View From the Dizzying Heights

From time to time a new person will appear who has had a strong personal spiritual experience and who then feels an obligation to tell the rest of us that we should be influenced by their consequent comments. This is quite understandable, as well as distorted, and it can be very difficult to explain this to the person so affected. Most of us tend to respond with silence, which is to say, avoidance.

The following passage, however, offers a nice summation of the phenomenon and perhaps could be used as the basis for a discussion on this topic. For me, it boils down to this. It’s wonderful that you’ve had a peak experience, but your response to it is highly inflected by your personality. Now it’s time to delve over and over again into the personality to help it become more resonant with the experience of Spirit.

The indigo ray is that ray of the spiritual seeker which most embodies the highest aspirations to which that seeker is able to reach. The indigo ray is the site of sacred work which one does by invoking the power and presence of the Creator; a kind of drawing energy, if we may so call it, that reaches down from above and constitutes an inspiration and an invitation for the up reach of the energies coming from below.

In the indigo ray, there is a great feeling of blessing available. One can become quite intoxicated by this feeling of blessing. It is not unknown among your people to have serious spiritual seekers have experiences in which they break through to the indigo ray and feel themselves to be overwhelmed by the splendor of the energy there to be discovered. On such occasions, you do find those who feel they can now sally forth with the message that they can uniquely bring to a struggling humanity.

But we would suggest to you that when this happens it is often the case that a precipitous conclusion is drawn to the effect that a message of a particularly limited kind is the truth to be conveyed, and we would suggest that the limitations of the message are often reflective of the particular characteristics of that individual seeker involving work that has been left undone at the lower energy centers.

So, we would suggest that the question of raising the level of the energy center activation is, for the evolving seeker, not the only question to be addressed, but rather, it is of equal significance and increasing importance to engage in the process of balancing all of the energy centers in relation to one another. This requires continually going back down to the lowest and moving back up to the highest. and going back down and moving back up, and going back down so that one learns to play that tone poem which is the energy system with more and more skill, and more and more clarity, and more and more devotion to being the highest and the best and the clearest channel for the energies it is one’s privilege to convey through the various expressions of the self.


I would say this is natural, because every communication / telling is based on the pov / belief / understanding of the one who shares the knowledge.

Mark Passio is explaining in his lecture:

Conscience comes from the Latin prefix, con meaning together and the Latin verb sciere meaning to know or to understand.
You put them together: to know together, to understand together.
Conscience is common sense, common sense knowing.
Common sense knowledge literally, from the etymological breakdown of the word: con together, science, to know.
That’s why the problem is people don’t have common sense.

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About dizzying heights, this late afternoon I was reading this poem, it’s from a French poet, Pierre Emmanuel, and here it goes :

" Each soul having broken from the prison where the fear to be loved was keeping her,
Is over the world as a great wind, an insurrection of foam and salt,
A high speaking of life in and against the ephemeral body,
Everything is life and even more at the end, when splits the husk of the body
Under the soul vehemence not allowing anymore to be still weaned :
It is then not the body rotting, but the bulb of an invisible hyacinth
Rising in the triumphal humility like a cluster of overlapping skies
I leave you, says God. You are happy. I leave you as you are assured.
You, first saved one from Babel, not by unique virtue
But siimply because you love. "


Lovely poem.