Why the new Law of One Forum?

All, I want to take a moment to speak on behalf of Patrick and myself regarding a topic that is likely crossing the minds of many who have been members on the now-archived Bring4th forums and arriving to this Discourse forum for the first time.

At first glance, the most notable changes in this new Discourse forum (besides the new styling) is a significantly reduced number of forum topics. This is by design. Patrick and I have been involved with the previous Bring4th forums for a considerable amount of time. My own observations of the forums and its content dates back to 2008, when I launched the first version of this social experiment with Carla, Jim, and Gary. Patrick has also been involved with the forums since 2012, and has most recently been an engaged member of the CSC stewardship circle.

Throughout the years L/L saw a proliferation of activity, which was fantastic! There were so many seekers finding a “home” within the forums and dedicating some of their day to form bonds and interact. But sometimes the conversations would take a turn towards the negative. And other times there would be a coalescing of minds who would collectively refute a cause or idea offered by another member or members. During the worst incidents, matters became very personal, and serious emotional damage had been inflicted.

The moderation of these types of conversations and conflicts became draining to those who volunteered to uphold the community guidelines, and we’ve experienced a lot of members who have become hurt, angered, betrayed, and other negative emotional repercussions as a result of the conflicts. Some conflicts even struck at the very heart and operations of L/L Research.

After the announcement was made to shutter the Bring4th forums, Patrick and I approached L/L on our own, with no coordination or awareness of each others’ ideas. Yet we proposed an almost identical plan: let’s recreate the forums in a way that focuses only on the content that L/L produces, and continue refining group communication to the study, understanding, and application of L/L content centering around the Law of One.

These days, it is evident that many new social sites have cropped up and cater to those who are interested in the Law of One. Many of those sites have vibrant social communities, and we are excited to see these communities grow. However, for this latest iteration of the forums L/L has agreed to allow Patrick and I to pare down the previous version of the Bring4th forums and focus exclusively on materials published by L/L Research.

While there may no longer be open-ended “Olio”, “Treehouse” and “Meta” topics to socialize about anything under the sun, we are once again welcoming those who wish to continue exploring and integrating the Law of One even further, whether it’s the original Law of One book series or the latest conscious channellings from the Confederation of Planets.

Please consider joining us in this revised experience by adding your wisdom and views to the community, supporting new seekers, and furthering your discovery of the beauty and wisdom from the combined thousands of transcripts, interviews, podcasts, and now-archived Bring4th posts.

Thank you,
Steve & Patrick