Door, Higher Self and key to it

Hello, I’ve just realized it can make sense. Ra use “door” in the same meaning in different parts:

5.2 We begin with the mental learn/teachings necessary for contact with intelligent infinity. The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence.

Within the door lies an hierarchical construction you may liken unto geography and in some ways geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular, bearing inner relationships.

83.3 In some cases such as the dreaming and the contact with the higher self, the experience was quantitatively different due to the fact that the veiling is a primary cause of the value of dreams and is also the single door against which the higher self must stand awaiting entry.

36.7 The higher self aspect is aware of the lessons learned through the sixth density. The progress rate is fairly well understood. The choices which must be made to achieve the higher self as it is are in the provenance of the mind/body/spirit complex itself.

Thus the higher self is like the map in which the destination is known; the roads are very well known, these roads being designed by intelligent infinity working through intelligent energy. However, the higher self aspect can program only for the lessons and certain predisposing limitations if it wishes. The remainder is completely the free choice of each entity. There is the perfect balance between the known and the unknown.

So the Higher Self is a map or construction. It’s situated in the door and waiting for the entity. Because of free will Higher Self cannot impact on entity, but can help with programming lessons for entity and wait for the entity. To meet Higher Self entity needs to open the door by key. Key is silence. Door is mind.

Just want to share. :slight_smile:


And Higher Self is a way to the intelligent infinity.

6.1 To others there may appear to be miracles. To the one who has carefully opened the door to intelligent infinity this is ordinary; this is commonplace; this is as it should be. The life experience becomes somewhat transformed and the great work goes on.

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I’m thinking about the notion of love/light balance
as time-wise alternation in a cycle of evolutionary

For example, imagine a spiritual cycle of say
eighteen days as a sine wave. The peaks of
the sine wave might coincide with ecstatic love
states, which are not so intelligent, and the
troughs might coincide with intelligent wisdom
states which are not so ecstatic - as if love
and wisdom might alternate in extremes at
cycle points in a progression.

I think some people feel as if either their
intelligent wisdom or their ecstatic love
simply sits at a plateau stagnant and
unchanging, though this notion might
challenge that.

In other words we can be fully ecstatically
beautiful and flush with love at the same
time as being love stupor stupid, then when
the afterglow wanes we can be intelligently
wise in ways love takes a back burner in
some way we don’t feel forsaken by some

To try and tie this to the topic, it may be
that our doorways have time-wise geometry,
where we might need to pay attention in
order to synch and align with that geometry.

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If door is mind you probably saying that mind is different in different time moments, and that’s the geometry.

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Thank you. It looks like alteration of love/light and light/love, isn’t it?

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Hey dear!

One day, I realized: If I really believe God is infinite, I have no excuse. I have to give my all to creation.

I think all these things can often appear highly conceptual, but their applying it makes it all the more simple.

It’s love!

Can infinity exist without love of others?
Let’s ask ourselves and look at two beings.

One sucks energy to themselves. They have suffered a great loss. Mom died, let’s say, perhaps they tried to save her and it didn’t work. Not enough bandwidth. They decide that this is proof. The universe is lacking. They had been unaware of their power, and had let mom died.

But, it would never happen again! They will take control and ensure their power punishes this world.

And so, slowly the heart is closed.

Finally, how can one express having. Indeed, it is by giving. The other player gives into everyone kindness after mom died. One day, he naturally awakens to the necessity of wisdom after spending a lot of energy and realizing they are just being righteous on something, lol.

I feel this might help. Hope you liked it.

To summarize: “Giving is proof of having.”

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Yes. Thank you. Bună dimineața. :slightly_smiling_face:

I thought I could expand on the question of the Higher Self. Because we can actually talk about several Higher Selves in my opinion.

At level 4 Density is our Higher 4 Density Self. Every of our Higher Self is also Us in the Future. Today I focused on my green ray energy center, corresponding to the 4 Density, thinking and imagining it as a channel connecting me to my Higher/Future Self, which currently resides in the 4 Density STO.

I found this to be a fruitful exercise, especially when I recognized that I am already there as a 4th Density STO Being, except that I am not experiencing it due to the veil and existing distortions. What is time? The present moment that I personally perceive and this moment in which I am 4D STO is actually the same moment in the sense of time that the Creator comprehends, for him everything takes place now, he exists in the expanded present, and in this way through I exist as well. The difference in “time” is merely the various distortions that make up the illusion.

The Higher 4 Density Self would be the Higher Self relative to the present. Another 5 Density Self would be the Higher Self relative to the predecessors. The 6th Density Self would be the Hghest Self, which reflects our highest level, in which we retain our individuality. At the 7th Density level, we deviate from our individuality and all of our value as an individual enrich the Creator as One Being, allowing us to dissolve into the infinity of this cosmic and divine Self.

There is also the 8 Density, while the abstraction of the 8 Density I expect transcends the Unified Being of the 7 Density, as well as the highest form of our individuality at the level of the 6 Density. It’s hard to talk about the “Higher Self” at this level.

