song has beautiful energy.

Seems to be a theme happening here… lol



Today’s theme is music that empowers you. Here are some songs I find empowering.

The videos are good but I resonate the most with the lyrics. :slight_smile:

“Not giving up” is today’s theme…. I had fun with the title synchronicities.

Chasing the Light - Saint Asonia

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

Hold On - All Good Things

My own heart could use some inspiration today… :mending_heart:
Today’s theme: Falling in love, being in love, and making love into something lasting.

Falling in Love:

Being in Love:

Lasting Love:

Thank you for watching. :green_heart:

I really en Liberation by Vylana Marcus. She is a sound healer with a beautiful voice. This song is something I’ve meditated to and found it’s brought me peace and a feeling of openness.

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That Trevor Hall song is one I’ve connected to too.
“You can’t rush your healing, darkness has it’s teachings, love is never leaving.”
“Quiet down the mind, the more the song will play.”
good stuff

This is the sound of my childhood. The harmonies are beautiful. I tend to get distracted by the dogma but maybe someday I’ll move beyond that. Gillain Welch and Alison Krauss have those crisp, raw harmonies in their music. It is a lovely sound. Billy Strings also does some mean high-energy pickin’ :slight_smile:

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I decided to post a second one today because I wanted to share my ultimate “Chill mix.” I’d love to give a little backstory to explain why this means so much to me and why it’s perfect for something called the “Healing Music Thread.”

I love music. I say that and for some reason, it still undercuts how much I love music. I started a playlist back in 2016 that almost has 1800 songs on it. Most are artists that are relatively unheard of. I have a YouTube Premium account and listen to music pretty much endlessly. I used to listen to the “Discover” mix that was released every week with my kiddo so I was always discovering new music. Music is a very large part of my life. My son is far better at singing that he is at talking because of how much he also loves music. :smile:

But this was my whole life. I used to walk around with a Walkman, then a Discman, then an IPod, etc, my entire life, until we are where we are at with music streaming today. I’m one of the few people I know that still makes CDs for my car because the sound quality is amazing and the experience is the best. :green_heart:

So… when I started the most intense part of my spiritual journey in 2018, I used plant medicine for healing the majority of my life’s shadows and traumas. During one of the first more intense session with psilocybin, I realized that the intensity of the music I normally listened to was just too much energetically to handle. I felt too fragile. The emotions from the songs felt far too intense and the psilocybin was showing me that the strength of my empathic gifts needed to get under some sense of control. I have found that control over the years so I no longer have this issue, but I did for a very long time before that.

So when the intensity of my usual emotional, yet rather heavy music was too much, I decided to find something else to listen to. With a quick search, this mix was put on and I felt instantly at ease:

This is Eden, with The Eden Project and their collection of songs. I found that the length of this playlist was perfectly timed with the duration of the psilocybin trip. Just as the height of the experience was starting to wear off, the last song would be playing. This is the playlist I listened to every single time I used psilocybin up until recently, when the intensity of music finally stopped affecting me. I can chose to let it affect me or choose to be indifferent to it now if I’d like, but always choose to feel it. Now that I can choose, the way it feels is completely different. :green_heart:

Eden, aka Jonathon Ng, sings about a lot of emotions but he does it in a way that is very energetically calming some how, like he found a way to feel energetically intense things without it affecting him. It’s strange but it mirrors my own journey very closely as I have learned to do that myself. I recommend this mix when you need to feel at peace, or to relax. It have a very calming energy and it’s very well made. His voice is beautiful. The third from the last song always makes my heart feel lighter than air.

Thank you for listening to my story and remember that all music can be healing in so many different ways. You never know what you may like if you don’t give it a chance. :slight_smile:

No theme today… just a couple of songs.

Today the theme is… music is pure source. Even if the message of the song seems dark, even if the video is intense, the music itself is made from source. It cannot control you or make you feel things that aren’t already there in yourself.

This song is more about the message, but the video has a lot of metaphors:

Or this Muse song which looks like someone controlling many.

These are just creative expressions. The artists are not “evil” for pointing out the seemingly negative actions of others.

This video is so intense they got Forrest Whitaker to do the video. Very well done.

Intensity is a good thing. It gets us to feel things we may avoid feeling otherwise. It gives us inspiration for great changes. You can look at heavy music with a light heart. That is why music I find inspirational may seem confusing to others. I get how healing it is to express yourself with this sort of intensity. :sun_with_face: :mending_heart: :sun_with_face:

Today’s theme is relationship dynamics. I chose 3 songs from July Talk, because they have a male/female singer combo and the songs they sing about speak deeply to the relationship dynamics that are playing out all around us.

Picturing Love

Push & Pull

Beck and Call

Warrior - MRKTS