Infringement of Freewill causes suffering

Greetings, everyone,

In this thread, I would like to discuss the infringement of free will in various forms, including:

  • Oversharing
  • Stalking
  • Fear-based premonition
  • Crusading for one’s belief system
  • Unsolicited advice
  • God complex
  • Savior complex
  • Victimizing complex
  • Abuse of one’s psychic ability (e.g., remote viewing)
  • Abuse of one’s sexual desire (using lower chakras to bypass the heart)

Before going further, I would like to point out that I expect readers of this thread to be familiar with the Law of One materials and the topics of free will/infringement as described in this philosophy.

Let’s start with the macro perspective:

Ra and higher-density beings are very careful about infringing on free will through their information and intervention.

(Ra’s group became “stuck” after aiding this planet due to giving too much information and “over-helping,” not realizing the perversion of the materials by the “leaders” of ancient Egypt.)

To me, This is a form of “suffering.” Some may refer to it as “karma,” etc.

From this excerpt, the lessons of “love” are preliminary for consciousness to move “up” or “forward,” but avoiding the infringement of free will is also crucial.

This is strictly from the right-hand path’s perspective.

The left-hand path, in contrast, seems to not adhere to these rules and infringes by any means possible.

Although it does not seem to “bypass” the protection of freewill because it still requires the freewill of an entity to “accept” or “reject” negative incursion.

The Micro:

They often fall under one or multiple forms of infringement mentioned above.

The repercussions often manifest as some kind of physical or psychological suffering. The most common manifestation is a lackluster physical appearance and/or negative behaviors toward themselves and others. This, in turn, propels them further into resentment, anguish, and hatred for the “forbidden fruit” or the Creator, for not getting what they want.

This does not include causes that are outside of their control, although, karmically speaking, these could be indirectly related.

The preliminary factor ties to not recognizing the sovereignty of others and overreaching one’s own desires to bypass the free will of others.

The twist to this is that there seems to be no “profile” that fits any person in a societal or professional manner.

The only undeniable commonality across the board is their obsession with forcing their intentions on others, even after being told to STOP.


The lesson of ONEness in all seems to be greater than any distortion that came after.

As rhetorical as that may sound, the consciousness of this creation seems to be taking heavy lessons in understanding the fact that:

what is done to others is done to oneself.

Whether it is by oversharing or overhelping, which takes away the opportunity for an entire planet to learn for itself, or simply not leaving someone alone after they have said, “Leave me alone.”

I am always fascinated by the obliviousness of the consequences experienced by such individuals or entities.

The temptation of their desires seems to enable them to ignore fundamental laws on the metaphysical level and basic human ethics and morals.

It is only when the repercussions are realized through their own actions, without a victimizing mentality, that the lesson becomes clear. (This is speaking at the human level; Ra’s group understood why they got stuck and blamed no one.)

For Comedic relief, I found a video that shorten my words and made light of this thread. Enjoy.

Questions for the readers:

Have you experienced similar forms of infringement from others in your life?

Have you perhaps even infringed upon others yourself? Did you stop? How did you stop or realized what you are doing and the consequences?

How did you stop the infringement from others? (I send them love through meditation)

Have you used metaphysical method to cut connection and cease the infringement? (banishing ritual, prayer, mantra, rituals)

Have you personally witnessed the suffering directly caused by infringement of freewill?

Please feel free to share anything in relation to the topic and forms of infringement mentioned above.

Please keep private information (names/location etc. etc.) of yourself and others hidden.

Thank you,

much light,