Earth as a (political) prison theory

Hello everyone,

I’ll start with a short introduction of myself. I started studying the law of one material in 2012 and since then my life has been centered around spiritual evolution, understanding and balancing love, wisdom and compassion.

The OP is about the 'Matilda O’Donnel interview of an extraterrestial being in 1947. Here is the interview:

At a certain point the captured interviewee telephatically communicates with Matilda and the content of the interview matches the LOO theories about the confederation and the Orion group to a high degree.

The captive alien brings the message less politically correct and in a more ‘ghetto’ fasion. The plot twist her message that members of the ‘Old Empire’', which according to the Ra teachings would then be those of the Orion group, subjugates beings across the galaxy (the way this being defines souls). The beings that are either too violent and erratic or politically opposed to the regime are then ridded of their memory and identity and are imprisoned in a biological body on earth. Earth being a very hostile and crazy planet that is led by manipulated leaders that serve the Old Empire.

The role of this beings group (I would guess then is called the New Empire) has been adversary. She says that the two groups have been in conflict of power with each other for ten of thousands of years, that there have been nuclear wars that blew up on planet and damaged Mars. Additionally, the current role of New Empire’s group is surveillance and gathering resources to free us, both physically and most of all spiritually.

She speaks of the Veil and the process of forgetting as not being something that is set up with benevolent intention, but rather to imprison souls on Earth. Such also being the case with the creation of the pyramid system, which functions as a large amnesia trap.

Furthermore she (the alien) says that the pyramids are heavy objects that were created by The Old Empire to create the illusion of eternity and false meanings aswell as the invention of a false society.

Her perspective seems to be resonant with Ra’s, yet diametrically opposed on key issues.
It can’t be that both are speaking to truth. One of the two, or both have malevolent intentions with humanity.

Is anyone else familiar with the interview? It is interesting that this interview took place well before the LOO channeling and matches on quite some levels.

Also curious about the thoughts of members here on this subject.

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Earth as a “prison” doesn’t match quite well with Ra/Quo depiction.
Or also Siddhartha and many other people depiction.

Yes it’s true that many souls that incarnate as human on earth were potentially initially evolved elsewhere (Mars, Maldek, Andromeda, Syrian, Lyran, Orion to name a few).
But those souls which has incarnate as human on earth can also continue their evolution elsewhere as an option or as a necessity.

Ra explained that after Planet Earth has completed it’s transformation towards 4th density positive planet / realm, it will no longer accept ‘students’ to learn 3rd density lessons. Thus those who still need to learn 3rd density lessons can choose other planets / realms to continue their soul journey learning 3rd density lessons.

Quo mentioned that the soul of a human once known as Jesus after his incarnation on earth, continue his soul journey elsewhere. Thus he is definitely not ‘imprisoned’ on earth.

While Siddhartha specifically mentioned that the reason why soul incarnated as human, reincarnate again as human is due to their attachment to human’s experience on planet earth. So if he/she was ‘imprisoned’ on earth it’s due to his/her own attachment towards earth.

And here an “Astral Traveler” named Rick retold his experience of locating a soul who was once incarnating as human on earth but now it is experiencing a series of incarnation on other planet he named as “Oceana” as “squid like sea creature”. It’s attached on “Oceana” and continue incarnating again and again there.

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Hello Quid.

Thank you for the thorough reply.

Upon reflection it feels resonant what you are saying about the Ra teachings.

I stroke me that in Airl (the captive Aliens) interview, she posed herself and her empire as rather elitist several times. Literally saying that it is foolish for any entity to oppose their domain (1) or that the domain is most powerful (2) and they members of their group have created life on earth (3). Humility seems to be missing as they position themselves over others, as creators of life and that they claim ownership of our galaxy and the right to do so with it as they please (literally).

Furthermore it seems somewhat petty how she at times used judgemental words to describe certain beings that have been ‘‘trapped on earth’’, such as filthy aswell as calling our earthly leaders psychotic.

It is clearly not the case that our leaders as psychotic. They seem to be the opposite. Very focussed, conscious and diligently working towards their goals, which might or might not resonate with that of other sentient beings. But every being is the creator and has intrinsic value IMHO, which I don’t see shining through in her message.

Furthermore, she speaks about her group having conquered the Old Empire and that remnants of its forces are still at play. It doesnt make sense though that they are not yet interested in coming to earth and freeing it, aswell as their supposedly 3000 trapped members here if they won the battle.

From Ra’s perspective on the other hand, the Confederation forces having been battling the Orion group for ages, won the conflict eventually and set up a safety parameter (quarantine) so that the planet could evolve naturally and safely.

Both sources state being involved in a armed and violent conflict with eachother, over power and control.

It is said that the first thing that gets lost in the fog of war is the truth. I am not sure which side is telling the truth, as I feel love and compassion for both sides actually. I cant help but feel compassion for the Airl alien being, because our goverment supposedly killed her doll body by shocking it with electric currents while it was captive.

I kind’ve feel like I want to reconcile both parties and broker peace as the subject of their endeavors, so all the karma can be freed for every being of both groups and we can all find peace and live in harmony.

I feel love and even my heart opening after listening to the interview yesterday. It is even like the believe of polarity has fallen off, I feel love for the forces of the empire (or Orion) as they too have become trapped in the karmic wheels, so we are all quite alike then.

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