What Is Your Incarnation All About?

Well, this turns out to be a very simple question to answer, from a spiritual point of view.

This incarnation of yours, my brother, is not about acquiring information or wisdom, it is about opening your heart and becoming able to share and carry the maximum amount of light and love as it flows from the Creator to the Earth and through your physical and metaphysical bodies. If you can open your heart in this moment, you are doing the maximum amount that you can do to serve the Creator and the creation.

Here’s to Love!


it is about finding and feeling the love in every exquisite moment :sunny:

have a great day


I was just reflecting on this today. So odd when this happens. I don’t need to memorize the material. I need to feel it with my heart and love it.


Oh, yes! Please do. You may find that its energy flows down from above and out through you, passing into patterns of third density which are so very, very thirsty for intimations of celestial love.


I concur… the answer is always, to love.

What Is Your Incarnation All About?

Adrift in a sea of longing, standing at the crossroads of decision.

I am a spark of the Creator’s light, here to aid in the growth of the culture of the New Age. To accomplish this task, I embrace the catalysts given to me as opportunities for growth and evolution, gifts from the One Infinite Creator. All in this universe conspires to support and guide me, if I but listen and observe with an open heart and mind.

The desire to understand the truth of a matter burns within me, surpassing the desire to be right or wrong. I seek resolution through understanding rather than conflict.

I hold dear the free will of myself and others, believing that any violation of this sacred principle must be met with just and equal recourse. I call this belief righteous, yet it is limited to my current earthly experience. As the vibration of positivity increases within me, the needs for such beliefs proportionally diminish.

Born from the womb of our mother, Earth, we are one human family, bound by the same bloodline. My only aspiration is to be the best possible vessel for the will of the Creator, despite my imperfections. May the blessings and wisdom of the One Infinite Creator flow through me, illuminating my path and guiding my every step, as I strive humbly on my path of service-to-all.

I am the only problem and the only solution.

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