In conclusion, I believe that the optimal representation of the Higher Self and how Ra talks about it will be the highest form of our individuality and that will be our 6 Density Self corresponding to the indigo ray energy center, with the indication that our Higher Self/6 Density Self open up for the 7 Density (union with the One Creator) due to the desire to obtain of this level of Density, and, methaphorically speaking, in this way it will knock, open the door and look through the door to the One Creator and Intelligent Infinity.


Thank you for your explanation. The most interesting to me is what Ra said about the geography and construction. It´s situated in mind and should be recognized, so I´m trying to understand it. What are the roads that designed by the intelligent infinity? It may be connected to the archetypal mind so the roads are connecting archetypes within it. I was listening to a girl from Russia who was investigating her own dreams (when sleeping). She archived in it, and someone told her that there are people who are not interested so much in the dreams themselves but in the locations where it happens. It turned out that the locations are always the same, so they built map of own dreams. The girl made the same and found that indeed it’s so. There are locations connected to each other in own way and all this “map” is located somewhere. She didn’t know what’s outside but certainly this map had some connection to outside. Here I suppose it might be connection to the intelligent infinity from her map, and the map itself somehow represents the Higher Self. All this is just hypotheses and it’s not certain.

For history if someone knows Russian: here is the video. She even uses phrases “archetypal locations”, “archetypal plot (story)”, “mythological structure of dream space”. She’s saying that map of the her consciousness has same structure as map of dreams.

Another interesting explanation from @Gabo is here (in Spanish). He calls it channels through which you manifest/reflect, and looks it’s also connected to the archetypal mind.

Well, I can only share my view on the issues like of the map and geographic structure. I think it has two meanings. The first is that there are certain structures that contain the depths of the subconscious and unconscious mind, which reveals the next levels of what we could basically call our superconscious, and it’s rather complicated, in recognition of what we are dealing with. However, I took it up in the final part of this post…

Yet there is other approach (that I personally consider, more simpler however that has other meaning) to the question of structure and geography and it include the planning of lessons by us as well as by the Intelligent Infinity. If we consider that Creation is something that is distributed and arranged in various theoretically infinite patterns and possibilities, it is impossible to go through this without a map, as this would cause us to wander without purpose through the immensity of space arranged in various objects.

This can be compared to the geography of forests, mountains and rivers, which do not contain trodden paths. In such a case, one could walk around the same objects getting to know them, but with no hope of completing the journey and concluding it with something. In such a case, a map comes to the rescue, showing us the suggested by the Higher Self the way, with a proposed path tailored to individual needs. Path that was previously “proposed” to the choice of Higher Self by Intelligent Infinity.

Possibly, Intelligent Infinity at each successive octave of creation, having at its disposal all this newly acquired knowledge from the previous octave of creation, can create a new “playing field” and predetermined possible paths, except that not every path has to interest the Higher Selves, and it is possible to deviate and open new paths this way as well by mixing them by unfortunate choices, albeit by teaching something new.

How this map is enforced by a given individual (Higher Self) that influences itself in the 3 Density. Well, the path painted on the map determining the shape of our journey, and wild animals and wildlife are our surroundings; analogously, we can relate this to our life, where the path painted by our Higher Self would be:

  • choosing a family, which influences our upbringing which we have no control over at the beginning of life, and this determines the shape of our journey, our life journey,
  • the traits given to us by our genes give shape to our personality and how we interact with our surroundings, including other people, this determines what our journey will look like,
  • in addition, we can talk about the “force of attraction” of our consciousness.

All this above triggers influences on our surroundings and triggers reactions of others.

By “force of attraction” in this case I mean specifically that the Higher Self can “pour” into our 3 Density consciousness various information giving it “weight” and “shape”. This can be compared to a ball which, because of the size, shape and weight given to it, rolls along the geometry of the terrain finding various depressions, hills and dips, filling in some gaps and bypassing others. Analogous to a ball, it can be said that our consciousness bypasses certain life experiences and draws others to itself by virtue of the hitherto unknown laws of physics or more, as we might say, “the laws of metaphysics” falling into various “uneven terrain”. Here you can also take into account that consciousness changes its “composition” (composition of that ball) during the course of life in the 3 Densities.

However, there is still the matter of going deep into our own mind and recognizing this geography and geometry. I can only relate this thanks to my individual experience by presenting it as clearly as I possibly can:

Considering the situation in which I undertook to visualize and connect through the Heart with my Higher Self the 4 Density STO, as I have named it. One of my experiences when I undertook this was a feeling of dissonance and asking myself:

  1. “Do I really want this or do I really want this? [in the context of moving to 4D STO and connection to my 4D STO self]” When I answered myself that I did…

  2. I went deeper I felt the difference, in that as a 4D STO I would not be able to use my body in the same way I do now. However, I rationalized to myself that basically these are just distortions, so why should I care? After all, however tempting it might be, it is, after all, merely a more distorted form of a truer existence. Who in their right mind would want to be “distorted” in one way or another?

  3. Then I went through the next step and something like this came to me on its own: “When I will be 4D STO I would be in a position where I could actually take care of all those lower… [“lower” in the sense of entities from lower densities].” I don’t know if that would be the case. There’s probably something in that, because the 4th level is the level where you actually see from above the situation of others and the suffering and life in the veil and actually at the 4th level you become love and can really help others. However, it didn’t come in the form of deduction, but first a feeling, and then I started thinking these words.

