What happened to Kathy?

Hello, I cannot find any category to post L/L Research related topic, so using this category. I was reading L/L Research news and read that “Kathy, has officially retired her channeling service.” Do you know what happened to her? Also I didn’t find her in the members photos, there are ex-members as Don and Carla but not Kathy. Meanwhile I see a woman in the team photo (right side) who is not a team member and probably is Kathy. So you know anything about her and why she left team?

Kathy is not in that last photo


As an historical point of interest, if you take the time to read through the LLR conscious channeling from end to end, you’ll find that Carla trained quite a few channels over the years., most of whom were never heard from again.

This is my personal take on this. Service such as this becomes not only your lifestyle, but your life, and if you have other, additional interests, then at some point you may end up having to choose one over the other. If you choose the the channeling life, as I have seen in similar endeavors, then you must be prepared to continually up your game and continually meet the oncoming challenges.

Many of us are simply not constituted to adapt to that sort of unrelenting growth. If you look at the life of Carla Rueckert, you’ll see how demanding this is. She thrived on it because her dedication to Divinity was unbounded. Most of have to pull back after a time, take a break and catch up with ourselves. This is quite reasonable, in my view.


That is Tiffany on the RHS of the photo. She was the events coordinator prior to Trisha.

RE: Kathy; the most recent Blogworthy report stated:
“Her vocation is growing more demanding, however, requiring all of her available bandwidth”