Healing Music Thread

Bonus song today since the band is called “Pierce the Veil.” Thought it was appropriate. :wink:

I frequently have had dreams in my life time where I am trying to find a way through a very old house and have to go through claustrophobic inducing pathways to get out (where I have to squish myself through narrow passage ways or crawl spaces), or spaces my current body could not fit through. I realized this was a metaphor for finding creative ways to get around the veil.

Lucius - Next to Normal

Imagine Dragons - Birds

Benee - Snail

TWRP - Starlight Brigade (feat. Dan Avidan) [Official video]


I just felt like sharing One song today.

This video reminds me of a higher self playing a character in the illusion.

I was inspired to add a couple more:

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CHVRCHES - Never Say Die (Audio)

Julien Marchal - Insight XX

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I :heart: CVRCHES, this one just was released:

And this classic one came to mind tonight after some inspiration. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Here is an amazing Canadian band that deserves some recognition. :wink:


This talks about life continues and is encouraging us not to give up and pursue our dreams. Oh great spirit lifter. Enjoy :heart:

Due to some of my own unfortunate yet “timely” observations about spiritual arrogance, I felt this song speaks volumes about the energy I’ve been feeling and could do some much needed healing for many around here. :green_heart:

I always love strings accompanying good lyrics and a nice flowing energy. :wink:

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Just some songs I was feeling deep within my heart today…

Du måste finnas - Helen Sjöholm (Kristina från Duvemala)

The lyrics for this song make my soul tremble

“I would be nothing if, you did not exist”

Just some songs I felt summed up how I’ve been feeling lately.

Some more songs for yet another day gone by…