Confusion and free will

Can we have one without the other? How do these two concepts relate to each other, if at all, to you?

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We could have free will without veil. But it jsut happens that incarnaqted in third density we have the veil, whence confusion. But free will exists totally out of confusion too in other worlds…


Hey there, Pumpy.

There was a time when I resented the confusion…for obvious reasons…the confusion makes the whole situation confusing. But now I feel that, without the confusion, I would have been making choices based upon what others might have told me; instead I was “forced” to find the inner Pearl of Great Price on my own. And having found it that way, it has deeper value to me, I would guess.

But maybe there is no other way? The “heart of the matter” is such a personal thing any way you stumble into it, I would think.


Ra often points out the importance of individual free will in the Law of One and that makes sense since without it we would feel like puppets. The tricky part is that Ra also describes reality as One, so ultimately there might be only one will of the Infinite Creator, in that sense separate will is confusion. Yet the One Will is such as huge will that even in higher densities I believe that individual free will is preserved.

Something even more puzzling to me is how free will is functioning in a social memory complex (SMC). In a service-to-self SMC it might be easier because that’s probably more like the hierarchical power structure similar to what we already have in third density. A service-to-others SMC seems more complicated in terms of individual free will. My guess is that it’s a both/and situation where we still have our individual free will and at the same time can access the collective will of the SMC.


I agree with this.
The one infinite creator has his free will so he gave free will to those he created - that’s my understanding based on what I read about RA and Q’uo.
Veil is only here for the third dimension.

What is SMC?

“SMC” is “social memory complex” in… Ra-speak :+1: