Free will is like a muscle

it get stronger with regular use and weaker with regular neglect. I think i like that analogy :slight_smile:


Indeed, it is.

Yet, we must understand what it truly means to strengthen or weaken. I find it helpful to consider the love/light energy, which flows from the red ray center to the violet ray center.

Strengthening the will might be seen as focusing on one of these centers and utilizing it as designed for its specific purpose.

Conversely, weakening the will could imply a lack of focus and misuse of these centers, resulting in energy blockages and depletion.

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52.7 There is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity.

Indeed and yet this can greatly help an entity know itself better. The subconscious thus having an opportunity to reach the conscious.

I can agree at least to the extent that one must learn to identify free will infringement and avoid doing themselves and doing it to other people. This often involves creating boundaries with people. Infringement can depolarize and disempower both parties involved.

But the law of free will applies to everyone equally with the same, unchanging, intensity. The will can be trained with attention but free will is just a primal distortion.

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freewill is limited by our choice awareness, as choice awareness evolves so does the influence of our freewill. The fundamentals of freewill might be static, but the application of it is subjected to eternal evolution.

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66.15 … the crystallized healer has no will.


problem solving is part of life,
while life in itself
is not a problem.
every single individual,
is a temporary solution
to the eternal conundrum
of one being all.
bass drop

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What to your opinion free will should be balanced with?

on a personal level i think free will as a concept is balanced with a sense of consequence.
On a universal level i think free will and destiny are two sides of the same coin in a trifecta of chaos, love and order.


This question is not for me, but I have an idea :slight_smile:

The principle of free will is often referred to as the Law of Confusion, and I believe this is not a coincidence. The name itself implies a hint and possibly provides an answer to where this balance lies.

We could argue that the Law of Confusion, or Free Will, is counterbalanced by the lack of free will. Though this might seem like a simplistic viewpoint, however it’s not necessarily incorrect, but rather it requies to go deeper…

I posit that the Law of Confusion/Free Will finds its equilibrium in the Absolute’s Free Will. When the Absolute (which we can also term as ‘The One’) exercises its will, it is always decisive and unequivocal. It is challenging to articulate of what Absolute’s Free Will is, one must rely on intuition to grasp its significance what ‘decisive’ and ‘unequivocal’ mean as I do not have precise definition.

The Law of Confusion, or our individual understanding/experiencing (and experimenting with even) of Free Will, stands in contrast to this unwavering act of Will by the Absolute. Free Will/Law of Confusion is akin to navigating detours and meandering paths before ultimately aligning with the Will of the Absolute/The One.

Our task then is to understand Free Will within the context of the Absolute’s/The One’s Will. If the perfect balance exists between our individual Free Will and the Absolute’s Free Will, that would be the ideal state.

Free Will as the Law of Confusion is balance by Free Will as the Will of the Absolute/The One. And state like this keeps meaning of balanced Free Will in a universal and complete context.

Should the equilibrium tilt excessively towards us, we risk distancing ourselves from The One. Conversely, if the balance leans too much towards The One, it could hinder our explorations and growth, leading to clarity but stifling evolution. It’s improbable that The One would impose this upon us. However, we might inadvertently lean too heavily on The One’s Will, neglecting to exercise our Free Will and thereby stunting our own growth.


well put, yes this perspective seems to be all about aligning and realigning.

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Thank you very much for the replies. When asking I didn’t address to someone specifically, it was a question as a continuation of the topic. I find very much sense in what you said and should weight it.


I also like the idea that ‘free will’ is ‘will in a state of potential’, and regardless what we are doing, passively or actively, our ‘potential will’ is able to influence the momentum (or lack of momentum) and adjust our stance or course of action accordingly.

I think it’s appropriate to consider that all will is probably an extension of the ones will, creatively being distorted to enable a sense of individual experience. the layers of limitation to acquire this must be most impressive.

During my NDE i felt like i was awakening in stages, i started remembering more and more, that we had peaked in our realm of experience and to go further we had to in a sense, devolve.
I remembered that forgetfulness was part of a solution to enhance our evolution. I knew the meaning of life clear as day, then i feel asleep and woke up in hospital, remembering the feeling of knowing the meaning of life, while not remembering what was so obvious about it.


My reply to me (of course being in a distortion so it might not be final) is that free will is balanced with humbleness or humility (trying to find proper word in English).

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There’s a Stanford Evolutionary Biologist
Robert Sapolsky who wrote a book called
Determined, A Science of Life Without Free
Will. There’s some suggestion this seems
a great way to start an argument.

I liken his reasoning to an idea that the
pursuit of free will is made by way of
choices, and the whole of human choice
falls as upon a finite decision tree that
by some way or another delivers us to
our goals and plans, but more often
than not - it doesn’t.

Maybe there’s some synchronous tie
with the dolphin thread, that because
we pursue choices with technological
crutches, such as words - the fully
experiential concept of free will then
escapes us because we, in more cases
than not - have not developed ourselves
in a disciplined way, we instead hitchhike.

So we’re so busy hitchhiking, that we’re
then unable to fully grasp to our human
potential - the concept of free will. Oh,
this then reminds me of something
Gregg Braden says about Artificial
Intelligence - a sort of disabling crutch
that renders humanity some greater
degree technologically dependency

However, creatively grappling with
technology takes tremendous discipline.
Maybe some small fraction of humans,
like hackers and gamers - by some
emergent byproduct of their passion,
themselves develop discipline in ways
that cross-over to disciplines of mind,
in ways enabling the full experience
of the free will concept. It seems an
example where creativity overcomes
mass generalizations. I remain then,
optimistic humanity creates a more
evolved state of being in some way
or another; greater stoke on life!

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Do you think that will as a muscle can be overstrained and what symptoms it could be?