  4. At the end I noticed. In this feeling of being connected to each other in the 4D STO future, I felt that I/they there were connected as if to a constant “supply” of energy, as if it was pushing you forward all the time, as if you were floating on it. It is much more noticeable there than here. It could be the energy of love. If that’s how it feels, then ok, it makes sense to me. I brought that feeling with me, which lifted me mentally and gave me this inner feeling that whatever I do, whatever my situation is, all the time there’s “that” force that lifts me up and that’s all I need, I’m connected to an unlimited potential that has everything I need. That’s when I felt it so particularly. Today I don’t feel that way anymore, although I intend to keep working on making this as well as other positive things work in my life to the fullest.

How to relate this to the geography and geometry of one’s inner being. Well, according to my interpretation it can be related in such a way that all these points 1), 2), 3), 4) are like a tour of the inner landscape of my individuality (this is a reference to geography). And each of these points, for distinction and form, can be reflected in the form of geometric shapes. The form of the geometric shape can then be a “place” into which I can pour my consciousness, so that I can then condition it by connecting with the contents of these forms.

One small note, Ra refer to Intelligent Infinity when it comes to their reference to geometry/geography/hierarchy. Intelligent Infinity is associated by them with indigo ray energy center (6th Density) and violet ray energy center (7th Density), not to green ray energy center (4th Density).

However, I referred to geography/hierarchy/geometry in the context of my connecting with the green ray energy center (4th Density), because I also believe that in this inner search and connecting with the deeper part of myself with the green ray/4D I could also find some geography/hierarchy/geometry issues in my experience, which is why I wrote about it, hoping to contribute to the understanding of the main issue.

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Thank you, I have question. You’re saying that structures contains subconscious and unconscious mind… not vice versa?

I’m perceiving the 4/5/6 Density Selves not as future, but as present. So the map I’m trying to understand exists now. Maybe the difference is that you’re saying it’s way to go that’s why it’s future and I say the way already exists (not depending if you haven’t come yet).

In any case you’re saying that the “isles” lay in different densities, do I understand you correctly?

Found good explanation from Azul:

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If the map is connected to the Selves in different densities it should not be connected to the archetypes (and vice versa):

78.30 Questioner: Are the seven archetypes for mind a function of or related to the seven densities that are to be experienced in the octave?

Ra: I am Ra. The relationship is tangential in that no congruency may be seen. However, the progress through the archetypes has some of the characteristics of the progress through the densities. These relationships may be viewed without being, shall we say, pasted one upon the other.

78.31 Questioner: How about the seven bodily energy centers? Are they related to archetypes in some way?

Ra: I am Ra. The same may be said of these. It is informative to view the relationships but stifling to insist upon the limitations of congruency. Recall at all times, if you would use this term, that the archetypes are a portion of the resources of the mind complex.

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You’re right, unconscious mind that cointains structures, probably conveys the meaning better and is more precise from the perspective of this topic. Although to say that it is the Creator-generated appropriate structures that can contains consciousness (including the consciousness of our unconscious - looking from our perspective) is also not devoid of sense :slight_smile: At least that’s what I think.

My thinking is similar. In fact, I think of it as a paradox. On the one hand, everything that will happen in the future has already happened, on the other hand, we won’t finish certain things if we don’t get there, and that “there” from our current perspective is our future.

One can approach it this way.

Why not? To my way of thinking, it’s interconnected in a way. An archetype would be the adoption of a certain attitude by a character wandering around this map. This attitude (inspired by the archetype) would be as given by the Higher Self as the map for the 3D self. Working with archetypes from the perspective of the 3D self would be similar to working on connecting with the Higher Self.


Thank you

Also it depends on where one came from. One thing is Ra came to third density and another one someone has never been graduated to forth one.

Interesting. Maybe it can be taken as projection through densities/dimensions. Such videos help visualize it: :slight_smile:

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I just realized on perhaps why the Hindus imagine “Devas” / “higher consciousness being” as something like this:

“Higher Self” is a collection / conglomeration of identities.
Separation between the ‘individualized entity’ and it’s other ‘entities’ that form a ‘higher self’ are provided through ‘memory veil’. According to Ra the veil is put between unconscious and conscious mind.
The easiest and best ‘time’ to penetrate the veil, thus communicate with ‘higher self’ happened every night when you sleep.
Session 86, question 7,
“Dreaming is an activity of communication through the veil of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The nature of this activity is wholly dependent upon the situation regarding the energy center blockages, activations, and crystallizations of a given mind/body/spirit complex.”

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The Alchemist has just explained it in the same way:


Thanks @Oleksii.

In addition; I was curious on the “cobra snake” put on top of each identities/character on Hindus illustration, and this is what I found regarding such symbolism.

What do cobras represent in Hinduism?
The snake primarily represents rebirth, death and mortality , due to its casting of its skin and being symbolically “reborn”.

Each identity has finite existence in space/time domain, yet each identity shall contribute to the overall existence/experience of “higher self” whose existence lies outside of space/time domain.